Why Weight Loss Plan is Not Working for Me?

Why weight increases even after dieting?

Why Weight Loss Plan is Not Working for Me?
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The article helps you to understand the root cause of over weight, it talks about how people in the urgency to lose weight follow methods that are only temporary and often harmful for one's health. It also tell's us about healthy and simple ways to reduce weight permanently.

Why do many weight loss plans work only for a while?

The reason is when people cut calories and fat, they usually end up eating food rich in carbohydrates, to sustain the energy requirements of the body. When more carbs are consumed more sugar is produced, this results in high sugar levels. When sugar piles up in the blood more insulin is produced which makes the body cells to store energy as fat (converted from the sugar stored in blood). 

Thus weight increases when we consume more carbohydrates than required which is very difficult to reverse hence it is best to make small changes in one’s lifestyle and enjoy slim body as well as good health.

  1. Low carb diet along with no sugar is one of the solutions to maintain body weight.
  2. Consume carbs with low glycemic index because if the GI is high, carbs quickly break down into sugar which further converts to fat, if the sugar is not utilized. Low GI foods include cheese, eggs, fish, millets and nuts.
  3. To lose weight one should avoid processed foods like sugar, maida (refined flour), table salt, refined oil and trans-fats.
  4. One need not avoid fat but must choose the right fat to be healthy and maintain body weight.
  5. Avoid vegetable oils like corn, soya, sunflower and canola.
  6. Choose fats like coconut oil, sesame oil, butter and ghee (from desi cows.)
  7. Eating foods containing protein which include nuts and seeds such as almonds, peanuts, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, cashew, pumpkin seeds and walnuts helps in maintaining weight and also a good health.
  8. Also one has to drink lots of water and chew on fiber rich food.
  9. Fresh lemon juice with honey in warm water, first in the moring, when taken regularly helps in reducing unwanted bodyweight. 
  10. Regular exercise like walking, cycling, swimming, yoga etc. for at least an hour a day is most essential to maintain body weight and good health. It is always better to use steps instead of lift or escalator in offices and home. Also walk to your destination as far as possible. 
  11. Last but not the least to maintain good health as well as weight one should definitely avoid : 


Table salt (instead use sea salt, celtic sea salt, rock salt)

          2. Refined sugar (instead use sugarcane or palm jaggery)

          3. Refined oil (instead use organic cold pressed oil)

          4. Polished white rice (instead use brown rice, hand pounded rice, boiled rice, millets)

          5. Fortified and refined flour.

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