10 Foods to stay cool in this hot summer.

Foods you can depend upon to fight with heat

10 Foods to stay cool in this hot summer.
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It is hot summer season now in many countries and hot summer means so many diseases like headache, indigestion, skin rashes, dehydration etc. That is why in this time we have to take more care of our health and diet. Let us discuss how we can stay fit in this season

Due to global warming, we can feel that, every year temperature is going up and up. This is creating more problems for us. Our government is taking steps to minimize the effects of global warming but I think it will take more time and awareness. With heat and heat wave, it is almost unable for us to go out in daytime. But everyone needs to go out for own work. This effect on our health as we face headache, indigestion problems, dehydration, skin diseases and many more.

So, what should we take more in our daily diet to stay cool? What should we eat to stay fit? Let us know about those 10 super foods, which if we take daily, we will be fit and cool.

10 foods must take to stay fit and cool-

  1. Tomato- Tomato contains Anti-oxidants which keep free-radicals away and vitamin C of tomato helps in keeping flu, cough and cold away.

    It boosts our immunity. Tomato contains a very important element called licopene which helps in curing chronic diseases in this hot summer season.
  2. Water melon- Almost 96% water in water melon is a must in dehydration. Because of heat-wave, dehydration in very common and in spite of taking soft drinks you can take water-melon. It also cures the damage of our skin caused by heat and scorching sun.
  3. Orange- In hot summer day, with sweating we lose potassium which results in muscle cramp and pain. Orange juice keeps balance of mineral salts in our body which cures our muscle. This fruit contains 80% juice and that is why it is very important in summer.
  4. Curd- To keep ourselves cool from inside, curd is incomparable. Its pro-biotic element keeps our stomach healthy. Good bacteria present in curd helps in digestion.  It is also very good for our skin as it removes sun-tan. Everyday take fruit salad with curd. It’s yummy and of course healthy.
  5. Black-berry and raspberry- In all kinds of berries, there are fibres and vitamin C. So, it is a must fruit in hot summer as it boosts immunity.
  6. Apple-“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”-we all know that. It is actually you can feel in summer. Apple boosts our skin hydration process. It is low caloric food. So those who are caloric conscious can take apple without any tension.
  7. Green tea-in hot summer season, doctors advise us to take 3 to 4 liters of water a day. But most of us don’t like to take plain water. For them Green tea is an ideal substitution. It is full of anti-oxidants which boosts our immunity in hot weather. Besides this it also minimizes the risk of heart-disease, cancer and keeps the bad cholesterol level low.
  8. Salad-Salad is a very good option to take on a hot summer day because it keeps us cool and healthy. You can make salad of cabbage, green pea, coriander leaves, parsley, onion and carrot with some olive oil, sea-salt and black pepper. In the same way you can take fruit salad also by mixing grapes, water-melon pieces, banana, apple and curd. It is tasty, healthy and of course a cooling agent.
  9. Coconut water-Coconut water is the best option to re-hydrate your body. Coconut water is full of vitamins and minerals. So, through sweating what we lose, coconut water fills it up. So, try to take at least one coconut water a day. I am sure you will feel the difference
  10. Nuts-Cashew nut, almond or any kind of nut is very suitable as evening snack in a hot summer day. Nuts give us energy and help us to come out of fatigue. It contains mono-unsaturated and unsaturated fatty acids which are very helpful for our body.


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