16 beauty and skin care benefits of green tea: DIY green tea homemade facial mask recipes

Benefits of green tea for skin and hair: beauty applications of green tea

From aiding in weight loss to giving you healthy skin and hair, green tea has loads of benefits for skin. You can make several homemade facial masks with green tea at no great cost. Here is presenting the top beauty applications of green tea in your beauty rituals. Read on to know the best 16 beauty and skin care benefits of green tea.

 Very high on nutritional values, green tea is rich in polyphenol which is known to ward off the ill effects of free radicals, resulting in retaining youthful glow on your skin for long.  It goes without saying that green tea is a beauty drink as it helps in weight loss along with promoting healthy hair and skin. It is a healthier beverage as compared to coffee and black tea due to low amount of caffeine content and high concentration of anti-oxidants in it. But green tea can be boon for your skin too if used on your face topically. Green tea is rich in all the anti-oxidants that help in fighting free radicals to defy the signs of ageing and premature wrinkles. This article presents the best beauty and skin care benefits of green tea.

Mentioned below are the top green tea facial masks you can whip up very easily at the comfort of your home.

Benefits of green tea for beauty care

 1. Green tea improves complexion

 Green tea helps in flushing out toxins from your body and treats all sorts of facial blemishes and inflammation from the inside out. According to the study conducted in 2003 by Medical College of Georgia, Green tea is a great aid in rejuvenating your skin.  Prepare a face mask with 2 bags of used green tea, lemon juice and honey. Just scoop out the content of 2 tea bags and mix this with 2 spoons of honey and one spoon of lemon juice and apply on your face. 15 minutes later, wash off with lukewarm water. This beauty tip enhances the luminosity to skin to give a beautiful and glowing skin naturally. Use this homemade skin whitening/ lightening home remedy twice a week to improves the clarity and your skin tone naturally

 2. Green tea cures puffiness of eyes

 Anti-oxidants and tannins(an astringent) present in green tea help to minimize the dark circles and puffiness of eyes. It helps to shrink the blood vessels around your under-eyes areas to lessen the appearance of puffy eyes and eye-wrinkles. In addition, vitamin k in green tea helps to reduces eye-bags and dark circles too. For removing dark circles, you need to put 2 used green tea bags in fridge for 30 minutes and place these bags on your closed eyes for 15 minutes. Sit and enjoy the soothing and cooling sensation of chilled green tea bags. Continue this practice for 15 days and you will be happier to see positive results.

 3.Green tea for youthful skin

 Green tea offers a wide array of benefits to keep your skin youthful and supple. Green tea has polyphelnols which fight free radicals, that accentuate the ageing process, as a result it helps in fighting sagging skin , age spots and pre-mature wrinkles. You can make an anti-aging face pack with 3 spoons of curd, 1 spoon of ground green tea leaves and one pinch of turmeric. Blend all ingredients together and smear on your face 30 minutes. This beauty tip aids in resurrecting wrinkled and dull skin to restore the youthfulness of your skin naturally. Best natural remedy for women in their 30s and early 40s.

4. Green tea face pack with honey to tighten dropping and loose facial skin

Apart from aforementioned home remedy to treat wrinkles, you can try this herbal remedy too. Mix one spoon of mathca green tea, half spoon of extra-virgin olive oil and few spoons of water to make a paste. Apply this natural face mask all over your face and neck and then wash off with cold water. This recipe is effective in tightening sagging and loose skin to make your skin firmer and taut.

 5. Green tea for acne-free skin

  Rich in Catechins, green tea is bursting with anti-bacterial properties and regulates the hormonal imbalance that triggers off acne. Not only this, Green tea reduces the inflammation and redness caused by acne. According to a study by Journal of investigative Dermatology,epigallocatechin 3 gallate( EGCG) in green tea kills acne- causing bacteria and makes your skin acne-free. Make an  acne control face mask at home - brew 2 green tea bags in water for 15 minutes and then apply this solution on your face with the help of a cotton. This beauty tips controls the greasiness of skin to make your skin shine-free and fresh.

 6. Pimple and pimple marks treatment with green tea

 Another home remedy you can use is to reduce pimples- mix one spoons of ground green tea leaves and egg white, one spoon of honey and apply on your  pimple and pimple marks to lessen their appearance. Very effective way to treat pimple and  pimple marks fast.

7. Green tea natural skin toner

 Green tea makes for a  very effective homemade face toner. It  aids in removing the deep seated impurities deposited on the skin and shrinks the enlarged pores of the face. Make a face toner with freshly brewed green tea with few drops of essential oil  mixed in it and wipe clean your face with this solution. This facial toner maintains the PH balance of your skin to keep your skin problem-free. Those affected with rosea and psoriasis can also benefit from this herbal remedy.

 8. Green tea promotes hair growth

 Green tea is very high on anti-oxidants that aid in curbing hair loss and promote the growth of new hair. Cathechin in green tea contain 5 Alpha reductase impeding properties that help obstruct DHT(Dihydrotestosteone), a key factor that triggers off hair fall. For stimulating hair growth, rinse your hair with freshly brewed green tea as a last rinse. For best results, drink 3-4 cups of green tea daily to have lustrous, healthy and silky hair naturally.

 9.Green tea face exfoliating scrub

 Abrasive texture of green tea makes for a great exfoliating scrub for your skin. Mix ground green tea leaves and honey to make a scrub and rub gently on your face for 5 minutes. This home remedy will slough off dead skin cells and reveal a fresh skin on the outer surface which is free of blackheads and whiteheads. Another way to make green tea scrub-  use a fresh green tea  leaves with 3 spoons of sugar and rub this mixture on your face, neck, hands and whole body to remove dead skin and deep-deposited grime and dirt. Use this home remedy to get flawless and spotless skin. Good for delicate skin of teenager girls.

10. Green tea hair conditioner for shiny and silky hair

 Brew 2-3 green tea bags in 3 cups of water for 15 minutes and let it cool down and mix this with 3 spoons of lemon juice. Next, rinse your hair with solution to condition your hair to make it shiny and silky. Due to high concentration of panthenol, vitamin C and E in green tea, it keeps your hair conditioned and soft. What is more, it protects your hair from the after-affects of  harmful chemicals used on your hair.

 11. Green tea steam

 Put 1/8 cup of green tea leaves, organic lemon balm and 2 spoons of dried organic peppermint in 2 cups of hot water. Next, place your face over this bowl to let the steam penetrate into your pores. Close your eyes and inhale the goodness of herbs. Anti-oxidants and cathechin are inserted into your skin pores through the process of steam to impart a healthy and glowing skin. 

 12. Green tea for treating sunburn

 Tannic acid, thebromine and polyphenol present in green tea aid in soothing and healing sunburn. Keep freshly brewed green tea in your refrigerator and wipe your face with this chilled solution several times a day to reduce the redness and burning sensation caused by suntan. Best beauty tip to be used in summer. 

13. Green tea for reducing pore size

 Boil 2 green tea bags in water for 20 minutes and let it cool down completely. To this, add 2 spoons of tea tree oil and lavender essential oil. Thereafter, put this solution in ice tray. Then rub the ice cubes on your face to close the large  pores of your skin. Best beauty tip for oily skin with problem of open and enlarged pores.

14. Green tea pores tightening mask

 Mix freshly brewed green tea with bentonite clay or any cosmetic clay and apply on your face to tighten the open pores to reveal a oil-free and radiant skin everyday. And make sure you drink green tea 2-3 times a day to keep your pores squeaky clean. Moreover, this is an amazing fairness mask for oily skin.

  15. Green tea skin brightening facial mask for glowing skin

 Prepare a face mask at home with 2 spoons of used green tea leaves and 2 spoons of gram flour, 2 spoons of  raw milk and some rose water. Blend these ingredients well and apply on your face. 20 minutes later, wash off with lukewarm water. This recipe cures the dark spots, pigmentation marks, dark patches and other facial imperfections very effectively. In addition, this natural remedy makes your skin fairer than before.

16. Green tea helps in weight loss

 Green tea is full of 6 cathechins and one of those cathechins is epigallocathechin(EGCG ) that regulates the metabolism rate of human body. It accentuates the oxidation process, the rate which your body turns food into calories, as a result your body weight reduces faster than normal. It reduces the weight gain and bloating; crushes untimely hunger pangs. Loaded with diuretic properties, it flushes away excess water and aids in losing flab. So make sure you drink green tea several times a day minus milk and sugar to get your optimal weight and perfect figure you always dreamt of.

 By now, you know you have learnt about the best 16 benefits of green tea for enhancing your beauty. But apart from using any of these home remedies, make sure you drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily to keep your hair, skin and body healthy from the inside out.


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