Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment and Benefits It Provides

Side Effects of Keratin Treatment for Hair and Known Benefits

Side Effects of Keratin Hair Treatment and Benefits It Provides
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If you are thinking about getting keratin treatment for your hair, it is important to know about keratin treatment side effects and benefits first. In this article, we have discussed some very important side effects of keratin hair treatment apart from its benefits. You must know them before going for keratin treatment for your hair in order to get maximum results.

Keratin is a type of protein which is an important component required for the formation of our skin, hair and nails. When we go for hair styling or our hair is exposed to heat, it results in loss of keratin present in the follicles. This makes the hair look dull and frizzy. This has resulted in a craze for keratin treatment irrespective of the various keratin hair treatment side effects. People usually go for keratin treatments with the purpose of smoothing and repairing the hair follicles that have been damaged. However, most of the times, the primary purpose is to straighten the dull, frizzy and unmanageable hair so that they look sleek and silky.

Let us explore some of the most common benefits and keratin treatment side effects here:

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

1. Keratin treatment might not be suitable if someone is suffering from certain skin diseases or conditions. If you have skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis, it is best to speak to your dermatologist before going ahead.

2. A substance called Formaldehyde widely used in the treatment has been associated to health issues. However, it is hazardous or harmful for those who are regularly exposed to it. So, you can take a sign of relief if you are the one who is receiving the treatment. The salon-workers who work with Formaldehyde are more vulnerable to keratin hair treatment side effects in the absence of precaution and care.

3.  You cannot go for a hair wash immediately after undergoing the treatment. It is only after a couple of days that you can wash it with your hair stylists recommended shampoo which is usually sulphate-free and is compatible with the hair treatment product.

4. A flat iron is used to straighten the strands during keratin treatment. The use of flat iron attributes to one of the most harmful keratin treatment side effects. This is because the temperature of the iron is approximately 450 degrees that can badly damage the hair follicles. Prolonged use of keratin treatment can cause brittle hair, split ends and hair loss and other hair damage due to use of flat iron.

5. The effects of the treatment usually last up to a few months. You need to repeat the treatment in order to make its effects last longer. So as a side effect, keratin hair treatment is also heavier on your pocket. 

6. There are also some other lesser known and rare Keratin hair treatment side effects like damage to the nervous system, depression, headache, blurred vision, mood change, difficulty in focusing and insomnia. 

Despite many side effects of Keratin treatment for hair, people still like to get the treatment because it provides following benefits which surpasses the side effects for many among us. 

Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment

1. It is a myth that Brazilian keratin treatments would result in hair breakage. However, use of flat-iron to straighten the strands might do so, which are sometimes too hot on the hair to damage its follicles. Choose your hair salon wisely and try to understand from them, all potential harm and the precaution your hair expert is likely to take.

2. Keratin treatment is like a restorative therapy. It improves the quality of your hair and strengthens them. The hair not just become poker straight, they also become feather soft and silky.

3. Another benefit of keratin hair treatment is that you can get poker-straight hair and say good-bye to dull, frizzy and unmanageable hair. This will save you from focusing on hair styling every time you plan to step out of your house,

4. Hair styling becomes much easier with keratin hair treatment. You can hardly have a bad hair day if you take proper hair as recommended by your salon expert.

In spite of some of its side effects, it should not come in your way of looking gorgeous in straight and silky hair that simply adds to your looks and persona. Just follow the basic precautions and hair care tips to avoid the keratin treatment side effects an dgain maximum benefits out of it. 

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