Hair Rebonding Side Effects - Is Hair Rebonding Harmful?

What is Hair Rebonding and Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

Hair Rebonding Side Effects - Is Hair Rebonding Harmful?
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Poker straight rebonded hair looks appealing, but do not overlook the side effects of hair rebonding. In case you are considering a hair rebonding procedure for yourself, it is important to understand the hair rebonding side effects before going for this expensive and rigorous hair treatment. Let us find out if hair rebonding is good option for your hair or not.

What is Hair Rebonding?

Hair rebonding refers to a hair treatment which uses chemicals to change the natural bonding of hair, relax them and straighten its curly or wavy pattern. It is a magical technique to replace dull, unmanageable and frizzy hair with sleek, poker straight strands which look freshly pressed even when you wake up in the middle of the night. In this process, the hair is first cleansed thoroughly and then allowed to dry. Then the strands are divided into different parts and a softener cream is applied even on each shaft. After applying the softener, the hair expert ensures that each strand remains straight. For this, they use an electric styling tool that has two metallic plates to keep them in place.

The softness or relaxer is left on the hair for 30 to 40 minutes, depending on the texture, type and quality of hair. The hair undergoes the steaming process in the next step, which last for about half an hour or a little more. This is followed by washing and hair drying. The hair stylist then apply a keratin based cream or lotion and straightens any left out hair that was not straightened.

Seems so good so far. But this hair straightening procedure comes at a cost. The use of chemicals and electrical procedures produces some serious side effects for hair. Let us look at the side effects that hair rebonding brings for your hair. 

Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

1. Hair Rebonding is an extremely rigorous process that involves a series of chemical treatments.  The major side effect of hair rebonding is that it makes hair weak and fragile. Therefore, it is very essential to take proper care and maintain it from becoming weak and fragile. 

2. There are certain initial restrictions that need to be followed initially before opting for hair rebonding. You cannot wash your hair for a few days or tuck them behind your ears for the first 30 days, to save it from breaking or getting damaged.

3. It's not only the hair which is prone to damage. The process of hair rebonding may also damage the scalp and even get it burned. This usually happens when the metal plates used become too hot than required or are exposed to the hair for a longer duration.

4. As a side effect, hair rebonding treatment can cause permanent damage to the hair. Therefore, it is important to get it done from a good salon, by a hair expert who has the professional expertise. 

5. Hair rebonding is an expensive treatment. There are many salons which provide rebonding at attractive prices and use poor quality products which may damage the scalp and hair. Therefore, it is important to chose your hair expert wisely and ask for information on the products going to be used and the process involved in order to protect your hair and scalp from hair rebinding side effects.

6. Hair rebonding is a permanent thing. As a side effect, hair rebonding breaks the original structure of the hair that cannot be reversed normally. It’s only as and when it grows in length from the base and you from off the ends. Read our tips on how to take care of long hair and manage them

7. Even when the treatment is permanent, touch ups are needed from time to time to maintain the texture of the hair.  Moreover, the section of hair that grows from the roots post hair rebonding has the original hair texture, so you need to go re-opt for hair rebonding after a period of every 3-6 months in order to keep your hair straight. 

8. Regular touch ups are not just enough. To maintain the straight and sleek texture of the hair, hair rebonding needs to be repeated every few months.

9. Frequent chemical treatments may cause permanent hair loss, making the hair mire fragile and prone to damage.

10. There are several hair care routines that need to be followed post hair rebonding. These are not only tedious and time consuming, but also quite expensive.

I hope you have now understood what is hair rebonding and what are various side effects of hair rebonding. Now whenever you choose to go for this treatment, do keep in mind above mentioned hair rebonding side effects and make sure that it does not permananetly damage your hair. 

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