15 skin whitening/lightening homemade facial masks recipes

15 Fairness face packs to lighten/whiten your skin naturally at home

15 skin whitening/lightening homemade facial masks recipes
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Who does not want to look fairer to accentuate their looks several notches higher? No doubt, fair complexion makes a person look charming and appealing. In market, you will find a lot of chemical-stuffed fairness creams or bleaching agents which are harmful for your skin. It is in the best interest of your delicate skin and your pocket too to rely on home remedies to lighten and brighten your skin.

Mother Nature has bestowed us with lot of natural ingredients that can be used to prepare several skin whitening/lightening home-made facial masks to make your complexion fair, flawless and gorgeously beautiful. Mentioned below are the best  15 skin whitening/lightening homemade facial masks recipes.

 Fairness face packs to whiten and lighten your skin

 1. Masoor(red lentil) daal and rose petals fairness face pack

Ingredients - raw milk,  2 spoons of masoor daal,  2 spoons of almond oil and  3 spoons of fresh rose petals

Procedure- Soak up massor daal in raw milk for 2 hours and then grind this to to make a smooth paste. To this, add fresh rose petals, almond oil and then apply on your perfectly cleansed face . Leave this preparation on for 20 minutes and then wash off after with cold water.

Benefits- This fairness facial mask removes tan and gives a rosy bloom to your face. If used daily for 7 days, your  will see a pinkish glow on your face with visibly skin lightening effects.


Chirongi and banana face mask for improving your skin tone

Ingredients- 2 spoons of chirongi, 2 spoons of almond oil. one ripe banana, raw milk

Procedure-  Soak up chirongi in milk and grind chirongi and full ripe banana togehter to get a fine and lump-free paste and then add 2 spoons of almond oil. Massage this mixture onto your face using upward strokes and neck for 5 minutes and then keep this mask on face for 20 minutes. Afterwards, wash off with lukewarm water to complete the process.

 Benefits-  This face mask gives a healthy boost of moisture to your dry and dull skin. With regular use of this beauty tip, your skin will restore its lost charm and sheen. Use this daily for one week and you will notice a positive change in your complexion. Best suited for dry skin.

3.Sunflower oil and milk face pack for lightening your skin tone

Ingredients- 2 spoons of sunflower oil, 2 spoons of curd , 3 spoon of milk powder

 Procedure-  Mix 3 spoons of milk powder with 2 spoons of sunflower oil and 2 spoons of curd and use this mix to massage your face and neck in upward motion and massage your skin for ten minutes. Next take stream while the fairness mask is on your face to remove all sorts of dirt, pollutants and clear melanin deposit too.

Benefits- This face pack deep cleanses your skin and make it flawlessly clear. Benefits of this homemade facial equals to a parlour clean up. Use this beauty tip twice a week.

4. Almonds, barley flour and raw milk, essential oil fair skin face pack

Ingredients-  6 almonds, 2 spoons of barley flour, 4 spoons of raw milk and few drops of essential oil

 Procedure- Soak up almonds in milk and grind them to make a fine paste and then add barley flour and raw milk in this solution and then add few drops of essential oil. Clean your face with cotton swab using rose water and then apply this face mask and leave it on your skin for 10 minutes.

Benefits- This fairness tip makes your skin baby soft and fairer with every usage. Moreover, this home remedy removes fine lines and early signs of wrinkles to reveal a youthful skin.

 5.Sunflower oil, rose water, honey, multani mitti and curd for fairness
Ingredients- 2 spoons of sunflower oil 3 spoons of multani mitti, one spoon of honey, one spoon of curd

Procedure- Combine all ingredients to prepare a paste and apply the resultant mix on your face.

Benefits- This beauty tip makes your skin fair and irresistibly smooth  On the top of it, this facial mask removes  dark spots and brown spots on the face too.

 5. Multani mitti(fuller's earth), honey, papaya tomato,milk skin bleaching mask
Ingredients-  2 spoons of multani mitti,  2 spoons of papaya pulp, few spoons of milk, one spoon of  honey, 2 spoons of tomato pulp

  Procedure-  Wash your face using a mild cleanser and pat dry with a towel. Next, massage coconut oil all over your face and neck for 5- 10 minutes. Next, mix honey, papaya, multani mitti, tomato and honey and slather your face with this home-made facial mask. Let it dry for 20 minutes and wash off with cold water.

 Benefits-  This facial mask tightens your skin and removes all sorts of impurities to reveal a fresher and fairer skin.

 6. Rose petals, milk cream, urad daal(split black gram) paste, saffron and milk face pack for white  skin
Ingredients- 1 spoon of  split black gram (urad daal), 2 spoon of milk cream, 4 strands of saffron, few spoons of rose petals, 4 spoons of milk

 Procedure -Soak up urad daal and saffron, almonds in milk for 2 hours and grind them to get a fine paste. To this, add two spoons of milk cream. Smear the preparation on your face and wash off after 20 minutes.

Benefits-  This natural remedy is helpful in making your cheeks pinkish and rosy. Use this face mask continuously for 10 day and you will surely become fairer and smoother.

 7. Aloe vera and rose water fair skin and anti-tan home remedy
Ingredients-  2 spoons of aloe vera gel and rose water
Procedure-Extract the gel out of freshly plucked aloe vera plant and mix this with rose water and apply on all exposed parts of your body.
Benefits- Aloe vera and rose water face mask soother and relaxes sunburnt skin and removes tanning as well as makes your skin fair and spotless.

8. Curd and Multani mitti, orange juice face pack to bleach your facial skin
Ingredients- 2 spoons of thick curd, 3 spoons of multani mitti and 4 spoons of orange juice

Procedure- Mix all these skin bleaching agents togehter and apply on your skin for 20 minutes.

Benefits- Orange lightens the facial hair, multani mitti tightens the skin pores and lactic acid present in curd whitens and evens out your skin. Use this beauty tip daily to see fast results.

9.  Split Bengal gram(chana daal), curd and lemon juice mint powder, neem mask for lighter skin tone
Ingredients- 2 spoons of chana daal(split Bengal gram), 2 spoons of curd, one spoon of mint and neem paste each, juice of a lemon

 Procedure-Soak up chana daal in water for 2 hours and to this, add mint paste, lemon juice, neem paste, curd and apply on the skin.

Benefits- Chana daal bleaches your skin and mint and neem have anti-bacterial properties whereas curd  removes blemishes and  lemon juice lightens acne scars. All these skin whitening agents in this home remedy work in synergy to give you a fairer and blemishes -free skin naturally.

10. Marigold flower, almond powder and barley flower and curd to make your skin lighter
Ingredients- 3 spoons of crushed marigold flowers,  2 spoons of almond powder, one spoon of barley flower and  some rose water

Procedure- Combine 3 spoons of marigold flowers with 2 spoons of almonds powder and one spoon of barley flour and rose water. Apply this mask on your skin for 20 minutes.

Benefits- Marigold has anti-septic properties and barley cools the skin whereas almond powder moisturises your skin. All these natural ingredients work wonders in making your skin lighter and bright.

 11.Turmeric and curd face pack for spotlessly fair complexion
Ingredients-  2 pinches turmeric, 2 spoons of curd
Procedure- Mix 2 spoons of curd with 2 pinches of turmeric and slather on your face for ten minutes.
 Benefits-Turmeric not only lightens skin but also heals pimples and rashes and curd removes pigmentation marks to make your skin lighter and brighter. This fairness tip is recommended for all skin types. 

12 Multani mitti, rose water and honey skin whitening mask
Ingredients- 3 spoons of multani mitti with 5 spoons of rose water and 2 spoons of honey

Procedure- Mix all ingredients together and apply on your face for 20 minutes.
Benefits- This face mask is best for teenager with acne and pimple prone skin. This face mask makes your complexion fairer as well as gets you rid of pimples, acne and acne scars too.

13. Orange juice, sugar and honey natural bleach for your skin
Ingredients- 4 spoons of orange juice,  1 spoon of sugar,  one spoon of honey
Procedure- Mix one spoon of sugar to 4 spoons of orange juice and blend till sugar dissolves completely and then add one spoon of honey. Apply the resultant solution on your face, neck and any part of body you wish to lighten. Wash off after 15 minutes.
Benefits- This recipe is a natural bleach for your skin minus any chemicals. This mask nourishes your skin to make it velvety and very glowing.

14. Walnut and milk cream, honey and turmeric powder face exfoliating mask to get instant whitening effects
Ingredients- 2 spoons of walnut powder, 2 spoons of milk cream and one spoon of honey and half spoon of turmeric powder

Procedure- Mix all aforementioned ingredients well and whip up a facial mask to get fair skin instantly and apply on your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and scrub off gently to remove dead skin cells and impurities.

Benefits- Rich in vitamin E, walnut nurtures the skin and sloughs off dead skin cells and milk cream makes your skin supple smooth and honey restores the health of skin and turmeric heals the skin. All these magical ingredients mixed together whiten your skin just after one application. Use this fairness scrub thrice a week to get amazing fairness and radiance on your skin naturally at no great cost.

15. Jasmine flower, curd camphor face whitening mask
Ingredients- 3 spoons of jasmine flower paste, 2 spoons of sandalwood, 2 pinches of camphor

Procedure- Mix all ingredients togehter and apply on your face for 20 minutes.

Benefits- The powder of the these natural ingredients makes your skin gorgeously fair and drool worthy. Moreover, this flower face mask has anti-ageing qualities to make your skin youthful.

 By now, you are aware of the best fairness face packs you can prepare at your home. Now incorporate these facial masks into your  beauty routine and get set to flaunt a fair, smooth and glowing skin naturally.

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