Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure ( Hypotension )

Get Rid of Low Blood Pressure With Home Remedies Instantly

Home Remedies for Low Blood Pressure ( Hypotension )
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Want to know about home remedies for low blood pressure? Does your BP often get low and you do not know what to do during that time. Well low blood pressure can be cured with the help of pure natural remedies that are available in our home. Here we have provided low blood pressure remedies that you can make use of during need. Next time you get low blood pressure problem, use below given home remedies to cure it. We hope these low BP remedies are worth your usage.

Low blood pressure (hypotension) is caused when the pressure by which blood is circulating in the arteries goes down below the prescribed limit that is below 120/80. When blood pressure is low, the flow of blood is not enough to provide enough oxygen to vital organs such as brain, heart, kidney. The organs can’t function normally and if the blood pressure is too low the organs can get damaged temporarily or permanently. In allopathic treatment there is no permanent cure for low blood pressure. You have to be on medicines all your life. On the other hand, there are numerous home remedies for low blood pressure that you can make use of to get rid of low BP instantly at home and for longer period of time without the need of allopathic medicines.  

Common symptoms of low blood pressure are weakness and laziness in body.

If the blood pressure is too low the person gets fainted and in extreme cases he can go too comma too.

Following are some low BP remedies and precautions that must be taken for controlling it effectively.

Low Blood Pressure Home Remedies

1. Always drink 10 -15 glasses of water daily. Dehydration often causes low blood pressure. Drinking ample amount of water is one of the best way to keep your low BP problemat bay.

2. Intake a little more salt in your meals. This is the most common home remedy for low blood pressure. You can add some salt in your water bottle too.

3. Take hot epsom salt bath when your blood pressure goes down. Add 5 kg of salt in hot water. Bath 10 – 15 minutes with this water before going to bed. This home remedy helps you control low blood pressure instantly. 

4. Taking a walk after the meals also helps a lot. It brings your blood pressure to normal in a matter of minutes.

5. Keep your head elevated while sleeping. This ensures that your BP does not go too low while sleeping. 

6. Laughter is an effective home remedy for low blood pressure. Laugh for 10-15 minutes in the morning to keep your BP under control. 

7. Start doing breathing exercises daily in the morning. It helps very much as it provides necessary oxygen to the vital organs of the body. Pumping less oxygen to the vital parts of body is the major drawback for a person suffering from low blood pressure. It is although the best home remedy for low blood pressure. Doing breathing exercises daily can permanently cure low blood pressure.

8. Include a little physical exercise also in your daily regime. But heavy exercises must be avoided and you must take breaks while doing normal physical exercise. As heavy exercise may lower your blood pressure further.

9. Diet intake also plays an important role. Try eating 5 small meals daily instead of eating 3 big meals. This helps a lot in controlling low blood pressure.

10. Whenever you feel loose or dizzy take 2 tblsp of honey in water with to pinches of salt. It is an instant home remedy for low blood pressure.

11. Another very effective and most commonly used home remedy for low blood pressure is beetroot juice. Drink a cup of raw beetroot juice twice a day. Even research backs the use of beetroot for eefectively curing BP problem. 

12. Pomegranate juice is also very helpful in controlling low blood pressure naturally. You can also eat raw pomegranate daily.

13. Soak 10 -15 raisins overnight. In the morning chew each raisin thirty times before swallowing. Do it as first thing in morning i.e. empty stomach. This is very effective home remedy for low blood pressure and shows immediate and long lasting results. Do the above for at least a month.

14. Drink almond milk as a first intake in the morning. To make almond milk soak some almonds in water at night. In the morning make a smooth paste and mix it in milk. Boil the milk for a while. Drink it hot.

15. Drinking carrot juice daily is also an effective home remedy for low blood pressure.

16. For instant relief in low blood pressure drink dark coffee. As coffee contains caffeine, so it instantly increases your blood pressure to normal. Make sure to not to drink too much of coffee. 

17. Another yummy home remedy for low blood pressure is eating dark chocolate. Coco beans contains antioxidant rich flavonoids. It helps in treating low blood pressure and also enhances the functioning of blood vessels.

18. Eating uncooked cottage cheese also is a good home remedy for low blood pressure.

So these were some of the most effective ways of getting rid of low blood pressure using home remedies. Follow above given tips to control your low BP problem at home without any medicine. 

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