6 Health Notions to Take Care of Newborn Baby

How to Take Care of Neonate during Neonatal Period?

6 Health Notions to Take Care of Newborn Baby
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During your pregnancy, you must have followed the steps which had taken care of your baby inside your womb during the whole span of pregnancy. But, do you know how to take care of your neonate during neonatal period? That is, how to take care of your newborn baby immediately after birth?

There are 6 health notions that you need to follow to take care of your newborn baby and those steps are explained below:-

1) Do not touch newborn baby without first sanitizing your hands -

Touch your newborn baby after sanitizing your hands; the reason behind is low immunity of newborn baby as immune system is not developed yet. 

So, it becomes very important duty of each parent not to give any infection to their newborn baby through their infectious hands. Always infection proof your hands, by sanitizing them with a good quality sanitizer.

2) Timely breastfeed your newborn baby -

It is important to timely breastfeed your newborn baby at gap of  every 2 - 3 hours. The reason being is their small stomach, which can accommodate only small amount of breast milk; which gets metabolized in 2 to 3 hours. After, lapse of time period of 2 to 3 hours, they need next supply of milk, to run their growing body.

3) Cover them with hygienic, right type of clothing according to weather -

Yes, cover your newborn baby with right type of clothing according to weather which needs to be hygienic and pure cotton. 

In summer, make baby wear cotton clothing; in winter baby can be worn knitted woolen but 1st layer touching the baby skin needs to be cotton. This is because woolen fabric can cause rashes.

4) Ensure timely bath -

Newborn baby should be timely bath at proper intervals recommended by your doctor and according to weather to keep hygiene intact.

  • Newborn baby is given sponge bath, in time period of 1st to 4th week; at day intervals recommended according to weather.
  • Water temperature also needs to be taken care, which is going to be used during bath process. Temperature of water needs to be lukewarm, not too hot and not too cold. 
  • Temperature of water needs to be adjusted according to weather, which baby skin can tolerate.

5) Do not use diaper on routine basis -

Please do not use diaper on routine basis on a newborn baby as there skin is very delicate. Diaper wore on routine basis, will cause rashes on baby skin. So, to avoid rashes from diaper, it is best to avoid diaper use on routine basis.

6) Immunization of newborn at right time after birth -

Yes, immunize your newborn baby at right time after birth, according to immunization schedule to keep ailing diseases at bay from your baby. This immunization is necessary because newborn baby’s own immune system is not yet developed; therefore baby needs to be supplemented, with outside artificial immunity of injections or immune drops, given under immunization schedule.

Injection or immune drops compulsory under immunization schedule, need to be supplemented to a baby at right time, mentioned  in immunization schedule.


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