Strawberry Calories and Nutritional Value, Facts & Information

Nutritional Value of Strawberry and Calories Contained in Strawberries

Strawberry Calories and Nutritional Value, Facts & Information
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In this article we are going to look at the nutritional facts of strawberries which are considered super food by many. People often eat strawberries considering its nutritional value. What is the strawberry calorie information, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it contains. That we are going to look at below. So scroll down to know about the strawberries calories and nutritional facts.

Strawberry is called the queen of all fruits which has bright red color and sweet aroma. This juicy and heart shaped fruit is a  nutrition-dense fruit which provides many benefits for health and skin and hair too. Strawberry is rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It is very low in fats, sodium, and cholesterol and it is a rich source of folate, dietary fiber and manganese. Eating strawberries improves your eye health, regulates blood pressure, cures arthritis, gout and various cardiovascular diseases too. The polyphenolic and anti-oxidant properties of strawberries help to cure many types of cancer and signs of premature aging also. 

Strawberry Nutritional Value and Calorie Information

The nutritional value of strawberry is calculated for one cup of strawberry as 152 mg.

Strawberries are low in calories as 10 large strawberries contains only 58 calories. Calorie break down in strawberry is as follows - 85 percent carbohydrates, 7 percent of fats and 7 percent of protein.  

Calories in Strawberries                                                                                                                       

Amount per serving                                                       Percent DV  

Calories                             48.6 (203 kj)                            2 percent

From carbohydrates          41.4(173kj)                                      

From fat-                            3.8 (15.9 kj)                      

From protein                      3.4 ( 14.2 kj )

From alcohol                      00 ( 0 kj  ) 

Proteins and amino acids

Amount per serving                                                       Percent DV   

Protein                              1.0  g                                       2 percent   


Amount per serving                                                         Percent DV

Total carbohydrates           11.7 g                                       4 percent

Total Fiber                          3.0g                                         12 percent

Starch                                 0.1 g

Sugar                                 7.4 g 


Amount per serving                                                         Percent DV

Vitamin A                              18.2 IU                                  0 percent

Vitamin C                              89.4 mg                                149 percent   

Vitamin D                              ------                                        --------

Vitamin E (Alpha tocoepherol) 0.4 mg                                2 percent

Vitamin K                                3.3 mcg                                4 percent

Thiamin                                   0.0 mg                                 2 percent

Riboflavin                                0.0 mg                                 2 percent

Vitamin B6                               0.1 mg                                 4 percent     

Folate                                      36.5 mcg                             9 percent   

Vitamin B12                            0.0 mcg                                0 percent

Pantothenic acid                      0.2 mg                                2 percent

Betaine                                    8.7 mg                                 0.3 mg

Choline                                    0.3 mg

Niacine                                    0.6 mg                                 3 percent

Fat and fatty acids                                       

Amount per serving        

Total fat                                   0.5 g     

Mono saturated fats                0.1 g

Saturated fat                           0.0g                                 

Total transmonoenoic acid        -

Total transpolyenoic acid          -

Total trans fatty acids                -

Omega-3 fatty acids               98.8 mg

Omega-6 fatty acids              137 mg

Poly saturated fats                  0.2 g 


Amount per serving                                                     Percent DV

Calcium                         24.3g                                        2 percent

Iron                                0.6  g                                       3 percent 

Magnesium                   19.8                                          5 percent                    

Phosphorus                   36.5                                          4 percent

Potassium                      233 mg                                    7 percent

Sodium                          1.5 mg                                      0 percent

Zinc                                0.2 mg                                     1 percent

Copper                           0.1 mg                                      4 percent

Manganese                    0.2 mg                                      29 percent

Selenium                        0.6 mg                                     1 percent

Fluoride                          6.7 mcg


Amount per serving                                                          

Cholesterol                 0/0 mg

Phytosterol                  18.2 mg 


Amount per serving                                                           

Alcohol   0.0

Water  138 g

Ash     0.6 g

Caffeine  0.0g

Theobromine  0.0 g   

Other nutritional compounds found in strawberry

Pelargonidin-   Strawberry contains more that 25 anthocyanins among all pelargonidin is found abundant in it. The main factor responsible for its beautiful color, anthocyanins is found  usually in the skin of fruits but in berries it is found in  flesh of fruits also. Anthocyanins is usually proportional to fruit color which increases when the fruit ripens. Eating anthocyanin rich foods like strawberries are responsible for curing many diseases specially heart diseases. 

Ellagic acid- It is a polyphenol antioxidants which is found in huge amount in strawberries. They have many health benefits. Ellagic acid is good for skin too. It helps in lightening your skin tone and helps in regulating your blood sugar. It has been proved by studies that consumption of ellagic acid is beneficial in reversing the signs of aging and premature wrinkles. 

Ellagitanins- Ellagintanin is closely related to ellagic acid. Strawberry is a rich source of phenolic anti-oxidants up to 2-11 times higher than other fruits. Ellagic acid and Ellagitanins comprise a large part of these anti-oxidants in strawberry. They have numerous health benefits from curing infections to preventing life threatening diseases like cancer. The main Ellagitanins found in strawberry is sanguin- H6. 

Procyanidin- It is mainly found in seeds of strawberry which have umpteen health benefits like prevention of heart diseases and neurodegenerative conditions and decreases overall mortality rate. 

Is eating strawberry safe for you?

Although eating strawberry has lot of benefits as mentioned above as it is nutrients dense fruits but eating in excess can have some side effects too. Eating a high dose of vitamin A and C can have some adverse after effects like diarrhea, lethargy, gas and much more. Also taking a lot of fiber more than required can create problem in your intestine and disturb your bowel movement too. And large amount of calories it gives, it gives in form of sugar. 

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