Working Out Hard But Not Losing Weight - What to Do?

Why you are not losing weight despite working out a lot?

Working Out Hard But Not Losing Weight - What to Do?
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If you are that one person who sweat a lot among all others at the workout place, but you find no progress at your weighing scale then there is something wrong you are doing with your body. Here we will be looking at the reasons behind not losing weight despite proper workout and exercising.

Weight loss is a beautiful science of going on caloric deficit diet and hitting a routine workout. If you are eating junk and running to lose it, please forget about losing weight. Now losing weight is an art, its a direct communication between you and your body. What you give to your body is very important, because it gives back the same to you. The following points will take you through reasons behind not losing wieght despite workout and what you can do to enable weight loss. 

1. Calories Theory 

The only way to begin loosing weight is to monitor your calories intake vs calories burnt.

For example your target weight is 70kgs, then you have to stick to a caloric deficit plan till you reach your goal weight. Any cheat in the diet will eventually postpone your results. So if you monitor how much you are eating and what timings you are eating, and at the same time how much do you burn down calories out of the consumed calories is all about simple science of losing weight. Best tip in caloric theory is to avoid high calorie food for dinner, any food that you have for dinner should as light as possible, this will help you boost your metabolism for the next day. This you will understand in the below points. Because having a high calorie dinner will slower your metabolism process. Know the caloric count of every food you have, so you will have a count on what you are eating through the day.

2. Not Giving up on Junk Food 

Now most of us do not want to give up our favourite street food or any food that we love a lot. But we have to understand that eating junk and working out at the gym is not taking you anywhere, it will only make you go fatter day by day. It is important that you must sacrifice if you want to lose weight. It is really tough for us to give up a double cheese burst pizza or any food that has high fat, but atleast try to minimize the amount of junk food you take to reach your fitness goals. For example If you eat 2 slices of pizza, cut it down to one slice or half slice pizza. On the other side you can opt for low cheese pizza with many veggies toppings, it is adviced to totally avoid junk for early days if you are very serious about losing weight, because they say 'no pain, no gain'. Whenever you get junk cravings, make a healthy choice, try to have channa, salad, panner/chicken included so you get a minimum protien count out of it. Having entire junk food is going to spoil your health in the long run and you are indirectly postponing your fitness goals. So instead of eating junk food go for weight loss foods which actually help you lose weight in the long run. 

3. Overtraining 

You might have tried many belly fat burning exercises. You can train hard or you can train long, but you can't do both. This is the main reason you are not losing weight. Most of us are obsessed with back to back training schedules without proper rest and recovery. At one point your body will start using your muscles and muscle tissues to fuel yourself and you will end up losing your muscles. Why? Because you are not giving enough rest to your body. Sleep plays a very major role in cycling your metabolism. In simple terms body metabolism means the amount of fat you burn in a day. So in a graph, your body metabolism kicks in high from the time you finish you workout, as the day passes till evening the rate of metabolism decreases and reach the point of zero by night. By night you must fuel your body with all essential veggies and carbs. When you go to sleep, it is important that you sleep for minimum 8 hours to set your metabolism to normal and then your body will be ready to kick in metabolism for the next day. By this cycle you will burn the maximum amount of fat and you will eventually start losing weight. 

Above said points are based on true experiece and hence forth it is advised that you follow these steps before thinking why you are not losing weight. You must be on a caloric deficit diet, monitoring your food intake is very important. You must learn to develop a good relation with your kitchen rather than your gym. Because your body gives back what you give in. And you should have good relation with your gym with noticeable rest, so your body will get enough time to recover and hit back on your weight loss journey. 

Please do not believe in magic dieting pills/slimming powders, always aim for losing weight naturally. Because if our body is capable of gaining weight by eating junk, then it is very clear that our body can lose weight by eating clean. Follow a diet that you are comfortable with, do not starve yourself. Remember starving is not losing weight, starving is spoiling your health and you are actually getting closer to hypertension, gastroenteritis etc. You can eat junk, yes you read it right. You can eat junk once you understand the function of your body and the way your body responds to food. Do not be blind on what you eat, read the ingredients if you are eating from a packaged food. Know what is going to your body and know what it will do to your body. Losing weight is a beautiful science and building a great relationship with your body. Once you understand your body functioning you will automatically know what food to give to your body. It is advised that you avoid junk in the early days of your training and dieting, to get the best results and understand your body. 

Hope this article is helpful to you, please leave a comment if these tips helped you to lose weight or changed your way of thinking towards losing weight.  

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