8 Side Effects of Hair Dye (Hair Color) You Should Be Aware Of

Hair Color or Hair Dye comes with following side effects

8 Side Effects of Hair Dye (Hair Color) You Should Be Aware Of
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Hair dye is becoming very much staple these days. However, there are various possible hair dye side effects like allergy, inflammation or even cancer, which may be quite hazardous.

When there are so many cool and hot hair colors to go for, then why stick to the boring natural one. Applying hues of color on the hair is increasingly becoming popular. While applying a hair dye can be fashion for some people, it can be a great way to hide the uninvited grays. More and more cosmetic brands are coming up with a variety of hair colors ranging from classic shades of brown black and brown to vibrant global hair colors. If you are setting your eyes on of one those cool shades applied by your favorite film Hollywood star or a super-model, you need to be aware of the side effects of coloring your hair. You should either get it done from a good salon, after ensuring the quality of the hair color product that is used.

If you are planning to do it yourself at home, make sure you buy the product that is ideal for your hair and follow all the instructions provided in the application manual.

Side Effects of Hair Dye or Hair Color

1. Allergic reaction

Hair dyes can cause severe allergic reaction to people who are prone to allergies.  Not many of you may be aware that hair colors contain some amount of gluten. Therefore if anyone has gluten intolerance, allergic reaction is likely to happen. It's not just ingesting gluten related food that causes allergy, applying it on the skin and hair might also be toxic.

2.  Irritation

Skin irritation is yet another side effect of hair dying seen in many people.  It usually causes skin problems and irritation in the form of discomfort, itchiness, redness, inflammation and a mild to strong burning sensation in the skin.

3. Skin discoloration

While you can definitely enjoy beautiful colored hair for some time, however you may end up having   serious skin discoloration with prolonged use of hair color. Our skin and hair contains a protein called keratin.  Applying hair color in a wrong way and its exposure to the skin might affect   the keratin balance and cause skin discoloration. Therefore you need to   stay careful while applying hair color. Make sure you are using a good quality applicator brush and a good pair of hand gloves. Get it done from a hair stylist, if possible and make sure you go for a patch test before replying the color.  However, this is not a very serious concern as the discoloration goes away on its own after a few days. To avoid this, you may rub some petroleum jelly prior to applying the hair color.

4. Asthma

If you have asthma, you should avoid applying hair dye. Further avoid going near someone after applying it that has asthma until you wash your head.  Hair color contains presulphate which is the type of chemical that causes asthma.    Hair color may further result in health issues like cough throat infection and whizzing.  Ammonia is another   harmful chemical presenting hair color.

5. Hair breakage

Applying hair color for a long duration may result in loss of hair texture. This   makes the hair extremely dry and prone to breakage. This is because of high concentration strong chemicals in these hair dyes. These chemicals also starve the hair of sufficient moisture and leave it dull, frizzy and damaged.

6. Rashes

Rashes are very common with hair dyes. Therefore, if you’re doing it for the first time or trying something new, don’t miss the patch test. If the rashes persist, consult a dermatologist urgently.

7. Cancer

Hair dyes contain hazardous substances that are associated with cancer formation. The chemical PPD in hair dyes can induce cancer formation in the long run. Prolonged use of hair colors increases the risk of multiple myeloma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

8. Conjunctivitis

There can be various causes if conjunctivitis or pink eyes and one of them are the use of hair colors. Therefore, in case you suffer from conjunctivitis after coloring your eyes, the possible reason is the chemicals present in your hair color.

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I've seen ladies even men who dye their hair on a regular basis unmindful of the bad side effects if only to look stylish. I dye my hair to cover the gray ones but I am choosing an organic hair dye with no ammonia but even then, I can still feel some side effects.


It seems that you have a great knowledge of hair keep it going


Very nice post. Now a days it is a common style statement and almost everyoe does this. It also looks nice. But we should know the side effects of colouring as it contains chemicals. Your post will help all to think about the side effects before doing it. Thanks for the information.


Thank you Monalee. I'm glad that you went through my article. I hope it was helpful. In spite of all thd side effects, I feel hair coloring is irreparable anf we should definitely give it a try. however, all precautions should be taken an it is best to get I done from a good salon.


Nice and very informative article