10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water with Honey Everyday

Drinking Lemon Water with Honey Can Give You Following Benefits

10 Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water with Honey Everyday
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Lemon water with honey is considered a favorite beverage for weight watchers as it melts down fat and calories fast. But apart from aiding in weight loss, this wonderful preparation made of honey, lemon juice and water can do a whole lot of things for your health. Scroll down to learn more. Mentioned below are the top 10 benefits of drinking lemon water with honey everyday.

As we know that  drinking lemon water is really nutritious for our health as it hydrates our body, boosts our metabolic rate and keeps our digestive system healthy apart from providing our body much needed vitamin C for improving our immune system. Due to anti-oxidants present in lemon, it can neutralize oxidative stress. Lemon water is rich source of dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, ion. But adding equal amount of honey as lemon juice to water can add a tasty twist to plain lemon water and make it more nutritious. This article is presenting the best 10 benefits of drinking lemon water with honey everyday. Read on to know.

Here are some benefits of drinking lemon water with honey  everyday

1) It helps in weight loss

The major benefit of taking lemon water with honey is that it aids in weight loss by boosting your metabolic rate and keeping you satiated for long.

This prevents you from binging too often.It has detoxifying actions which flush out toxins from your body which results in reduction of fat fast. Honey is natural laxative that removes waste from your bowel getting you rid of constipation and vitamin C rich lemon juice further aids in cutting down calories.

2) Gives you energy in the morning to stay active throughout the day

This miracle potion gives you instant energy as honey is a energy giving food which is comprised of sugar mainly glucose and fructose which give your energy. During the process of digestion, fructose and glucose are transmitted into blood for energy requirement of  your body for the whole day. Whereas lemon juice has citric acid which is good for energy metabolisms.

3) Lemon water and honey blend can cure acne

Lemon water with honey is a miracle drink which gets your rid of acne-causing bacteria leading to removal of acne and acne scars. This miracle potion can strengthen your gut by flushing out harmful toxins from your body. As honey is  anti-microbial agent which heals wound when taken orally and used topically. Lemon also has anti-bacterial properties that fight acne very powerfully. Vitamin C in lemon helps in production of collagen in skin and makes your skin tight and scar- free. You can even use lemon and honey facial masks to remove acne scars to even out your skin.

4) It is  natural diuretic

Honey and lemon water drink is a diuretic which stimulates urination  Diuretic is recommended for the patents of hyper tension and edema both caused by excess water in body. Extra water in body leads to  swelling of feet and exerts a pressure on your body leading to increase in blood pressure. Inflammatory responses of your body are responsible for water retention in body which gives birth to many ailments.

5) Honey and Lemon juice in warm water can cure infections and sore throat

Piping hot cup of lemon water with honey is a miracle drink for those down with cold and flu and this recipe has been used since centuries. Lemon juice will block congestion while providing your body 133 percent of vitamin C requirement in body. Honey is used in ayurvedic treatment to cure sore throat and cure recurring cough.

6) This drink boosts immune system of body

Weak immune system is the main reason your your falling ill too often. Lemon juice contains vitamin C and photo nutrients like saponins, alkaloids and flavonoids that can boost your immune system. Drinking lemon water added with honey can prevent many diseases. It can prevent the life-threatening diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases  as well as cataract and hypertension.

7) It is a detox drink which purifies your body

Harmful toxins invade our body when we take food contaminated with pesticide and environment pollutants enters our body through respiratory tract. They reside in your liver, kidney and disrupt their normal function. Lemon water with honey is detoxifying agent that neutralizes the toxins and keeps your liver and kidney healthy.

8) Treat constipation with lemon water with honey

Honey and lemon juice added to warm water is boon to those who are suffering from constipation and hard stool. This blend enables smooth excretion and laxative effects of this drink can also lead to mucus secretion from the intestinal walls. When your stomach is void of waste then your body is not prone to get affected by acidity and bloating. So make sure to drink one glass of warm water with one spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey added to it on regular basis to keep your bowel clean.

9) It aids in the function of sound digestive system

It is one of major benefits of taking lemon water with honey that it stimulates digestive system and it speeds up the absorption of nutrients from food you take. It also increases the acid production and bile secretion in stomach. It enables faster breaking down of food material to keep your digestive system in good system because undigested food material in stomach can lead to bloating as gut bacteria try to digest them. So drinking lemon water with honey everyday will ensure your digestive system  keeps running in good condition.

10) Drinking lemon water with honey can prevent the growth of cancer cells in body

Lemon is rich in cancer-fighting compounds like limonene which is found to prevent the growth of cancer tumour in animals. Lemon is also rich in flavonol glycosides which also prevents the division of cancer cells.

Honey is also a immunity booster which cal also curb the growth of cancer cells in body. Honey is anti-microbial agent which has many cancer-fighting compounds like lemon juice. So drinking lemon water with honey aids in prevention of  growth of cancerous cells in body.

By now you know 10 benefits of drinking lemon water with honey everyday. It is not only good for health, it is good for your skin also.So instead of sipping hot coffee or tea in the morning, make it a habit to drink lemon water with honey added to warm water everyday. Do not heat the mixture as heating will make honey toxic. You should drink honey and lemon juice mixture on empty stomach for deriving its maximum benefits.

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