Best Ways to Use Honey for its Amazing Health Benefits

Honey Benefits as per the Ancient Science and Modern Research

Best Ways to Use Honey for its Amazing Health Benefits
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Honey as a natural ingredient has been used since ancient time for its amazing health benefits. Find out best ways to use honey in modern lifestyle.

Honey is a natural carbohydrate rich thick syrup prepared by honey bees. Nowadays, honey has gained popularity for its nutritional value and health benefits. Use of honey has become so common in herbal teas, health drinks, smoothies and various other natural and healthy food recipes. Natural raw honey improves health in many ways and holds the properties such as antiseptic, antimicrobial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, digestive stimulant, immunity boosting, laxative, antioxidant, healing, cleansing (internal & external detox), moisturizing and blood purifying. Here are ways to use honey for its amazing health benefits:

As a detoxifier and for weight loss: For detox, one tablespoon of honey can be taken mixed into a glass of lukewarm water. Squeeze half a lemon into the water.

This drink if taken empty stomach in the morning is a well-known recipe for people to detoxify the body and aid in weight loss.

Sipping this water throughout the day helps cleanse the entire body and may prevent diseases. You can also add ginger to this drink as ginger also accelerates weight loss and is an excellent detoxifier. 

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As a wound healer: Honey along with turmeric can be applied on wounds especially on bruise or bumps. This paste is helpful to prevent blood clotting and increase the healing process.

As a nourishing tonic: According to Ayurveda, honey is nourishing in nature due to the presence of several vitamins and minerals. If taken with milk honey is known to nourish entire body and increases the properties of milk. It is a very good tonic for everyone including children and adults.

As an immunity booster: Honey has antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties which help prevent from bacterial infection and cures cold and cough. Honey can be taken mixed with ginger and a pinch of turmeric. This mixture is also beneficial if taken along with warm water.

As a digestive stimulant: Honey is known to stimulate appetite and increase digestion if taken mixed with lukewarm water.

As a skin cleansing & tightening pack: Applying honey on skin reduces skin damage, promotes healing and other skin problems such as infection. It also tones the skin and tightens it. 

As a natural replacement of refined sugar: Use of honey as a natural sweetener in place of normal white sugar considered as beneficial for health. But, as we known that honey contains sugar and increases calories, excessive use is not wise. People with high blood glucose and high blood pressure should take their Physician’s advice before using honey. Also, honey is not advisable for children below twelve months of age.

As a preventive care during seasonal changes: Ayurveda recommends that use of honey is beneficial during seasonal changes to prevent from diseases and increases strength.

Moreover, addition of natural and raw honey in other substances increases efficacy, for ex. addition of honey into herbal or green tea enhances the taste as well as benefits; honey when added to the milk increases nourishing property of milk; many of the Ayurvedic formulations are recommended to be taken with honey to enhance the efficacy of the product. Though, artificial honey also looks and taste the same way as natural honey but does not possess medicinal properties. Artificial honey composed of carbohydrate sources like glucose and fructose but devoid of nutritional elements such as vitamins and minerals. To differentiate between natural and artificial honey, put a tablespoon of honey into a glass of water. Artificial honey will dissolve in water and we can see that in the water whereas natural honey will settle at the bottom of the glass.

However, honey is a natural product with several nutrients and possess numerous health benefits, few things to be noticed while consuming honey are—it is combination of natural sugar (glucose and fructose), hot in tendency and should never be heated or mixed with hot food and beverages. Use of organic raw honey is always recommended by Ayurveda, the ancient Science and modern research to obtain multiple health benefits of honey.

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Great article! I'm glad to see you're bringing awareness to the medicinal uses and health benefits of pure, raw honey. I'd forgotten about honey being good for allergies and stuff! I'm glad you reminded me because I've been having intense allergy symptoms this summer. I'll have to get another jar of honey asap. Honey truly does have some impressive benefits. I've used it for wound-healing, on my face for acne, scars, and overall complexion problems. Of course I also love eating it. I tried some pure, raw honey from a local home-based supplier and he told us that he knew of a guy who had some kind of horrid injury on his leg that had become gangrenous. He said he gave a guy a jar of his honey (with pollen and everything included) and it healed up so quickly that the guy's doctor was shocked. Whether or not that was 100% true I don't know, but I got a jar to try for myself. I ended up falling while running in the rain (busted my rear-end on concrete smack-dab in public) and my knee was torn to shreds. The wound was disgusting and had rocks and debris embedded. I also think I'd had a little damage to my knee cap itself because the pain was excruciating and it was swollen up so badly it looked like I was carrying a softball on my knee! After a couple days, it was infected, so I applied the honey and covered it overnight. Sure enough, the next day, scabbing had started to form, the inflammation and infection reduced. I applied it for several days and while the knee cap took a while to get back to normal, the wound was healing rapidly. Ever since then, I've been a big fan of honey.


Its really amazing to hear!These natural ingredients are undoubtedly the best bet for any infection or disease. Moreover, they truly meant to prevent from any kind of health problems, if used and amalgamated in daily life. I personally prefer to go with the natural options for my entire family be it an skin infection, burn, cuts, throat infection, cold, cough, indigestion or others. I thoroughly trust the Nature and its healing capacity. Thanks for sharing your practical experiences of using honey as an amazing wound healer.


Superb article, great information thank you. I believe honey is probably the single most healthy food on the planet, particularly organic raw honey and manuka honey. Apparently it also contains at least eight times more life force energy than any other food.


Thanks for sharing how to differentiate between natural and artificial honey. I love honey and a bottle does not stay long in my house. My dad uses it a lot. I will tell him to be careful and mindful of how much he uses.


According to Ayurveda, honey is a little hot in nature therefore not recommended during summers. However, in winters and monsoon season, honey can be beneficial for health. With lukewarm water honey can be taken in any season as it detoxifies the body. To get maximum benefits, we need to ensure the purity of honey we use.


Honey,dates,coarse cereals like Bajra, nuts like groundnut,almond, fruits like guava, grapes, papaya, green vegetables, ginger, garlic etc are great gifts of nature for healthy living,Honey is value for money provided one is able to get unadultrated variety.


Yes, it is really important to get pure honey to avail all its benefits. Many companies have launched new honey brands but it is hard to check their purity. Most of the brands contain a lot of sugar into honey.


This is really a great and fascinating article. My dad many years ago used to colonize bees and he had great time and experience with bees. He learned a lot. It's really interesting how you composed this great article, insight and informative. The ingredients are natural and healthy and bees play very important part in our world.


Thank you. Yes, now days it is crucial to identify real natural honey as most of the honey brands available in the market are made from artificial sources and not obtained from honey bees. Therefore, people generally do not receive the benefits of this amazing natural ingredient, honey.


Very informative and interesting article.You have nicely described the benefits of honey.Honey is really very effective in weight loss and usually use it as an alternative to sugar in tea. It also helps in healing lip cracks and smoothens them.


Thank you. Honey works as a natural healing, detox, and nourishing ingredient. Ayurvedic texts and scientific articles have mentioned many of its usage and benefits. Use of honey helps increase efficacy of other ingredients.


Hello Sweta, I like the way you expressed your point. I, myself, has experience with 'Using Honey for weight loss'. Last year I lost 10kgs in 2.5 months and first rule my instructor told me was to have honey the exact way you defined it. Apart from the many uses, Honey never expires. :)


Thanks Mr. Aseem. As per Ayurveda, honey works both as a - detoxifier when taken with lukewarm water that helps cleansing and aid in weight loss - and as a tonic when taken with milk which helps nourish the body.