How to Save Your Child from Obesity? Causes of Obesity in Kids

Ways to fight obesity among children

How to Save Your Child from Obesity? Causes of Obesity in Kids
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Obesity is a common problem and we are adopting many ways to challenge this. But recently child obesity is the matter of concern for every parent. Day by day the rate is increasing worldwide which is not at all good news for our next generation. But no need to get tensed, here are some ways to fight with this obesity among children.

As a parent I know this very well that our children are the source of everything in our life. We want to see them healthy and happy always. But recently I feel very disturbed when in magazines I see that obesity among children is growing very fast worldwide. As a mother here I am discussing some ways to keep your child healthy because a mother and only a mother can know her child more than anybody else. Let us discuss.


A child can be obese due to many reasons….

  1. Genetic  factors
  2. Unhealthy food
  3. Wrong eating time and pattern
  4. Minimum physical activity

Obesity among children may lead to many diseases like diabetes (very common), high blood pressure, bone disorder, heart disease and many more.

I am mentioning all this to aware and not to scare anyone. Some parents are too busy in dealing with their official work and give less attention to their children.

They are very prone to give their child ready to eat food available in shops which is destroying the children. I know those parents will repent at some point of life seeing their children suffering. We as a parent should do our duty as an official as well as a parent.

How to Fight Child Obesity?

Following are some lifestyle measures or ways to fight obesity among children…

a) First and the most important, avoid junk food or any kind of ready to eat food. Children like junk food because we allow them to eat, if needed; we should avoid junk foods in front of them to give our children that moral support. Once or twice a month such foods can be allowed, depending on the condition of the child.

b) If there is any genetic reason behind obesity then regularly consult with your family physician.

c) Give them healthy diet which includes protein, vitamin, fiber, carbohydrate and minerals. Sometimes in the weekend you make fast food like soup, noodles, chips etc. at home to motivate him to obey your good advice.

d) Physical activity is a must for every child. Minimum physical activity is the major reason behind obesity. Let your child play with their friends in the morning and evening. This will make them creative as well as healthy.

e) Give your child time and attention so that he should not feel addicted towards gadgets like computer, television mobile sets etc. now children spent at least 4 to 5 hours in front of computer or television which is actually making them obese.

f) Everyday take food at a particular time throughout the day. For example usually if you are taking breakfast at 8 a.m. then everyday take at 8 a.m.

g) When eating tell your child to chew the food nicely.

h) Sit together and take your food. This will help the child mentally.

i) Make your child the habit of drinking water at same intervals throughout the day.

j) Give vitamin C rich fruits more.

k) Always give your child mental support and confidence to fight obesity.

I hope above given tips help you to encourage you

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