Physical Inactivity and A Good Training Program

A Moderate Fitness Training Program

Physical Inactivity and A Good Training Program
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The aim of this article is to encourage people to spend some time per week in operative training.

In our modem societies, we are subject to daily lives  dominated by inactivity, spending most of our days  sitting or standing. Bur studies have shown that physical activity is essential  for the maintenance of good  health, and any muscular activity  have the effect of training the heart and circulation.


Because of human beings need regular activity  for optimum functioning of the muscles and circulation, exercise in the form of sport is a good leisure activity  to achieve both increased mobility and a  reduction in weight, because of muscular activity increases the metabolism and prevents obesity. Walking and running are  natural types of motion, and they can be adjusted to meet  the needs of individuals of any age. Good training shoes are needed to avoid damage to the Achilles’ tendon.


A. Spend the first 10 minutes warming up by walking and slow running.

B. About 15 steps running uphill at top speed; walking down.

Sprinting uphill again, about four times in all. This takes some ten minutes and develops strength in trunk muscles and the leg. Two or three runs at about 50% of top speed for five minutes, interspersed with a pause of  7-8 minutes. This training program takes about 35 minutes , and for those in the best condition,  two such phases of training a week are sufficient.

C. At home,  these simple exercises are believed to have good effects:

1) Lying on the back, lift upper body and, or both legs some inches off the floor, hold for five seconds, relax for four seconds, repeat up for 10 times.

2)   Standing with feet apart, roll shoulders about 15 times, changing direction every third roll.

3) Standing with feet apart, swing arms in front of the body about 25 times.

4) On the floor, or learning against a sofa or bed, press-ups as many as you can do (two minutes).


Before attempting to start any type of training program,  a medical examination is advisable, especially for those who are doubtful about their state of health. In any case, you should remember that


a)      you must train one or two times per week; 

b)      training should be a gradual process, and so do not take part in any competition, especially when you suffer from a disease;

c)      fitness helps maintain good physical condition, and running, walking and cycling are both beneficial measures and simple activities, while inactivity causes both obesity and cardio-vascular diseases;

d)      it is important to have a balanced diet, but it is really a good thing to encourage people to become physically active.

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