10 Symptoms to Prove Vitamin A Deficiency in the Body

These 10 symptoms can prove Vitamin A deficiency in the body

10 Symptoms to Prove Vitamin A Deficiency in the Body
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Vitamin A comes under category of fat-soluble vitamins. Everybody knows that it is good for improving vision. But, its deficiency decrease vision. Its deficiency also cause dry skin and dry eyes. It also cause poor wound healing, infertility and acne. Like that there are around total 10 Symptoms that deficiency of vitamin A cause in body. Lets have look on each one of them in detail.

Deficiency of vitamin A is caused in those who does not consume food rich in it. Rich sources of this vitamin are-

  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Dairy products

All these contain pre-formed vitamin A. Where as fruits and vegetables contain pro-vitamin A called carotenoid. They will become Vitamin A after their metabolism in body. Which fruits and vegetables contain this type of vitamin A? They are found in colored fruits and vegetables. For example-

  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow and 
  • Orange fruits and vegetables. 

10 Symptoms that Prove presence of vitamin A deficiency in body-

1) Dry skin-

Those who have vitamin A deficiency, have dry skin.

The reason being is, to have healthy skin it needs repair. Vitamin A help in formation of new skin cells and repair damaged skin cells. Dry skin needs antioxidant nourishment of vitamin A to moisten it. 

2) Development of inflammatory skin diseases-

Vitamin A deficiency cause certain inflammatory skin diseases. Vitamin A has anti-inflammatory properties because of antioxidant rich quality of this vitamin. Vitamin A deficiency cause eczema as well as chronic itching. 

3) Dry eyes-

Vitamin A deficiency disable formation of tears that moisten eyes. Because of lack of moisture of tears, eyes remain dry. But, if you consume vitamin A in recommended amount, you won’t suffer from it. 

4) Bitot’s spots and night blindness-

They are caused because of vitamin A deficiency. Bitot’s spots are dying cornea caused out of chronic eye dryness.  These dying corneas cause complete blindness. Deficiency of this vitamin cause night blindness. In night blindness, eyes are not able to adjust opacity of its cells according to darkness.

5) Birth defects in foetus or miscarriage-

Deficiency of vitamin A cause birth defects in growing foetus. Because, of that sometimes growing foetus have birth defects when get born.  Sometimes these birth defects are so dangerous that foetus die in uteri, results in miscarriage.

6) Infertility-

Deficiency of this vitamin cause oxidative stress in body. This oxidative stress does not let proper development of reproductive cells in body. When reproductive cells are contaminated with oxidative stress that causes difficulty in conceiving, resulting in infertility. 

7) Stunted growth in children-

Vitamin A help in right growth of children. Deficiency of this vitamin cause stunted growth in children. 

8) Acne-

Vitamin A deficiency cause aggravation of acne. This is because of lack of inflammation control that vitamin A do. Inflammation keeps on progressing in acne in deficiency of this vitamin. Result is worsening of acne, they spread more rapidly.

9) Poor wound healing-

Vitamin A deficiency cause delayed wound healing in diabetics. That occurs because of lack of collagen to form healthy skin. Vitamin A deficiency cause disruption of formation of collagen. No collagen means, no new healed tissue in place of wounded tissue. That results in poor wound healing.

10) Throat and chest infections-

Vitamin A deficiency cause throat and respiratory tract infection. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin A shield against these infections.


Deficiency of vitamin A cause above 10 symptoms. But, its over dosage also cause symptoms. Those over dosage symptoms are-

  • Vision changes.
  • Swelling of bones.
  • Dry and rough skin.
  • Mouth ulcers.
  • Confusion and mood changes.
  • Birth defects in pregnant woman.

Did you notice one thing in whole article? That is, some symptoms are caused by both deficiency and over dosage of vitamin A. Those are-

  • Vision changes.
  • Birth defects.
  • Dry skin.

That means, you can neither consume vitamin A in less amount, nor in excess. To remain far away from suffering from those symptoms, you need to consume vitamin A in accurate amount. That accurate normal allowed quantity of vitamin A is 700 to 900 mcg per day.

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