Fitness Tips for Senior Citizens

Exercising Daily: One of the Best Anti-Aging Activities  

Fitness Tips for Senior Citizens
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Old age is the time when you really need to put a lot of effort to protect your body from different ailments. Thus, it becomes important to pay special attention to taking care of your body as you are about to reach into the category of senior citizen. For knowing what all you can do to be fit during your old hood, here are some of the fitness tips for senior citizens that will lead you to a healthy body and mind:

Out of all the phases, old age is the toughest one. It is a time when you might be entering in a different zone. Your body also get prone to various diseases. Concerns such as high blood pressure and diabetes are very common once you enter your old age. Thus, it becomes essential to focus on your exercise and health as you grow old. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, “We don’t stop playing because we grow old.

We grow old because we stop playing”. Women like V. Nanammal, a 97 year old woman from Tamil Nadu, who practices yoga even at this age further shows her dedication for being fit. She not only practices yoga but also teaches the same to a group of 100 students. If Nanammal’s example inspires you, then here are some tips for the elderly to start off and improve their fitness levels:  

Tip 1: Take out time for your fitness

Old age is a time when you are done with your responsibilities. It is now time to bring your focus back to yourself. Exercising in old age will help you live longer, lower down the chances of heart attack, would strengthen bone density and also aid in controlling issues such as diabetes etc. Not just this, it will boost your confidence.

Tip 2: Make yoga your best friend in your old age

Make yoga your best friend especially as you get old. With every breath say hello to a healthy mind and body by making yoga a part of your daily fitness regime. The pranayam exercises such as alternate nostril breathing, Bhramari will give you a peace of mind necessary to cope up with the stresses of life. The practise of repeating “Om Mantra” which is usually done at the end of every yoga session will calm your mind aiding in improving your overall concentration levels. Thus, an hour given to yoga will reap you great benefits in the old age.

Tip 3: Pursue Gardening to be Fit

One of the fun ways to keep you fit during the old age is gardening. Pursue gardening for being fit as it involves mowing, digging and carrying soil. Enjoy the sheer pleasure of gardening and keep yourself fit in your old age. The great part of gardening is that you might be lifting, squatting and taking many steps. But, it won’t feel like you are doing any sort of boring workout. Moreover, the colourful flowers and the greenery around will create a positive impact on your mind. Thus, it is a healthy exercise routine to include in your life.

Note: On an average a 90 pound person can expend approximately 195 calories in an hour. 

Tip 4: Strength Training for the Elderly

It is important that you strength train even at an elderly age. It will help you create good levels of mobility along with that prevent you from various chronic diseases reducing the overall risk of injury. Your ability to endure will be improved. Thus, making you face the challenges that old age poses. For this you do not need to hit the gymn, you can strengthen your muscles at your home as well by doing some pushups against the wall, slowly sitting and standing from a chair, doing bicep curls, side and frontal raises using light weight dumbbells.

Finally, when you are creating your exercise routine include everything in it. Make sure that it has yoga for flexibility, gardening or household activities for keep you moving and strength training for creating overall endurance.

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