How To Overcome Your Anger Problems

Ways to stop being so angry all the time

Anger can be destructive, but there are ways to control your anger issues. Let us have a look at the ways that can help you overcome your anger problems.

Everyone gets angry from time to time, it's human nature. But when anger starts to creep in to many areas of your life then you need to do something about it, and fast. The longer you leave it, the worse its impact can be. Anger that is left untreated can lead to both mental and physical health problems. As someone who went through extensive anger management therapy, I want to be able to help people overcome their angry thoughts and be a more peaceful and happy person. 

Ways to Control Your Anger Problems:

1. Admit That You Have a Problem

Until you admit that your anger is causing a problem in your life, there is no point in carrying on with any of the other steps.

You need to fully accept your problem and begin to deal with it. 

2. Identify What Makes You Angry

This is very important, everyone has certain "triggers" or things that make them angry. Figuring out what they are can help you not only to stop anger in its tracks, but to stop yourself from getting angry in the first place if you can avoid the trigger. Although avoiding it might not always be possible as it is very often things in everyday life that make people angry. 

3. Figure Out Why it Makes You Angry

Why does this particular thing make you angry? What specific part or element of it is causing you anger? For example, if a person makes you angry, what is it about them that is doing that? What specific part of their personality annoys you. Figuring out why something is making you angry can be very helpful, it can help you to realize that you have no genuine, logical reason to be angry about it.

4. Ask Yourself if You are Overreacting

Before you respond, ask yourself if, in the grand scheme of things, this is worth getting angry about. Try to put things into perspective, I always found this one of the most helpful tools in the anger management process. Think about the horrible things that happen to people everyday, is your slow wifi really worth flying into a rage over? 

5. Give Yourself a Moment

Before you respond to something, try to give yourself at least one minute before you do. Anger is a very immediate response and denying anger the immediacy will help it to dissolve. If you can't remove yourself from the situation to give yourself some time, just think very carefully before you respond.

6. Don't Repress All of Your Anger

This will not be at all healthy, I repressed anger for a very long time and it led to some serious mental health problems. Anger needs to be expressed constructively and creatively, not destructively.

7. Anger is Normal

We all experience something that makes us angry every single day, but it is the way we choose to deal with it that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy responses. Don't try to eradicate all anger from your life, it can't be done!

8. Get Help

If anger is having a negative effect on your life, you need to seek professional advice. If you leave serious anger untreated, it can have really serious consequences. Talk to your doctor about the way you are feeling and they will be able to refer you to a specialist, it might take a bit of time, but just seeking help can be very liberating.

Remember that we are human beings and we get angry about things, but try not to let your anger control you, once it takes hold, it can be very hard to regain control.  So follow the above given methods and get rid of your anger problem once and for all. 

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