7 Benefits of Drinking Milk for Skin and Hair

Drinking Milk Benefits Skin and Hair

7 Benefits of Drinking Milk for Skin and Hair
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We very well know the benefits of drinking milk for our health. But do you know milk benefits our skin by large. There are large number of nutrients present in the milk that imparts fairness and glow to our face and make our skin look younger. Most people drink milk daily 2 times; morning and night; to reap its benefits. We are going to tell you 7 amazing benefits of drinking milk for skin and hair that you eagerly want to know about. Scroll down to know milk benefits for skin.

Milk is hign on skin-friendly nutrients that is why US department of Agriculture recommends drinking 3 cups of milk daily to keep your body healthy and make your skin glowing. This article delves deep into the benefits of taking milk orally for skin. Let us learn the best 7 beauty and skin care benefits of drinking milk.

Benefits of Drinking Milk for Skin and Hair

1. Drink milk for glowing skin

Milk is chock-a-block with riboflavin or b12 which is very helpful in giving your skin a beautiful glow from the inside out. Regular consumption of milk gives your skin a radiance and improves your skin clarity since vitamin A present in milk promotes new cell formations and fights several skin ailments to make your skin flawless and beautiful. Calcium with vitamin D helps to fight melanoma, a type of skin cancer, according to Standard school of medicine. Drinking one cup of milk has 299 milligrams of calcium which constitutes one third part of your daily calcium requirement.

As a result your skin gets glow and suppleness.

2. Drink milk for fair and youthful complexion

As we all know that milk is bursting with all the goodness of lactic acid that is why milk is very helpful in making your complexion fair when used topically and taken orally both.  For getting maximum results,You can add a pinch of saffron to a glass of milk and drink this milk every day to improve your complexion. Not only this, all diary food made out of milk like curd, cream,, paneer are good for enhancing your complexion. One cup of milk contains 8.3 grams of protein that is necessary for good and healthy-looking skin. Protein helps in formation of collagen that keeps your skin elastic and firm. So drinking milk regularly can make your skin fairer and young forever.

3. Drink milk for good oral health and good smile

Milk has calcium and phosphorus in abundance that results into stronger teeth and gums. Milk contains vitamin D also which is good for teeth. So drink milk regularly and get set to flaunt a hundred -watt smile every time.

4. Milk for stronger nails

Milk is rich in zinc that is necessary for healthy nails. If you are witnessing white spots on nails then it is the sign of zinc deficiency. So rich in zinc, milk will prevent your nails from becoming brittle and yellow. Drink milk every day to make your nails healthy and shiny.

5. Milk gives you beautiful hair

Milk is rich minerals, vitamins , zinc and calcium  that are helpful in giving shiny and healthy hair. Milk contains casein and whey protein that help in controlling hair loss and promote hair growth. Proteins and lipid in milk make your hair roots stronger and calcium is necessary to build keratin that helps in hair growth.


6. Drink milk daily for a moisturized and dewy skin

Milk is rich In amino acids and biotin that keep the moisture level of our skin in balance.You must consume 2 glasses of milk daily to lock the moisture in your skin as milk is rich in other skin friendly nutrients as well which  help to retain the hydration in your skin. If your skin is more hydrated and moist , then less wrinkles and fines lines will appear on skin.  So drink milk daily to keep your skin moist and wrinkle-free.

7.Drink milk for lightening dark circles

You must have heard that drinking milk helps to lighten dark circles. It is true, thanks to some nutrients present in milk. Milk has both vitamin A, B6 which help to form new cells. Rich in vitamin D, milk restores the elasticity of under-eyes area.  B 12 in milk lightens your skin. Calcium present in milk promotes formation of collagen which keeps your under-eyes area firm and youthful.  Lactic acid and potassium present in milk  restore the natural oil balance of your skin. Protein rich milk helps to repair the damaged skin tissues if taken orally daily. Magnesium in milk prevents eyes wrinkles and slows down aging. Moreover, selenium in milk protects your skin from sun damage and free radicals. Milk keeps your skin flawless and moisturized as milk is a natural humectant that helps to  keep away dark circles.  Apart from drinking milk, you can soak a cotton ball in cold milk and keep this cotton ball on your under eyes area for few minutes to fade  dark circles naturally.

By now you are aware of the top 7 benefits of drinking milk for skin and hair. So make sure you include 250 gms of milk in your diet every day to look beautiful and glowing naturally. Get set to flaunt a more beautiful you!

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