How to Use Almond Oil for Dark Circles Under Eyes ?

How to Use Almond Oil for Reducing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?

How to Use Almond Oil for Dark Circles Under Eyes ?
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Almond oil is an excellent home remedy for dark circles. If you have dark circles under eyes and want to reduce them, then you can think about using almond oil. It is highly rich in Vitamin K, E and other nutrients that make it highly nourishing. Let us learn how you can use almond oil for dark circles under eyes and reduce them.

The cosmetic market is choc-a block with many under-eyes creams but they are very costly and full of harmful chemicals. So what can be the better option than using pure almond oil for reducing dark circles. Almond oil can be used in several ways for to get rid of dark circles.This article is presenting the 6 ways to use almond oil for dark circles under eyes and get rid of them.But before we begin with, it is important to know why almond oil is so beneficial in reduction of dark circles. Let's have a look. 

What makes almond oil good option for reducing dark circles? 

  •  Almond oil is rich in vitamin K which reduces the blood clotting in body and naturally treats discoloration of skin.
  • Almond oil is naturally rich in mono saturated fats and vitamin E that nourish your under-eyes delicate areas.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties of almond oil naturally reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.
  • It also helps to contract the dilated blood vessels that lead to formation of  dark pigmentation around eyes when they are exposed.
  • Emollient properties of almond oil deep hydrate your under-under eyes areas. It also erases fines lines and eye-wrinkles.  
  • Anti-oxidants present in almond oil fight free radicals that cause dark circles.  
  • Palmitic acid and retinol in almond oil deeply moisturize your skin to prevent dark circles. 

How to Use Almond Oil for Reducing Dark Circles Under Eyes?

1. Almond oil massage for removal of dark circles

Wash your face with mild cleanser before using any home remedy.

You can massage pure almond oil around your eyes areas to smoothen the fines lines and dark circles. Take few drops of almond oil in your fingers and massage this over your dark circles for ten minutes and leave this on overnight. Use this recipe religiously everyday and your dark circles will disappear. Along with this you can chew few almonds daily to nourish your skin from within and prevent dark circles.

2. Almond oil and coconut oil mixture for removing dark circles

Take half spoon of almond oil with equal an amount of coconut oil and massage this mixture gently over your under-eye areas. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer that lightens your skin tone as well. Coconut oil seals moisturizer within your under eyes area. Both oil work in unison to treat dark circles, puffy eyes effectively and this mixture helps in prevention of eye-wrinkles too.

3. Almond oil and lemon juice for reducing dark circles

Mix one spoon of lemon juice with one spoon of almond  oil and dip a cotton pad in this solution. Apply this solution on dark circles with the help of cotton pad. Let it dry completely and rinse it off after 20 minutes with cold water. Lemon is rich in vitamin C which helps in formation of collagen that keeps your skin firm and youthful. Alpha hydyoxy acids present in lemon juice lighten the dark pigments around your eyes. Use this home remedy daily to get rid of dark circles.

4. Honey and almond oil for dark circles cure

Mix one spoon of honey with one spoon of sweet almond oil together. Wipe clean your under-eyes area with cotton ball dipped in rose water. Afterwards, apply honey and almond oil mixture on dark circles and leave this preparation overnight for best results. If  you can not bear the stickiness of this mixture,  then you can rinse it off after one hour. Honey is a natural humectant  which soothes the facial skin under eyes and helps in fading dark circles.

5. Castor oil, rose water and almond oil for reducing dark circles

Mix castor oil, rose water and almond oil together in equal measure and prepare a mixture for treatment of dark circles under eyes. Massage this preparation around your under-eyes dark circles gently and leave it on your skin overnight. Since castor oil is thick so it is necessary to dilute it using rose water. Castor oil is rich In ricinoleic acid that conditions your facial skin and rose water rejuvenates your facial skin to make it bright. Both ingredients enhance the efficacy of almond oil in dark circles reduction.

6. Cucumber juice and almond oil mixture for getting rid of dark circles

Grate a cucumber and squeeze the juice out of this. Mix 2 spoons of cucumber juice with one spoon of almond oil and dab this preparation all over your under-eyes areas. Use this natural remedy at bed time daily to lighten your under-eyes dark circles. Cucumber juice works as astringent  that regulates the blood circulation that lightens dark circles. Cucumber juice and almond oil the best and hassle free home remedy for dark circles reduction fast.

7. Almond oil, olive oil and vitamin E oil mixture for curing dark circles

Take almond oil and olive oil in equal measure and add content of a vitamin E capsules to this. Apply this resultant mix on your dark circles and massage gently to enhance blood circulation around eyes. Let this mix stay on your under -eyes area for 30 minutes and then wipe it off with moist cotton. You can keep this mixture on your under-eyes areas overnight for best results. Olive oil contains mono-saturated fats, vitamins and anti-oxidants that nourish and refine your under-eyes areas. Vitamin E oil removes fine lines and wrinkles around eyes. Almond oil mixed with these ingredients works wonder in lightening dark circles.

8. Potato juice and almond oil for curing dark circles and puffiness around your eyes

Blend 2 spoons of potato juice with one spoon of almond oil and massage this preparation around your dark circles. 30 minutes later, wash it off with cold water. Potato is a skin bleaching agent which is rich in catecholase, an enzyme that lightens your complexion and  corrects skin discoloration. It also reduces the puffiness and eyes bags to make your under-eyes area smooth and rejuvenated. Use this recipe daily for best results.

By now you know well how to use almond oil for dark circles reduction. Almond oil can be mixed with several ingredients to improve its efficacy. Use these home remedies daily to lighten dark circles. In addition, taking healthy diet, drinking lot of water and 8 hours of adequate sleep are must to remove dark circles completely.

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