Five Home Remedies for Easing an Upset Stomach

Use these home remedies to ease upset stomach

Upset stomachs with nausea and vomiting are terrible to have, but the good news is there are five simple home remedies that help ease that upset stomach right down.


Upset stomachs with nausea and vomiting are terrible to have, but the good news is there are five simple home remedies that help ease that upset stomach right down.


Peppermint is an amazing natural remedy for an upset stomach because it contains medicinal properties in it that help calm the muscles in the stomach while improving bile flow which the body needs to break down any food in our digestive tract. The best way to get peppermint into you to ease and upset stomach is to sip on peppermint tea, suck on an organic peppermint candy or chew on some fresh peppermint leaves.

Ginger Root

When it comes to easing nausea and vomiting ginger root is one of the best natural remedies to do just that because it contains healing oils in it that provides the tummy with a warming soothing sensation. It also contains antibacterial properties in it as well which help fight off food poisoning if that is what caused your upset stomach. To ease an upset stomach with ginger root you can sip on ginger root tea or chew on organic ginger crystal candies.


Cinnamon is another beautiful remedy for easing an upset stomach because it helps stimulate the digestive system moving anything that is causing bloating, vomiting, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea right out of the digestive system within several minutes of taking it orally. The best way to use cinnamon to help treat and upset stomach is by making a cinnamon tea by combining a teaspoon of cinnamon spice with a cup of hot water and sipping it down slowly. Within five to ten minutes, you should begin to find some relief.


The worst kind of tummy ache to have is caused by dry heaving due to dehydration and stomach acids becoming overactive in the stomach.

The best way to calm down the stomach acids is by eating starchy salty crackers and sipping on water or ginger ale slowly to help hydrate you back up again.


An old fashion home remedy used to help treat an upset stomach is cola. Cola soda pop can help you burp and relieve stomach discomforts caused by gas or fullness do to overeating, but its best to sip down the cola slowly and you should feel relief within five to ten minutes of drinking down a cola soda pop.


There you have it! The five simple home remedies to help you ease an upset stomach naturally so you do not have to go out and buy an over the counter medicine to help relieve one the harsh way.  

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