Celebrities Living with Diabetes

These 9 Celebrities Have Made Changes for Diabetes—Truly Inspirational

Celebrities Living with Diabetes
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A very inspiring and informative article related to diabetes and healthy living. The article describes how diabetes is a lifestyle disorder affecting anyone including celebrities. How these celebrities have made changes to win over diabetes and one can get inspiration from their lives.

Diabetes, a lifestyle disease often occurs due to unhealthy eating habits and no physical activity. Type 1 diabetes is a genetic disease whereas type 2 mostly occurs as a result of unhealthy lifestyle. People from any background or profession can be diagnosed with this unwanted condition. Like millions of people, some popular celebrities are also the victim of diabetes—but there is a big difference! What is that difference?

These celebrities have a will to fight out diabetes and live life ‘king size’.

Recently, I came across few media articles regarding some very popular celebrities living with diabetes. They are the real inspiration for everyone suffering from not only diabetes but any kind health problem. Many of these famous people are actively involved in various programs for diabetes awareness.

Here are some of the popular people successfully defeating diabetes while moving forward in their life:

1. Paul Sorvino - Paul Sorvino is an American actor diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes diagnosed in 2006. But this did not stop the actor moving forward in his carrier and making films.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: According to an article published in Diabetes.co.uk (the global diabetes community), initially Paul Sorvino could not accept the change in diet due to diabetes. One night, after eating too much pasta, his blood sugar rose so high that he became dizzy. Later, he started taking good care of his diet to control his blood sugar levels. Now he is more careful what he eats and effectively controlling his diabetes.

2. Randy Jackson – Randy Jackson is famous for judging the popular TV show ‘American Idol’. He is a Grammy Award winner and known for his musical talent since his early age of 17.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: Jackson has been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2003. He had a history of diabetes in his family, as his father himself had diabetes. He lost a lot of weight during his gastric surgery. After that he has prepared a diet and exercise plan to overcome diabetes, control blood glucose levels and maintain a healthy weight.

3. Steve Redgrave – Sir Steve Redgrave is a five times Olympic gold medalist. He is named as Britain’s greatest Olympian in a 2011 Sports Life poll.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: Steve Redgrave was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1997 at the age of 35. He won his first four Olympic gold medals while eating a diet of around 7000 calories a day, but was put on a low-sugar diet to control his sugar level.

4. Larry King – Larry king, the broadcasting legend is living with Type 2 diabetes since fifteen years.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: Larry King has a history of diabetes in his family and he was diagnosed with the disease in mid 1990s. He manages his diet and lifestyle so well that and ‘diabetes’ has always been only a word for him.

5. Patti LaBelle – Patricia Louise Holte-Edwards, is an American soul singer and actress, well known for the disco song “Lady Marmalade”. She won two Grammy awards during her career. She was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 1995 after a stage performance in New York City.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: LaBelle adapted a regular exercise routine and works out regularly even when she is on tour. She has maintained the dietary changes to keep her blood glucose levels under control and wrote cookbooks for this condition. Her diagnosis could not stop her expanding her career. She also featured in the Oscar nominated film A Soldier’s Story. LaBelle is also a member of the American Diabetes Association’s Celebrity Cabinet, and was a spokesman for Glucerna’s Diabetes Freedom Campaign.

6. Helle Berry – Helle Berry, the Hollywood actress has been diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 23. She is also a well-known fashion model.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: Helle Berry is under strict observation of doctors and maintaining her diet very well. Though, she is not completely free from diabetes but she has controlled the disease to much extent. Now, she is the face of the education program called ‘Diabetes Aware’.

7. Tom Hanks – Thomas Jeffrey Hanks is a two-time Oscar-winning American actor, comedian, and filmmaker. He had Type 2 diabetes since he was of the age 36. He announced his diabetes in 2013.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: As weight gain is a risk factor, he had put himself on strict diet and avoid the roles that require drastic weight gain. Hanks also follow the strict exercise plans.

8. Kamal Hasan – The versatile actor, Kamal Hasan has Type 1 diabetes. He did not allow diabetes to overrule his life and instead chosen to spread the awareness about diabetes.

Lifestyle change for Diabetes: Exercising in gym is a routine for Kamal Hasan and also, he is very conscious about what he eats and avoids alcohol completely. He doesn’t consume dairy products and prefers black tea. Kamal Hasan is an active Yoga practitioner.

9. Nicole Johnson – Nicole Johnson has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1993 and since then she is actively promoting diabetes awareness and prevention. Nicole is a Telly award-winning television journalist and a writer.

She is a recipient of the Charles H. Best Medal for Distinguished Service in the Cause of Diabetes from the American Diabetes Association, The C. Everett Koop Medal for Health Promotion from the American Diabetes Association and has been recognized by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health and Regent University.

This is truly inspirational that how these people who are popular for their work have overruled diabetes. The two important findings of this article could be:

1. Diabetes is so commonly occurring lifestyle disease which happens mostly when people are in their 30s.

2. The most important pillars of life for them who successfully want to defeat diabetes are:

(i) Exercise or Physical activity (walk, yoga etc.) and

(ii) Strict diet (low in sugar and refined carbohydrates; more of fibers and low Glycemic index food).

After knowing about these celebrities and their history of diagnosis as well as how they overcome the situation, it is obvious that by making dietary and lifestyle changes one can defeat diabetes at any age. Everyone should learn from these people ‘how to live life’ and if we have strong desire, nothing can stop us!

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Great article. My dad has diabetes and one of the conditions my grandfather died from was diabetes. Living with someone who has diabetes is also challenging because of the dietary rules. I know living with my dad is quite a getting use to because everything has become "fresh" in terms of taste. but we are handling it, and he is very conscious and aware of what he eats.


Thank you! You rightly said that it is really challenging living with people who have diabetes due to dietary constraints. But, strict dietary rules can possibly help reverse the conditions as in most people diabetes is a result of unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Help your father to continue the dietary restrictions and try managing glucose level naturally as much as possible, This will further help to reduce the dosage of diabetic medicines and he could be able to manage his blood sugar naturally. Walk and light exercise as per the Physician's guidance also help in natural management of diabetes.


This is truly a great insight to people with diabetes. I had a girl friend once with Diabetes Type-2 and it was not easy, but I learned a lot. Sure, people can lose their confidence once they are diagnosed with the disease and realize that they still have to live, keep up to their standards; yet with these people in the article it still inspires us to learn from them and how to cope in a world with diabetes and I know that technology in these fields of expertise are rapidly growing fast and changing systems and medical care for people with diabetes.


Thank you. It is really important for people to become aware of natural ways to prevent and fight with diseases like diabetes. These celebrities are star examples of how one can defeat diabetes and move forward in their life. I want people to have their control over their health in life and therefore it is crucial to adopt natural treatment approach and minimize the requirement of medicines in the body. We may keep these medicines for future for more critical conditions. Most importantly, following strict diet & lifestyle changes can lead to the miracles.


This teaches us a very simple lesson, Never Give Up! There are people who loose their confidence of surviving even from not so harmful disease. Such people should really look onto these examples of their beloved stars and take inspiration from them. Even the Mt. Everest is climbable if you attain enough confidence. Anyway, Beautifully drafted article. :)


Thank you. Most of us admire the life of celebrities and stars. The article is for people with diabetes to relate themselves with these star's life and get inspiration to live life king size. You rightly mentioned it as 'Never give up'.


Very informative article and inspires us that proper diet and fitness can control diabetes.My dad too suffers from it but daily he does yoga and walks for nearly 2 hours in the early morning, this has really helped him to tackle the disease.


Thank you. Moreover, diabetes is the result of our bad diet and lifestyle and therefore the secret of its management lies in adopting the right diet and lifestyle.


Excellent article. It would be great if you can write on more Indian artists having diabetes. You have written about Kamal Hassan. The article is very educative.


Thank you. Actually, its not merely about the celebrities but to look over their spirit of wining diabetes and achieving what they want in their life. Moreover, our Indian celebrities are not very open to share their personal life in public and I respect their views.


Nice article to share with us but enhance us to more briefly symptoms and the ways of getting rid of it or explain more powerful homeopathic remedies of what do never get side effects. Because now a day one after one is suffered with diabetes and it is inherently growing


Thank you. You rightly said that prevalence of diabetes is rising and therefore it is important to look for the precautions and treatment approach with no side effects. I believe in Ayurvedic science, herbal science and other natural therapies to maintain health. Earlier I had written few articles on diabetes, symptoms and management with natural ingredients such as food, herbs, yoga, and others. To know more, you can visit at: https://www.devang.house/blogs/news/the-truth-about-diabetes-plus-tips https://www.devang.house/blogs/news/the-gluten-free-diet-a-beginner-s-guide https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/things-you-must-know-diabetes-sweta-srivastava?trk=v-feed&lipi=urn%3Ali%3Apage%3Ad_flagship3_profile_view_base_recent_activity_details_shares%3Bmxd3DltY%2BQMe1D7Ey96WOw%3D%3D. More are about to come. Stay tuned.