Benefits of Applying Honey on Face Everyday

Applying honey on face everyday provides these benefits

Benefits of Applying Honey on Face Everyday
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A humectant, a wound healer, skin brightener and natural skin moisturizer, honey has multiple uses for for your skin care. Honey face masks are used on face to enhance the radiance of your skin. Some people always doubt whether honey could be applied on the face daily or not. If yes, what are the benefits they get by applying it everyday. Let's get answer to that question below.

Honey is a natural sweetener which is favorite of all and sundry for its pleasing taste and innumerable benefits for health. It has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect solution for curing acne break outs, wound, minor cuts and bruises. You can use honey on face as it is or mix it with other ingredients to enhance the luster and clarity of skin. But question arises here is that can you use honey on your face everyday? Does it have any side effects or benefits for your skin. Let us earn in detail.

Can honey be applied on face daily?

Of course, it is safe to use honey daily but it is better if you use unprocessed honey you get from beekeepers. It gives you amazing skin, disinfects your skin, deep hydrates your skin and makes it fairer and glowing. But using processed honey from market which is void of any enzymes, no anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties is only a sweetening agent can have some side effects if you apply it directly without mixing with other ingredients.

Otherwise daily application of honey is recommended to have its various benefits that it gives to your skin. Some reputed brands of ayurvedic medicines sell honey which is almost pure that can also be used on skin daily to enhance your skin's beauty.

Benefits of Applying Honey on Face Everyday

1. Honey makes your face fair

Honey is an amazing skin lightening agent which gives lighter skin tone when applied daily after blending with other ingredients. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, enzymes and skin friendly nutrients that give your skin clarity and fairness. You can mix honey and lemon juice in equal amount and apply on your whole face. Leave it on your face for 20 minutes before rinsing it off. This honey and lemon face mask should be used daily for improving your complexion. In addition to this, honey can be mixed with orange juice, curd or cucumber juice and tomato juice also to lighten your complexion.

2. Daily application of honey gets you rid of acne

Honey is natural wound healer because of its anti-septic properties that kill acne and germ causing bacteria. There are many types of honey face masks for acne that can be prepared at home. You can use honey on face mixing with cinnamon powder. Grind 4 cinnamon pods in mixer grinder and  mix this powder with one spoon of honey. Dab this mixture on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. This remedy should be daily for best results. This face mask can be kept on your face overnight for spot pimple treatment. But person with sensitive skin should avoid using this mask daily. Honey has very low level of PH which does not let any bacteria survive in this environment so honey is your biggest savior if you have  got acne prone skin.

3. Honey makes your skin wrinkle free and youthful

Honey is a natural humectant which seal in moisture within your skin which prevents dryness and patchy skin. Honey keeps your skin moisturized and supple and it wards off wrinkles and fine lines also.

All your got to do is mix one egg white with 2 spoons of honey and apply on your skin. Leave it on your skin for 20 minutes. Wash off with cold water when mask is completely dry. Use this face mask daily to get firm and youthful skin. You can mix honey and raw milk to apply on face and keep this mask on face for 15 minutes. This face mask rejuvenates your dull and lackluster complexion to make it youthful. According to legend, Queen Cleopatra applied honey on her face and bathed in milk and honey to make her skin irresistible smooth and beautiful. In Ming dynasty, women used honey with orange seeds to apply on face to keep their skin naturally beautiful. So it is evident that honey was used daily in beauty routine since 1880. So you can use it too daily.

4. Honey can remove blemishes also

Honey is cheap yet very effective natural ingredient for removal of blemishes. Lemon juice and honey face mask is excellent for all sorts of facial blemishes. Cinnamon and honey face mask can remove acne scars and pimple marks excellently. You can grate a potato and extract its juice and mix this juice with one spoon of honey and apply this mask on your face religiously. Use this remedy daily continuously and you will see reduction in dark spots and pigmentation marks.  In addition, you can soak up 2 strands of saffron in  2 spoons of honey and apply this preparation on  your dark spots and brown spots to lighten them.


As you know that honey is so much helpful for curing your all sorts of skin ailments because of some skin friendly nutrients present in it. So use honey daily on your face either plain or mix this with other ingredients.  Apart from using honey topically, you should drink 2 spoons of honey with juice of a lemon in one glass of warm water daily in the morning to detoxify your system to have glowing skin and healthy body.

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