12 Side Effects and Disadvantages of Eating Tomatoes

Disadvantages of Eating Tomatoes and Side Effects

12 Side Effects and Disadvantages of Eating Tomatoes
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We all know that tomato is a nutritious food which is full of vitamins, minerals, photo nutrients and anti-oxidants that are essential of your all round health. But eating tomatoes can have some side effects and disadvantages too which you must know. This article is enlightening your about side effects of eating tomatoes. Mentioned below are the top12 side-effects of eating tomatoes.

Disadvantages of Eating Tomatoes

1. Acidity

Tomatoes have high concentration of malic acid and citrus acid which can stimulate the production of gastric acids in your stomach for break down of food. These  acids also lead to rise in esophagus when the acid in stomach increases., thereby , increasing the chance of acid influx and hearthburn.

2. Adverse effects on prostrate gland 

Tomato is rich in lycopene which have several benefits for health but lycopene in excess can have some negative effects in men causing pain in urine discharge and can cause cancer in extreme case.

3. Consumption of tomato in excess can be harmful for large intestines

Eating too many tomatoes leads to intake of too many seeds which leads to accumulation of tomato seeds in your system which is not so good for your large intestine. These seeds can hang on to the bulging pouches of your colon which can result in diverticulitis.


Eating tomato in excess can give you ache

Tomatoes are rich in protein when the immune system reacts to the protein in tomato, a compound named histamime is released into tissues. This compound can result into swelling and joint inflammation.

5. Eating tomato can affects your urinary system

Rich in acid, tomato can irritate your bladder and may results in some urinary disorders. In severe cases, eating tomato can give you burning sensation while urinating.

6. People diagnosed with kidney problem must avoid taking tomatoes 

High amount of potassium present in tomato can affect the body adversely for those affected with kidney problem. People with mild kidney problem must consume tomato in moderation because tomato has oxalate which can be harmful for body.

7. Eating tomatoes in excess can trigger migraine

An Iraninan study reveals that eating tomato can result in migraine. It has been proved that migraine can be controlled up to 40 percent by making some changes in your dietary pattern. So those prone to migraine must limit their tomato intake.

8. Eating tomatoes can give rise to sodium level in body

Canned tomatoes are very high in sodium as only one cup canned of tomatoes contains 564 milligrams of sodium when chopped and fresh tomatoes tomatoes have only 9  milligrams of sodium. Taking sodium in excess can give rise to osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. So better is to avoid canned tomatoes to avoid excess intake of sodium in your body.

9. People prone to allergy should avoid taking tomatoes

Symptoms of allergy aggravate when you take this red vegetable. Symptoms may manifest into rashes, eczema, hive itching in throat, swelling of mouth, face and tongue. Compound named histamine is responsible for giving allergic reaction. Eating tomatoes can also lead to dermatitis which is a serious itching condition when your skin becomes swollen and itchy even after touching the fruit. Tomato can also give itching to your lips and in severe cases tomatoes can result into red patches around your eyebrows and eyelids.

10. Diarrhea 

A report published in Longwood university confirms that greasy and acidic nature of tomatoes is not good for patients of diarrhea.Another report by University of Minnesota , tomatoes are great source of organism called salmonella that can lead to diarrhea.

11. Eating tomatoes in surfeit can result into lycopenodermia

Lycopenodermia a skin condition which gives deep orange coloration to skin. It results from excess consumption of lycopene which is found in very large amount in tomatoes. So be careful while eating tomatoes because it can lead to this serious skin problem. 

12. Eating tomatoes in excess can affect your immune system negatively

Tomatoes contain some anti-oxidants and lycopene which is good for your body and skin. But taking tomatoes in excess can  do more harm than good. It prevents your body from fighting harmful bacteria and fungal infections.

You have learnt some side effects of eating tomatoes In excess. it must be noted that tomatoes are highly nutritious food but excess of anything is bad. Consumption of tomato in excess can pose some serious health hazards. If you experience any symptoms you should consult your doctor immediately. because these symptoms should not be neglected.

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