Benefits of Papaya Seeds - How to Use Papaya Seeds for Health Benefits

Papaya Seeds Benefits for Health

Benefits of Papaya Seeds - How to Use Papaya Seeds for Health Benefits
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Well known for curing indigestion and aiding in weight loss, papaya is high on nutritious side. Apart from papaya fruit, papaya seeds are also loaded with lots of benefits of health. Let us learn the best 10 benefits of papaya for health and skin

We all love to bite into papaya for its nutritional values and sumptuous taste but we always throw away papaya seeds into dustbin underestimating the benefits they offer. Papaya seeds are highly dense in nutrients that can heal a host of ailments like cirrhosis of liver, intestinal worms and dengue, arthritis and prevent renal failure also.  Although not very pleasing to your taste buds, papaya seeds are often ignored in health care, papaya seeds are very good for health. This article is presenting the best 10 benefits of papaya seeds for health and skin.  Eating papaya seeds sounds unfamiliar right!  You may be wondering how you can include them itno your diet. Well before getting down to their benefits let us learn how to eat papaya seeds.

How to eat papaya seeds?

You can eat papaya with papaya seeds to have its nutritional benefits. Small papaya's seeds have mild taste while seeds of big papaya taste bitter. So better is to have small papaya with its seeds.

Pepper like papaya seeds may not be very tasty treat for you but start to eat only small amount to start with. Eating  large amount of papaya seeds while your stomach is not accustomed to them can upset your stomach. So start slowly to have numerous benefits of papaya seeds. In addition, you can add same amount of honey with papaya seeds to consume them before swallowing.

Benefits of Papaya Seeds

1. Heal Liver Cirrhosis

Vital nutrients present in papaya seeds help in treatment of liver cirrhosis. Grind few spoons of papaya seeds and have them with lime juice.Use this recipe for 30 days continuously. What is more, eating few spoons of papaya seeds daily with water detoxifies your liver and keeps your liver free from all disorders.  Additionally, add few spoons of papaya seeds in your yogurt and you can eat it during break fast to prevent all sorts of liver disease.

2. Helpful in Smooth Digestion

Papaya seeds contain some  digestive enzymes that help to process the food with ease. Moreover, it normalizes the acidic atmosphere of  intestines and kills the parasites residing in intestinal tract. Sound and healthy digestive system is the pillar of healthy body

3. Papaya Seeds Cure Kidney Disease

As you know that munching on papaya seeds are highly beneficial for you internal organs. University of Karachi concluded that eating papaya seeds reduce the risk of renal failure and work to deal with kidney poisoning case.

4. Papaya Seeds Help in Prevention of Cancer

Papaya seeds produce a milky sap that contains a substance called acetogenin that helps to prevent cancer cells from growing. There are various studies that claim that eating papaya seeds and papaya leaves are highly beneficial in curbing cancer. That is why people in Japan love to sip papaya leaf tea and add few spoons of papaya seeds in it to have its multiple benefits to make your body healthy.

5. Help Treat Acne

You know well that hormonal fluctuations are to be blamed for acne on skin which can be cured by consuming papaya seeds. You can even prepare a face mask with papaya seeds and papaya leaves. Blend papaya leaves and papaya seeds with water in a  mixer grinder and apply the resultant preparation on acne-affected face. 15 minutes later, wash off with cold water. Use this effective home remedy thrice a week to see optimal results.

6. Treatment of Dengue with Papaya Seeds

There have been some news from Central america and  Asia that munching on papaya seeds is highly beneficial in treatment of dengue fever which is a deadly disease. Consuming papaya seeds increases the level of blood and cures anemia that is why munching on them will do away with the possibility of catching this ailment. Apart from munching on papaya seeds, papaya leaf juice is very much effective in treatment of dengue fever. Although it is  a fatal disease and you must consult your doctor if you are diagnosed with dengue fever which is caused by mosquito bite.

7. Natural Contraceptive for Men

It has been used since ancient times when contraceptive were not available. Eating papaya seeds for men can reduce the sperm production in men so it can work as a birth control method. Sperm production can be normalized when you stop consuming papaya seeds. Since it has no long time effects so it will not have negative effects on virility and fertility of men.

8. Good for Skin

Papaya seeds are rich in many skin friendly amino acids such as glycine, leucine that beautify your skin. It helps to minimize the signs of ageing and fine lines when eaten regularly. You can grind some papaya seeds and mix it with one spoon of gram flour and one spoon of honey. Next, apply this on your face and neck to tighten it  naturally. Keep this mixture on your skin for 20 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water.

9. Get Stronger Bones and Muscles by Consuming Papaya Seeds

Papaya seeds are rich in calcium and protein which are esssential for making your bones and muscles stronger. So munch of 2 spoons of papaya seeds with water on empty stomach to derive maximum protein and calcium from papaya seeds.

10. Skin Exfoliation

Papaya seeds act as an exfoliating agent that remove dirt and dead skin layer from outer surface of your skin. Being rich in vitamin A, it helps in production of new cells by replacing damaged cells. You can make a home made facial scrub with papaya seeds, lemon juice and honey. Grind papaya seeds coarsely and mix this with one spoon of honey and one spoon of lemon juice. Thereafter rub on your face for 5 minutes and then wash off with cold water to get brightened and squeaky clear skin instantly.

By now you are aware of the best benefits of papaya seeds for your health. From now on, incorporate papaya seeds into your diet and beauty applications and all your health related problems and skin ailments will go away naturally. If you want to know about all skin benefits of papaya check here. 

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