11 beauty and skin care benefits of beetroot: How to use beets in your beauty applications

Although not very pleasing to your taste buds, beetroot is very high on nutritional side. Being a rich source of iron an vitamins, it plays a major role in brightening your complexion naturally. Read on to know about best 11 beauty uses of beets in your day to day beauty routine.

It goes without saying that very high on iron, beetroot is well known for curing anaemia. But beetroot has multiple used in beauty rituals. This article presents the top 11 and time-tested beauty and skin care benefits of beetroot.

1.Beetroot is very helpful is in making your skin glowing

 Just boil beetroot and mash them and apply on your whole face and neck. Leave this mix on for 30 minutes before washing it off with cold water. If used regularly, this mask will give pinkish glow to your skin naturally.

2. Oatmeal and beetroot skin brightening face mask

Grind 2 spoons of oatmeal with few slices of beetroot and then smear this mix on your face for 10 minutes.

Rub off gently to remove the facial mask to reveal a brighter, pinkish complexion in a jiffy.

 3.Sugar and beetroot juice mixture for reddening your dark lips

Rub sugar and beetroot juice mixed together on your lips evenly using fingertips to lighten them naturally. So if you have got dark lips, then you can try this beauty tip on your lips.

4.Almond oil, curd, beetroot mash to make your dry skin moisturised and silky

 If your dry skin is worrying you, then you can use aforementioned facial mask on your skin to seep moisture into the innermost layer of your skin. All you need to do is to grind few slices of beetroot with 2 spoons of thick curd and then add 2 spoons of almond oil to this mix. This homemade facial mask helps to replenish moisture into your dry and parched skin, thereby, making it velvety and smooth.

5. Beetroot juice to make your cheeks pinkish

 Grate beetroot and take out the juice out of this. Then dab this resultant mixture on your lips to make it rosy and attractive.

6. Beetroot and henna hair mask to add highlights to hair

 You can mix beetroot juice to henna and leave it on your hair for 2 hours. This recipe gives a beautiful burgundy shade to your  hair. You can apply beetroot juice on your dry and well shampooed hair to highlight your hair and give it a beautiful  reddish tinge.

 7.Beetroot juice and orange juice to make your skin fairer and flawless

Mix beetroot juice with orange juice and apply the resultant preparation on your skin. This natural remedy can make you visibly fairer and softer. Being rich in iron, beetroot feeds your skin iron thorough pores that is why beets are excellent for making your pale complexion  a healthy and spotless.

8. Beetroot juice and pineapple juice make your skin young and charming

 Bursting with anti-oxidants, beetroot are very helpful in warding off early signs of ageing and fine lines. Moreover, beets are rich source of iron, phosphorus, protein and silica and manganese that all in unison give you healthy and pinkish skin if eaten orally and applied topically.  Lycopene found in beet removes wrinkles and fine lines to give you younger-looking skin.

9. Beetroot helps to remove dandruff

 Engymetic properties of beet helps in healing flaking and itchy scalp. Silica present in beet moisturises the scalp and keeps your hair soft and shiny. Just add vinegar with beetroot juice and apply on your hair to wipe away itchy dandruff and make your hair soft and manageable.

10. Beetroot juice and carrot juice for fair skin

 Mix beetroot juice and carrot juice together and apply on your face to make it fairer. Just mix these two ingredients  in equal measure and apply on your face and neck with the help of a cotton pad. Try this easy beauty tip right now.

11. Fuller's earth and beetroot juice for youthful skin

 Mix 2 spoons of  fuller's earth multani mitti with few spoons of beetroot juice and apply on your skin to make it young and charming. You can try this home remedy to treat persistent acne and oily skin.

 By now, you are aware of the best 11 beauty and skin care benefits of beets. Be all set to incorporate into your beauty regimen right now!


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