35 Practical Reasons Why Women Live Longer than Men

Men Vs. Women: 35 Practical Reasons Why Women Live Longer

35 Practical Reasons Why Women Live Longer than Men
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Globally, women enjoy a longer lifespan than men. Is there a secret to long life? The lines below provide a meaningful perspective with practical reasons why women live longer than men.

While death does come without warning, it’s quite baffling why death chases men more often than women. In present times, both men and women are faced with hectic lifestyles and lifestyle changes, still women outlive men. Do women posses a secret elixir, men are clueless about? Or is it something that women are doing right and men are doing wrong? While lifespan stats among men and women are perplexing, it does draw parallel with reasons towards increase and decrease in lifespan.

Though theoretical reasons offer a broad perspective on why women live longer than men, there is not enough evidence to call the research carried out conclusive. Practical reasons are contrasting to theoretical reasons, however, what practical reasoning attempts is to analyze if there is a course of action that is productive. Scientific studies carried out all across the world, along with stats collected and analyzed reveal men die earlier than women. The fact that women live longer than men raises questions, lot of questions that don’t seem to have conclusive answers.

At present, women live 5% longer than men and experts believe the number is likely to increase significantly in the near future. While every woman reading this will feel an unexplainable thrill backed by pride, every man may cringe and move on. Are there specific reasons why women live longer than men? Find out in the lines below.

Theories on why Women live longer than Men

A theory suggests size matters why women live longer than men. Taller people or big people have a higher presence of cell activity than short or thin people which suggests heavier bodies or tall people are likely to be associated with development of harmful mutations. Wear and tear of tissue is higher among men than women since bigger bodies burn more energy. This makes men more susceptible to risk of long term damage than women.

According to Biologist Tom Kirkwood who has contributed significantly in the biology of aging it’s evolution that holds key to answers to why lifespan of women is longer than men. Tom Kirkwood says “Of Course, social and lifestyle factors do have bearing, but there does appear to be something deeper engrained in our biology.” This is attributed to DNA bundles called chromosomes within each cell. The complexity of Chromosomes comes into pairs.   

While men have an X and a Y chromosome, women have two X chromosomes. This difference can subtly alter cell aging in myriad ways. What this means is due to the presence of two X chromosomes, women can generate a double copy of every gene. In simple words having two X chromosomes, a spare one is present in case one gene turns faulty. This back-up facility is not present for men who have an X and a Y chromosome, which means men don’t have the back up like women do. This results in malfunction of cells to a greater extent in men thereby putting them at greater risk of life threatening diseases.

Another theory associated with why women live longer than men is got to do with the fact of jogging female heart hypothesis that attributes to a woman’s heart rate increasing during the second half of menstrual cycle thus offering similar benefits associated with moderate exercise or workouts. This leads to delaying cardiovascular diseases and signs of aging. There are a number of theories that explain or suggest why women live longer than men; however most theories haven’t been backed by conclusive evidence.

If you use a practical approach towards analyzing why women have a longer lifespan than men, you are likely to arrive at a conclusion. There are many contributing factors that affect lifespan in some way directly or indirectly. Practical reasons help us analyze and take decisions based on rational thinking. The reasons mentioned below contribute towards understanding why some have a longer lifespan than others. The lines below may not cement your doubts, but they certainly give you hints on what needs to be done to increase your lifespan.

35 Practical Reasons why Women live longer than Men

  1. More men and fewer women do high risk jobs.
  2. Women are better equipped at handling stress and anxiety.
  3. Women are more health conscious than men.
  4. Men often delay their visit to a Doctor, women don’t.
  5. Majority of women are content with what they achieve in their professional lives, not so with majority of men.
  6. Men try and cover up lies more often than women.
  7. A larger number of men than women are rash drivers.
  8. The suicide rate globally is higher among men than women.
  9. A larger number of men than women drive when drunk.
  10. A larger number of men than women do drugs and are likely to overdose.
  11. More Men than women meet with accidents doing crazy stunts.
  12. Women are emotionally stronger than men.
  13. Majority of women listen to their minds while majority of men let their hearts dictate.
  14. Women give safety more importance than men do.
  15. Men find it harder to get out of depression than women.
  16. Globally, men eat more junk food and processed food than women on a daily basis.
  17. Most women confide about their problems and difficulties while most men don’t.
  18. More men and fewer women have a drinking problem.
  19. Most men neglect their health problems while most women take preventive measures to avoid health problems.
  20. Globally, men are known to have more unhealthy habits than woman.
  21. Crime Rate is higher among men than women.
  22. Men with inflated egos are significantly more than women with the same.
  23. Women find ways to relax and unwind much easier than men.
  24. Most men find reason in everything while most women pay no heed.
  25. A larger number of men than women are involved with extreme sports, brutal sports and high risk sports.  
  26. Women are able to cope up with lifestyle changes better than men.
  27. A larger number of men than women cheat on their partners.
  28. Women have better social connection than men.
  29. Women are more cautious and take more precautions than men when it comes to protecting themselves during sexual intercourse.
  30. A larger number of men than women smoke and drink.
  31. Women get health checkups done more regularly than men.
  32. A larger number of men than women live in the fast lane. 
  33. Women take wiser financial decisions than men.
  34. Men are more prone to cardiovascular diseases than women.
  35. Women are calmer than men under pressure.

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