8 Major Side Effects of Eating Cabbage

Disadvantages and Side Effects of Cabbage when eaten in excess

8 Major Side Effects of Eating Cabbage
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Cabbage is very much rich in nutrients that is considered as boon for heath. But it has have some side effects when taken in excess or if you are suffering from some medical conditions. This article is presenting 8 major side effects of eating cabbage in excess. Have a look.

Cabbage is  green vegetable which is  a cruciferous vegetable like cauliflower, brocolli. Cabbage is rich in many nutrients like folate, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A, C and K which make it an incredible food. There are various forms of cabbage found like red cabbage, purple cabbage, white cabbage and green cabbage but green cabbage is most widely available around the world.  Although cabbage is highly nutrients-dense foods but consumption of cabbage in excess an have its share of side effects. This article is enlightening your about the side effects of eating cabbage.


1) Eating cabbage in excess can cause flatulence in body

Cabbage is very high in dietary fiber which helps a lot in smooth excretion and keeping your stomach full. Cabbage contains high amount of riffinose, indigestible sugar. This sugar is a type of carbohydrates that remains undigested while passing through intestine which may cause flatulence.

Other symptoms you may experience after eating cabbage is belching,bloating, stomach discomfort and acidity. It also helps in weight control as it keeps your stomach full for long but eating cabbage in excess can be harmful for your body. Cabbage is not easily digested by the enzymes of our small intestine and when they reach your colon and bacteria act on them and creates gas in your abdomen.

2) Iodine deficiency and thyroid function because of cabbge

Taking cabbage in excess can tamper with the functioning of thyroid in your body because it does not allow iodine absorption for thyroid to function properly. Taking cabbage in excess for long time can cause deficiency of iodine in body that can lead to hypothyroidism or goiter. Other vegetable like cauliflower, mustard green, turnip, kale can also affect your thyroid function adversely.

3) Diarrhea because of cabbage consumption in surfeit

People with irritable  bowel syndrome should avoid taking cabbage in excess as cabbage is high in riffinose which is not easily digested. Cabbage is also high in dietary fiber as single cup of cabbage has  5.8 grams of insoluble fiber which makes it great for losing weight as fiber can keep your stomach fuller but in excess it can block the intestine and can trigger bout of diarrhea.

4) Eating cabbage lower your blood sugar too much

Taking cabbage is very good for diabetes as it had abilities to lower blood glucose level in body but taking cabbage in large quantity can lower your glucose level so much low that it can lead to  hypoglycemia. That is why it recommended to stay away from eating cabbage post any surgery and recovery a sit can dip your sugar level too low.

5) Eating cabbage can interfere with certain medications

Cabbage is rich in Vitamin K, a vitamin that helps in blood clotting and it can counteract the effects of some blood thinning medicines. 2 cup of cabbage is good for your health as  it does not have any side effects. Daily requirement of vitamin K is 120 micrograms for men and 90 mircorgrams for women. One cup of green cabbage has 53 micrograms of vitamin K and 34 micrograms of vitamin K is found in red cabbage. Better is to consult your doctor before consuming cabbage if you are on blood  thinning medications.

6) Eating cabbage can give colic to your body if your are breastfeeding mother

As you have learnt above that eating cabbage can give acidity and flatulence to your body. Foods that cause acidity can have negative effects on your breastfed baby. So stay away from foods like cabbage in excess as it can lead to colic in your baby.

7) Exhaustion and fatigue due to eating cabbage in excess

Cabbage is good choice of those wanting to lose weight as it is very much low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Margaret Danbrot in New cabbage soup diet has observed that you body uses more calories in breaking down the food that what is actually stored it it. So getting calories less than required will lead to fatigue and weakness. It will affect your healthy adversely and sap your energy for doing anything. So consult your doctor before embarking on a cabbage diet for losing weight.

8) Cabbage in excess can cause electrolyte imbalance in body

Eating cabbage will reduce your desire to drink water as cabbage itself is very much rich in water and it will lead to dehydration in body in the long run. It can disturb the electrolyte balance in your body and in severe case it may even result in muscle contraction and even fainting. So be careful while taking cabbage.


As we know that cabbage is highly nutritious food  because it has lot of health benefits. But taking anything in surfeit can be bad for your health also. So be careful not to consume it in excess after reading its above-mentioned side effects. 

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