3 Workouts to Build Bigger Biceps

How to Build Bigger Biceps

3 Workouts to Build Bigger Biceps
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Do you want to improve the size of your biceps? If its is your dream to build bigger biceps, we have best workouts for you to try.

Usually people notice your biceps, especially when you are in your half sleeves. If you have those big biceps, then you are indirectly grabbing the attention of all the ladies at the party. It is very important that you should stand out of the crowd at a party, and sametime dont be despo to attract women, Do you have a party to attend in short notice? You want to show off your big biceps? but no clue?, then this article, will help you to get the bigger biceps that you always wish to have.So basically biceps are split in to two major parts, i.e Long head and the short head that forms as a single muscle. The very first important exercise is called

1. Dumbell Curls

You can be doing it while standing for best results. While doing this make sure you twist your wrist when you go up for that squeeze. Make sure you stand straight and your back is not leaning on anything.

Dumbell curls are the old traditional workout to get the best of your biceps.

2. Cable Curls (Elbow flexion)

This is a very good exercise to keep constant tension on biceps. Because while doing dumbell curls few tend to lose the balance, but cable curls will really get you through the bicep pump. Do not tighten your shoulders with heavy weights, always keep it light and make the repeatitions high. As you go heavy you will not be able to complete the movement and you will end up doing only partial workout which will not give you results.

3. Preacher Curls

Here all you use is your biceps to lift and squeeze. There is no better workout than a preacher curls as they focus on your core muscle to build bigger muscle.This is often said to be the best workout as it puts lots of pressure on your core bicep muscle which will give you instant pump.

All the above said workouts should be done in 3 sets, 10 to 12 reps each to get expected results, do not over train your muscles, that will lead to muscle sore. Following the correct form is also very important. If you are going by wrong form, then you are actually wasting time and you will eventually have injury because of wrong form of exersice.

Please note that if you want to see a good longterm results, it is complusory that you follow a proper diet and bicep routine that should inclue your tricep as well. Because triceps will add that mass to your biceps. And most importantly you should rest your body at regular intervals and monitor your sleep timings for healthy and good longterm results. You can train your biceps twice a week for good results,do not over train. Consistency is the key.

Hope this articel is helpful and you got the right information that you are looking for in building bigger biceps both in long term and short term. Good biceps are like ornaments to the body, it is very important that you make the best ornament for yourself.

This article is for the regular gym going people, who know the form and have adaptive body for the said routine. If you are person who never been to gym or not been to gym for longer time, then this short term workout will not help you. You must do this routine for minimum 8 weeks for the best results.

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