10 beauty and skin benefits of milk powder: Milk powder home made facial mask recipes

Can milk powder help me in getting glowing and healthy skin

You must have heard heaps about milk but do you know that milk powder can do a lot for your skin. Although neglected in beauty care regimen, milk powder can provide an intense care for dry, rough skin that longs for moisture. Milk cream can be used with raw milk or in place of milk for giving a brilliant shine to your skin. Let us read in detail how to use milk powder in your beauty regimen.

 In this article you will learn about the top home-made milk powder facial masks to get fair, flawless and glowing skin. All these recipes are very effective and very easy on your pocket. Mentioned below are the top 10 homemade and natural milk powder  facial masks for glowing and fair skin. Read on to know how to use milk powder in your beauty applications.

1. Milk powder and honey face pack

 You can mix honey and milk powder with a pinch of saffron and smear this mix on your face. Let this skin-hydrating facial mask to stay on your face for 30 minutes then rub  a little to remove the mask.

This face mask is immensely beneficial in removing excess  dryness from face and makes your skin youthful, fair and glowing.

2. Walnut powder and milk powder exfoliating face mask

 Crush walnut to coarse powder and apply this powder mixed with milk powder and honey. Keep this mix on face for 30 minutes and rub gently to wash off dead skin cells and reveal a clear and vibrant skin on the outside naturally. The result:  fair, healthy and charming skin.

 3.Milk powder and multani mitti and camphor and rose water for soft skin

 Mix all ingredients with rose water and apply on your face to combat dryness. Multani mitti is good for absorbing oiliness and controlling acne and other skin eruptions. So this home-made facial mask is good for normal and combination skin too. Those affected with pimples can add neem paste to this mask to get maximum benefits.

 4. Milk powder, lemon peel powder and cucumber juice skin bleaching mask

 Grind sun-dried lemon peels  in a grinder to get a fine paste. Then add lemon peel powder with  4 spoons of cucumber juice and 2 spoons of milk powder. Apply this mask to stay on your face  evenly and apply on your skin to bleach your skin and get rid of all facial imperfections like dark spots, pigmentation marks and acne scars too.

 5.Rice, milk powder and lemon juice skin brightening exfoliating facial scrub

 Soak up milk power and rice powder in water for few hours and then grind them together and mix  this mixture with lemon juice and apply this concoction on your face for 30 minutes. This face scrub is very effective in eradicating blackheads, whiteheads and other skin imperfections naturally.

 6. Jasmine flower petals and milk powder and  milk  clear skin face mask

  Crush jasmine flower and then mix some milk and milk powder in this mix. Then dab this smooth and fragrant face pack on your face for imparting glow to skin and making your skin spotless and even toned naturally. Use this beauty tip thrice a week for best results.

 7.Milk powder and saffron and milk  cream skin whitening facial mask saffron

 Soak up saffron in milk cream for few hours and  then mix this milk cream with milk powder and massage your face with this creamy and skin nourishing facial pack. Massage for ten minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water and see how smooth and dewy your complexion becomes in a jiffy. Use this beauty tip twice a week.

 8.Gram flour oats, milk powder and green tea bag facial mask

 Mix 2 spoons of gram flower and 3 spoons of coarsely ground oats and content of a green tea bag and 2-3 spoons of milk powder and make a paste with help of rose water.This face mask is very helpful in sloughing away dead skin cells and dullness and improves your complexion with just few applications. This facial mask helps in fading sun tan and evening out your complexion. Good natural remedy for all skin types.

9. Milk powder and lemon juice home remedy for fair skin

 Take the juice of 2 lemons and mix lemon juice with milk powder and then apply this smooth mixture using your fingertips for 30 minutes and let this home-made facial mask to stay on your face for 30 minutes. Then rinse out with warm water to get fair and glowing skin.

10. Milk powder, sugar and olive oil skin hydrating facial mask

 You can mix olive oil, sugar and milk powder and apply this mixture on your face. Rub gently till sugar totally melts and wash off to get a clean, clear and vibrant complexion. Use this home remedy for exfoliating your skin.

 By now, you are aware of the best 10 home-made milk powder facial masks recipes. It is time to follow them in your beauty regimen. Get set to become beautiful the milky way.

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