Health Benefits of Eating Raw Green Mangoes

Benefits of Raw Green Mangoes for Health

Health Benefits of Eating Raw Green Mangoes
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Raw green mango has sour taste which is very pleasing to your taste buds. Used to make mouthwatering chutney, pickle and aam panna, raw green mango has multiple benefits for your health and skin due to various nutrients present in it. This article is presenting he best 10 benefits of eating raw green mango for health.

We often use raw green mangoes for making tantalizing pickles, chutnies and refreshing raw mango drink to quench our thirst in sweltering summer. Raw green mangoes can protect us from the harmful effects of soaring temperature.  Rich in calcium, iron , magnesium, vitamin A an C and 82 percent magnesium which help in extraction of waste from body excellently. Raw mango has some acids that encourage smooth functioning of bowel movement and ease constipation.  Raw green mangoes also control sugar level in body when taken orally. Raw green mangoes have much more than these qualities for your skin and health. This article is delving deep into the benefits of raw green mango. Mentioned below are the 10 health benefits of eating raw green mangoes.


Prevention of dehydration in body with raw green mangoes

Eating raw mango juice with salt helps to  prevent the loss of water from body. Moreover, drinking raw mango juice can  prevent the loss of sodium chloride and iron because of excess sweating. That is why you are recommended to drink the juice of raw green mango to counteract the ill-effects of sun strokes. Sun stokes cause excess fatigue and weakness. All you need to cook raw mango on hot ash directly and remove the peels. Next add the pulp to water and then add sugar and salt in this solution as per your taste. This mango drink which is called aam panna in hindi, is extremely beneficial for restoring the lost fluid in body due to heat stroke. It also keeps the fluid balance in body.

2. Give younger looking skin and delay ageing

Rich in anti-oxidants zeaxanthin, raw mango can ward off the harmful effects of free radicals which trigger wrinkles and fine-lines.  It also helps to regenerate good cells in body to promote younger-looking skin. Abundance of vitamin C in mango helps in formation of collagen, an enzyme that gives your skin firmness and elasticity. So eating raw green mango prevents the sagginess of skin and keeps it tight.

3. Eating raw green mangoes reduces acidity

If you are suffering from acidity, bloating, gas and indigestion , then chewing raw green mango can ease off your problems to a great extent. Eat a raw green mango daily to put an end to all this problems because of its alkaline properties.

4. Eating raw green mango relives morning sickness

You must have heard that pregnant women love to bite into unripe mango. Sour taste of raw green mango can put an end to nauseated feel.

5. Eating raw green mango helps in treatment of scurvy

Very much rich in vitamin C, mango can help in treatment of scurvy, a disease which results from the deficiency of vitamin C. Symptoms of scurvy include weakness, sore arms and legs, bleeding gums, haemorrhage, brittle bones, bruising or rashes on skin, etc. Eating dry mango powder is helpful in treatment of scurvy. This home remedy is mentioned in scripture of Indian traditional medicines.

6. Eating raw green mango cures liver disorders in body

 Eating raw mango facilitates the secretion of bile acids in body and gets you rid of all toxins of body.  It is like an intestinal anti-biotic that clears the bacteria from intestine that results in smooth digestion. You can eat raw green mango with honey and pepper to treat biliousness and it puts an end to ailments like jaundice and urticaria.  Moreover, plethora of dietary fiber in raw mango helps to  regulate the bowel movement and keeps you bowel clean. It cures constipation and helps in smooth excretion of waste from bowel.

7. Eating raw unripe mango helps in weight loss

Raw green mangoes are rich in fiber that helps in losing weight easily. It is also low in sugar so it can be binged without the concern of piling on extra kilos in body whereas ripe mango is rich in sugar which abets weight gain. Photochemcals present in the skin of mango  are natural fat buster so boil raw mango with its skin to have more benefits.

8. Raw green mango for getting rid of acne

 Green mangoes are loaded with vitamin C and anti-oxidants that  can calm inflammations and acne on face when eated daily. A xanathoid polyphehnol, mangiferin found in mango is an acne clearing coumpoud that improves the clarity of skin. Also you can use mango topically on face.

Astringent properties of unripe mango clear the dirt and oil deep seated in skin pores. These dirt and oil trigger break out of acne in skin. You can make a soultion for curing acne right away. Just boil few piece of upripe and raw mango in water for 10 minutes and strain this liquid after it cools down. Apply this liquid on your face  and let it stay on face overnight. Next morning wash off with lukewarm water.

9. Eating raw, unripe mango maintain the condition of your health healthy by controlling blood pressure and cholesterol

Very rich source of potassium, unripe mango helps to keep the soaring blood pressure normal. It keeps the electrolyte balance in body, that controls blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. What is more, consumption of green mango helps to  optimize the elasticity of blood vessels that stabilize the blood pressure. Vitamin C and peptin present in raw mango lower the rising cholesterol in body. All this helps in maintaining a healthy heart and decreases the change of cardiac arrest.

10. Eating unripe mango gives you a lot of energy

Rich in minerals, calcium and vitamins, raw mango is an energy booster food. Experts advise to munch on one unripe mango after meal to get out of drowsiness and lethargy. It prevents the loss of iron and sodium chloride in body and It improves your immune system too due to ascorbic acid concentration in this. Enriched with vitamin B, green mango boosts your all-round health and keeps you energetic all day long.


Although Eating raw green mango has lot of  benefits for skin and health but you should not consume more than two mangoes in a day. Excess intake of mango results in throat infections, indigestion, dysentery and abdominal colic. You must drain its sap before eating unripe mango with its sap  can lead to gastro-intestinal. mouth and throat infections.

By now, You are aware of 10 best benefits of eating raw green mangoes  Do not forget to include this tantalizing fruit into your daily diet in the coming summer to reap its maximum benefits.

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