Uses of Coconut milk and coconut oil for health, beauty and skin care

Coconut milk and Coconut oil for your beauty and wellness

Uses of Coconut milk and coconut oil for health, beauty and skin care
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Uses of Coconut milk and coconut oil for health, beauty and skin care

Coconut milk or coconut oil has not been the popular choice of health and weight conscious people due to high levels of saturated fats present in it. However, the fatty acids present in it in the form of medium-chain triglycerides can actually help in managing body weight, reduce the risk of cardio-vascular diseases, boost immunity and make your skin and hair healthy. Therefore, coconut milk consumed in moderation can have some significant health benefits. Let us discuss these one by one.

1. Coconut milk lowers cholesterol

Coconut milk does not contain any dietary cholesterol. But, the saturated fats present in it is 16 times of that present in low low-fat milk.

It can be taken in moderation as it consists of lauric acid which increases HDL(good cholesterol) and has been correlated with healthy heart.

2. Coconut milk and coconut oil is Beneficial for arthritis

Coconut milk is a rich source of antioxidants. The selenium present in coconut milk is a strong anti-oxidant. It reduces free radicals that are likely to add to joint inflammation. Although coconut milk is low on calcium, it is high on phosphorus. Apart from beneficial effects on arthritis, it makes the bones and joints stronger.

3. Coconut Calms the nerves

It is a rich source of magnesium. It also has natural cooling properties. It soothes the nervous system preventing nerve cells from becoming hyperactive. This helps in maintaining the level of blood pressure.

4. Coconut milk for Weight loss

Coconut milk helps in weight loss, if taken in moderation. Though it is rich in fatty acids, its is also full of dietary fiber. It works best when you follow a low calorie diet along with coconut milk. It contains almost all the vital nutrients required for the body.

5. Improves immunity

It is loaded with capric acid, antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid. A small amount of coconut milk in the diet improves overall immunity of the body and saves you from falling ill. Intake of coconut milk helps in fighting bacteria and viruses. It provides a safeguard against elements thaaids t are mainly responsible for causing infections like influenza and herpes.

6. Nourishes hair

Coconut milk makes a great hair and scalp serum. It works as a conditioner, hair detanglar and hair fall remedy. Moreover, it also helps in hair growth by boosting the hair follicles. It nourishes the hair and restores bad hair condition. It is highly protein enriched and can be used as a protein hair mask to get healthy, shinny hair.

7. Coconut milk is a Natural moisturizer

Coconut milk is a great natural moisturizer. It transforms dry itchy skin surface to soft and supple skin by keeping it hydrated. It can be applied or rubbed directly into the skin and kept for about half an hour, allowing the skin to absorb its goodness. Alternatively, you can add rose petals, rose water, turmeric paste or sandalwood paste to get moisturized and more radiant skin.

8. Heals sunburn

Coconut milk is full of anti-inflammatory properties. When coconut milk is applied over sun burnt skin, it help greatly in the healing process. The cooling component of coconut soothes the skin and reduces the symptoms of burns. It also helps in healing minor burns.

9. Age-defying agent

It consists of high levels of copper and Vitamin C. This slows down the skin aging process, removes wrinkles and age spots. Coconut milk also regulates blood flow and provides elasticity to the skin. Make paste of 6 to 7 almonds that were soaked overnight. Now, add 5 to 6 drops of coconut milk into the paste. Apply it on your face with your finger tips and leave for about 15 minutes. Rinse off with water.

10. Coconut milk as Make-up remover

It is easy and safe to remove makeup with the help of coconut milk. For this, take two teaspoons of olive oil and one teaspoon coconut milk. Apply the mixture over your entire face with the help of a cotton pad and wipe off gently. This is not only cleanses the skin, but also deeply nourishes the skin.

11. Acne ailment

Coconut milk is ideal for oily skin that is prone to pimples and acne. It is full of anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, coconut milk can be regularly used as a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. For best results, mix it with gram flour, fullers earth or sandalwood paste while applying.

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