Tips for getting healthy eyes ,diet for getting healthy eyes :How to get beautiful and healthy eyes ,diet for maintaining the health of eyes

Eyes are the most important organ of our body .Through the eyes we can see the beauty of this whole world . Eyes work continuously all day with our nervous system and brain to process the ever changing pictures around us and provide us with an instant visual information for doing everything in our life .In fact, eyes help us in so many ways that it is impossible to count .Eyes are also the centre of attraction for us . Healthy and bright eyes tell the story of a headstrong and confident person .But is sad that our present lifestyle and unhealthy diet take a heavy toll on our health leading to tired and sore eyes .It is very common for the eyes to suffer from some diseases which can damage your eyesight considerably .It is scarier that person in even their teens suffer from the problems of defective eyesight . But do not panic, you can do loads to secure the future of your eyes .Here in this article you will find some effective tips for getting healthy and beautiful eyes.

Read on to know how to get healthy and beautiful eyes.


Tips for getting healthy and beautiful eyes

Washing your eyes with triphala is very good for your eyes. Triphala is very powerful combination of 3 ayurvedic herbs- Indian gooseberry , vibhitaki ,amaltaki . If you can prepare triphala churna at home,it is better.

Triphala is fortified with the goodness of vitamin A in abundance .So it is very beneficial in improving vision and relieving the strained eyes .Soak up triphala in water overnight .And use this water after straining this mixture with a clean cloth. Splash triphala water into your eyes. Open and close your eyes 15 times while washing your eyes with triphala .After this, navigate your eyes in both directions 15 times. Washing your eyes with triphala is helpful in curing redness of eyes, watering of eyes and conjunctivitis.

Soak up amla buds in 100ml of rose water for 2 days.Strain this mixture with the help of a cloth .Pour 2-3 drops of this mixture into your eyes daily to cure redness ,soreness ,itchiness and excessive watering of eyes.

Rose water alone is very good for keeping the redness away and giving you very clear eyes .

You can rely on this eye exercise to relax the muscles of your eyes.You can move your eyes up –down , left –right and in both directions to relax the muscles of your eyes.

Fill water in your mouth and splash water on your eyes after getting up in the morning and while taking bath. This process keeps the wrinkles away from your eyes. Never wash your eyes after taking exercise.

Always wear sunglasses while going outdoors so that your eyes can be protected from dust , pollution and UVA rays also .Go for the sunglasses which protect your eyes from at least 98 percent of UV rays .Always make it a point to wear sunglass even it is a cloudy day.

If dust has entered your eyes, wash it off with fresh water ,do not rub your eyes to avoid redness.

If you want to read, read in normal light . Both dim and bright light can harm your vision in long run .Avoid looking at sun or welding with nude eyes.

If your work entails working on computer all day , then do not keep your eyes fixed on computer screen for a long time. Trust 20/20/20 rule in this condition like if you work for 20 minutes on computer , then after 20 minutes look at different thing which is 20 feet away or farther.

Take adequate sleep to keep dark circles and eyes bags away .Adequate sleep will never let your eyes look fatigued .

You can try the chilled tea bags of chamomile tea on your eyes to feel an instant soothing sensation. You can use used chilled tea bags on your eyes also.

A simple saline solution can help your eyes to hydrate .Check with your doctor if you feel the burning or sandy sensation or gritty feeling in your eyes. If you do not produce tears when you cry ,it is a medical condition that needs to be checked.

Bilberry is a herbal remedy which can help improve eye sight immensely.

Due to the environment we live in our eyes can develop swelling and soreness .You can wash your eyes with the water in which tea has been boiled. It keeps the swelling and soreness away from your eyes .Apart from this, drinking tea can also fight cataract effectively.

Quit smoking to have healthy eyes. Smoking increases the chance of macular degeneration , cataract and optic nerve damage.

Know your family's eyes history. If you see your family members suffering from the disease of eyes in early age, you need to exercise precautions regarding your eyes' health.

Place two slices of cucumber or potato on your eyes to feel a cooling sensation instantly.

If you wear contact lenses , you need to very careful. Always rinse your lenses before putting in or taking out .Always wash your hand before putting on or taking out contact lenses .Do not try to put on your contact lenses for more than 12 hours. Most contact lenses are designed to wear for not more that 12 hours .If your lifestyle does not allow it ,choose acuvue lenses which can be worn for 7 days And you can go for the focus lenses or day lenses which can be worn for 30 days also.


Diet for getting healthy and beautyful eyes

Diet always plays very important role in maintaining the health of eyes. A healthy diet can go a long way in giving you healthy and beautiful eyes.

Vitamin A and B are boon to your eye sight .Take foods like carrots ,spinach fish ,banana ,broccoli ,cheese ,butter for the better health of your eyes.

Green leafy vegetable like collard ,mustard green, spinach are good for healthy eyes as they have a power to reverse the macular degeneration. Macula is place on the back of our eyes to see the fine details .When it does not work properly, we experience blurriness or darkness of vision.

Take supplement of vitamin A B ,C B2 and minerals like zinc and selenium for maintaining the health of your eyes.

You can bite on few pieces of amla or can drink amla juice daily for improving your eyesight.Amla(Indian gooseberry) is very good for the health of your eyes if taken orally.

Take plenty of omaga-3 fatty oil for getting beautiful and healthy eyes. It is very good for health of eyes as it facilitates the blood circulation and good for clearing vision .It is a heart friendly diet too .All heart friendly diets are good for eyes also as blood circulation is very good for good vision.

Eat plenty of blueberry and apricot .Blueberry reduces the fatigue of eyes and apricot is rich in beta-carotene and lycopene .Both are good for improving the health of your eyes.

Eating a lot of fruits and green leafy vegetables can go a long way in giving you beautiful and healthy eyes. As fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants called lutein and zeaxanthin to fight macular degeneration and cataract effectively.

Up your fiber intake and always keep constipation away from your body.

Go for a regular eye check up so that any disease related to eyes can be detected at early stage. And make sure your are not affected with diabetes, hypertension ,atherosclerosis as these can damage your retina immensely.

So after reading this article you have become aware of many tips on how to get healthy and beautiful eyes .So follow all these tips mentioned in this article and see how your eyes sparkle with health and beauty. You can check out

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