9 Side Effects of Consuming Protein in Excess

Know these side effects of protein when consumed in excess

9 Side Effects of Consuming Protein in Excess
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Protein is very important component of human diet. It builds base structure of body. But, that does not mean consume it in excess. Excess consumption of protein can cause side effects on body; for example, kidney stone, weight gain and bad breath. These are just few, in actual there are around 9 side effects. Lets have look on all of them in detail.

9 Side Effects of Consuming Protein in Excess-

1) Weight gain-

Consuming fat rich foods cause weight gain. And protein rich foods also do same. It does so when your diet does not contain carbohydrates, but contain fat. Excess fat get stored in the body. But, excess protein in diet, is also stored as fat in the body. Double fat in body contributes to excess weight gain in body. 

2) Bad breath-

Consumption of excess protein in body also cause bad breath.

This it does by causing ketosis. Ketosis is caused when carbohydrates in diet are replaced with protein. Chemicals that are formed in ketosis emit bad smell. That bad smell come out with breath that you exhale, as bad breath. 

This breath is so bad that it does not go with brushing and flossing once. You need to brush very often in day. Not only that plus you need to increase your water intake. Also, you need to use chewing gum made for stopping that bad breath. 

3) Cause constipation-

Consumption of excess protein can cause constipation. This it does when you do not consume fiber rich carbohydrates with it. How fiber is linked to protein? They are linked because consumption of fiber let your stool pass easily. When they are missed in your diet, your stool pass with difficulty or not at all. 

4) Make person suffer from diarrhea-

Diarrhea results when you consume fried meat without salad. Fried meat put much load on your digestion system. This excess protein with excess fat, body is not able to digest. That undigested food ultimately cause diarrhea. 

5) Excess protein dehydrate body-

Diarrhea caused by consuming excess fried protein is one reason of dehydration. Second reason is protein catabolism during digestion use most of water molecules in body. That leaves very less water molecules in body to hydrate it. That state of body ultimately is dehydration. Only way to prevent that dehydration is to hydrate body by consuming more water.

6) Cause kidney problems-

Excess protein consumption cause gout. It is one effect. Second effect that it had on kidney is, it causes gallstones. But, if nothing is done to stop that excess protein consumption, it will start causing kidney damage. Excess nitrogen is produced during catabolism of excess protein. If you do not start increasing your water intake, then excess nitrogen will not get flushed easily. This increase work load of kidney, which decrease their efficiency. Excess protein make urine more concentrated that causes difficulty in passing urine. 

7) Increases cancer risk-

Excess protein consumption also makes your  body more susceptible to cancer risk. This it does by fluctuating hormonal balance that stop cancer formation. Second way it increases cancer risk by supplying carcinogenic chemicals through meat. Carcinogenic chemicals are those chemicals that cause cancer. Which type of cancers are caused by excess protein consumption? They are colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

8) Cause heart disease- 

Heart diseases are caused by consuming excess saturated fat. But, they can also be caused by consuming those protein sources that contain excess fat with protein. They are red meat and fat rich dairy products. 

9) Do calcium loss-

Calcium deficient diet consumption cause calcium deficiency in body. But, consumption of excess protein can do same. Does all type of proteins cause that? No, it is caused by meat protein. Vegetarian protein does not do that. Calcium loss due to excess meat consumption result in osteoporosis and poor bone formation. 

These were the side effects of too much protein consumption. You should take proteins but not more than the limit. All in all, most of time excess protein's harm can be avoided at one cost. That is, consume right amount and that too with fiber rich salad.

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I am a thin guy. My BMI falls under the underweight category so what I did was I tried to include protein shakes in my meal. Never known , I frequently experienced constipation. Protein is a very good nutrient but trying to equip it with proper diet and exercise will lessen one to have the nine side effects listed in your article. Thank you for sharing.


Very nice and informative post. For a healthy body balanced diet and regular exercise is must. Most of us dont know about balanced diet and that leads to so many diseases. Your article has given the idea of how a proper diet can be planned. Thank you.


It is a nice interesting and informative article coming out at right time. There is so much myth about cutting carb in your diet and loading it with lots and lots of protein. The best diet to have is to have a balanced diet that has all the necessary nutrients in right amount. Moreover, your article also emphasizes on the fact that plant protein is a better choice than having it through animal sources.