11 beauty benefits of almonds: How to use almonds powder in your beauty applications

Got dry and lackluster skin? Here comes the solution! Using almonds in your beauty regime can do a whole lot of things to enhance your beauty. This article makes you acquainted with the best beauty benefits of almonds in your beauty rituals . Listed below are the top 11 beauty uses of almonds in your beauty applications.

High on nutritional value, almonds are considered beauty food because of high volume of vitamin E and good fats residing in them. Vitamin E is termed as beauty vitamin for it skin nourishing and rejuvenating power. Almonds, when used topically on your face, up your beauty parameters, bringing an incandescent glow and charm on your face. Read on to know the best 11 beauty and skin benefits of almonds.

Beauty benefits of almonds

1Almonds for fairness

Since ages, almonds are used in fairness treatment for improving the skin tone. Just soak up  5-6 almonds in milk and saffron overnight and the next morning, grind them well in a grinder. Next, spread this mixture liberally over all over your face and neck and once dry, wash off with cold water.

This home remedy is extremely helpful in lightening your skin tone and making it supple smooth naturally.

 2Almonds for glowing skin

Almonds can be used for brightening your skin. Mix milk cream, almonds powder with chirongi(sunflower seeds) to make a skin-brightening facial mask.  This face mask repairs damaged skin tissues and speeds up cell-renewal process, thereby, resulting in enhanced radiance on your skin. Eating almonds daily keeps your skin perfectly moisturized and youthful from the inside out. Almonds contain anti-oxidants which ward off skin-damaging free radicals and toxins from your body. So eating few almond daily clears the pollution inside your body to make your skin glowing from the inside out. So get into the habit of munching on few almonds daily to have a healthy and glowing skin.

3. Almonds for combating  dry skin

If you have got dry skin, then almonds can do wonders for your skin.  Just  grind  4-5 grind almonds to a fine powder and mix almonds powder with honey and milk cream and apply on your face. 15 minutes later wash off with cold water and get set to experience a perfectly moisturized and radiant skin withing minutes.

4. Almonds powder for instant glow

 Just add 2 spoons of almonds powder to one spoon banana pulp and one spoon of papaya pulp. Thereafter,  apply this mix on your skin for 15 minutes to get an instant glow. Try this pre-party glow facial mask before  doing make-up.

5. Almonds for  exfoliating your skin

Grind almonds powder coarsely and add some milk cream or curd to this powder and rub on your face for 5 minutes. It helps remove dead skin cells to bring out fresh skin on the outer surface of skin. Not only this, this exfoliating scrub drives away pesky blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars too to make your skin flawless. In addition, the nourishing combination of  half a cup of almonds powder, 1 spoon of  honey,  2 spoons of lemon juice makes for an ideal body scrub for squeaky clean and smooth body.

6. Almonds for reducing wrinkles

Needless to say, massaging your face with almonds oil fends off wrinkles and sagging skin. But just like almonds oil, almonds powder is also a helpful ingredient in keeping your skin youthful and charming for a long time. Make an anti-wrinkle face pack with one spoon of almonds powder, one egg white and one spoon of lemon juice and dab on your face for 15 minutes. Almonds is a rich in of Alpha tocopherol, a major source of vitamin E, which eases off wrinkles and fine lines to keep your skin young and supple smooth. Moreover, protein is found in almonds in abundance, which is the building block of skin. So eating or using almonds topically on the face  is a boon to your skin's all-round health.

7. Almond powder for removing dark circles

Almonds oil is the best ever effective home remedy to cure dark circles. Just prior to applying almond oil on your under-eyes areas, apply the paste of almonds powder, milk cream and lemon juice on your dark circles. 15 minutes later, wash off with cold water and thereafter apply almond oil on your under-eyes areas.

8. Home facial with almonds power

There is no need to visit beauty parlour if you have few almonds at home. Prepare a face mask at home- combine together one spoon of turmeric, one spoon of rose water, one spoon of besan(gram flour), 2 spoons of almonds powder and some milk and apply on your face.  Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and thereafter wash the face clean with cold water. You will be amazed to see a glowing and lustrous complexion like a parlour facial yet at no great cost.

9Almonds for bleaching your skin 

Grind dried up  lemon peels to a fine powder and  blend lemon peels powder, milk powder, coconut water, almonds powder together and smear this skin-bleaching face mask on your face. Once dry, wash clean the face mask with cold water. This homemade facial mask is a natural bleaching treatment for you. Try t!his recipe! it helps!

10. Almonds  for curing open pores

Whip up a face mask with 2 spoons of grounded almond powder and  2 spoons of orange peels powder and 2 spoons of  tomato juice for curing open pores. Apply on your face for 5 minutes and rub off gently to remove the mask. This amazing facial mask helps a great deal in shrinking open pores and making your skin radiant.

11. Almonds powder for hair

Not only for skin, but almonds powder is a great aid in making your hair lustrous and healthy.  Mix one cup of almonds powder, half a cup of curd , one spoon of fenugreek seeds paste and an egg. Mix all ingredients and keep this mixture overnight in a bowl . The next morning, add the content of a whole egg to this mix and apply on your hair to nourish your hair from inside and make your hair dandruff-free.

By now, you are aware of the best 11 beauty benefits of almonds. Why are you waiting? Go grab a handful of almonds from your kitchen for having a bite into them and using them on your face topically. Believe me, you will fall into love with the skin you are in.

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