36 homemade exfoliating facial scrubs: Recipes of natural face scrubs

Scrubbing plays very important role in your skin care regimen. Exposure to dirt, pollution, sun rays and make up make your skin dull over time and promote the dead skins cells to cover the natural radiance of your skin. It needs regular scrubbing of your skin to slough away the dead skin cells off your skin and reveal the new skin lying underneath. These days the cosmetic market is teeming with lots of skin exfoliating scrubs, which claim to scrub away the dead skin cells effectively. But what is the point in spending money and subjecting your skin to the harmful chemicals when you can prepare some very effective exfoliating scrubs at home? In this article you will find the top 36 homemade exfoliating facial scrubs, which can easily be made at home. All these recipes of natural face scrubs are very cheap and very effective to remove the dead skin cells and bring out the natural glow.

Homemade Exfoliating Facial Scrubs


Take one ripe papaya, 50 grams of ground rice, 50 grams of sea salt, 50 grams of honey, 100 grams of milk or curd. Mix all ingredients together except milk. Dab this mixture on your skin for 15 minutes and then rub off with milk while taking off this skin exfoliating mask. Finish off with moisturizer. You can use this homemade exfoliating scrub on your body too.

2. Take half a spoon of sandalwood powder, half a spoon of poppy seeds and one spoon of honey. Mix them together and apply on your face and body. This pampering natural face scrub gives a rosy sheen to your face and body.

3. Take masoor daal (red lentil), chana daal(Bengal gram) and rice powder in equal amount; add glycerin and rose water to this mix to make a thick paste. Apply on the face and neck; let it dry for a while and wash off with lukewarm water. Follow up with moisturizer and feel the softness instantly after using this recipe.

4. Take one spoon of raw papaya, half a teaspoon of coarsely ground almond powder, half a teaspoon of coarsely ground orange peel powder and half a teaspoon of coarsely ground barley powder. Mix them together and apply this mix on your face with the help of loofah to remove the dead skin cells. This homemade exfoliating facial scrub improves the blood circulation and gives an amazing glow to the skin.

5. Take one part of baking soda with one part of water to make an exfoliating scrub at home. Rub on your face in a circular motion and follow with a good moisturizer. Try this easy recipe.

6. Grind 2 almonds and add one spoon of honey, one spoon of lemon juice to them. Scrub your face with this mixture to lift away dullness and dead skin cells of your skin. This homemade face scrub is good for dry skin.

7. Take two spoons of warm honey, 2 spoons of sweet almond oil, 1 spoon of rolled oats to make a moisturizing exfoliating scrub for your dry skin. Rub off after keeping it on for some time and get vibrant skin within short span of time. Opt for dry skin.

8. Grind the shell of one egg and mix it with sour cream and an egg yolk. Apply this on your damp face. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Next, scrub gently to reveal a fresher and glowing skin. This homemade facial scrub is best suitable for dry skin.

9. Mix 2 spoons of almond oil with 4 spoons of cream in a bowl and smear this nourishing mask on the face for 20 minutes. Scrub off while taking off this pack and feel the smoothness in a jiffy. Try this recipe if you have dry skin.

10. Take 4 spoons of powdered oatmeal and 8 spoons of butter milk. Let the oatmeal soak in the buttermilk for some time. Stir well the mixture for some time. Use this mask to exfoliate your skin and make your skin radiant. Try this natural exfoliating scrub if you have dry skin.

11. Mix sea salt and lemon juice in equal amount; massage your face with this mixture for 2 minutes. This natural homemade face scrub makes the skin lively and luminescent. This natural facial scrub is good for oily skin.

12. Mix two spoons of ground oatmeal, one spoon of avocado, one spoon of honey to make a smooth paste. Massage your face with this exfoliating scrub for few minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. You will be stunned to see the natural glow this homemade scrub brings. This homemade scrub is opt for oily skin.

13. Take 4 spoons of rose water, 2 spoons of lemon juice, one spoon of pea’s powder and mix them well. Scrub this concoction on the face. This homemade facial scrub gives a naturally healthy skin. This recipe is best suited to oily skin.

14. Take ¼ spoon of dried yeast, one spoon of lemon juice, one spoon of oatmeal powder. Blend them well and add water if needed. Massage your face gently with this mix and see how skin becomes fresh within minutes. Next, wash off with lukewarm water.

15. Take 1 spoon of baking soda with 2 spoon of oatmeal powder and add warm water to make it of thick tendency. Massage your skin for 2 minutes. This natural facial scrub helps a lot in scrubbing away the dead skin cells and minimizing the surface oiliness of your skin.

16. Make a scrub with half a cup of rice powder, half a cup of ripe papaya, half a teaspoon of lemon juice and massage the face with this concoction. This homemade facial scrub controls the greasiness of the skin. So this recipe is good for oily skin type.

17. Mix the split gram powder with curd to apply on the face; leave this mask on for some time to let your skin to soak up the natural goodness of this nourishing exfoliating facial mask. Rub well to exfoliate the skin well. This homemade facial scrub suits oily skin.

18. Take 2 mashed bananas, 2 spoons of rolled oats, one spoon of honey, and one spoon of milk. Mix all ingredients well and apply on your face to exfoliate the skin. Try this recipe to get silky smooth skin.

19. Take half a cup of cooked pumpkin, half a cup of brown sugar, 1/4 spoon of cinnamon powder. Blend them well. Apply this on your face and body to slough off the dead skin cells from the inside out and bring out the lively skin on the outside.

20. Blend one spoon of honey and half a spoon of sugar in a bowl. Rub this mixture till sugar melts completely. This natural face scrub gives you immensely clear and velvety complexion.

21. Mix corn meal and water to make a wonderful exfoliating scrub at home. This natural face scrub makes your skin soft too.

22. Mix rose water and half a teaspoon of almond powder to make an exfoliating scrub at home. This homemade facial exfoliating scrub makes your skin lighter and smoother too.

23. Almond powder and mayonnaise mixed together makes an excellent face scrub, which you can make at home. Dab it on your skin for and leave it on for ten minutes. Then wash off with warm water, then with cold water.

24. Mix 7-8 uncoated Aspirin powder with water to make a face scrub for oily and acne prone skin.

25. Mix 2 spoons of sea salt with either 1 spoon of organic honey or 1 spoon of virgin olive oil. Spread this mixture on your face evenly. Wash off first with cold water, then with warm water. Get set to experience squeaky clean skin after using this recipe.

26. Masoor daal(lentil) mixed with rice powder is the best skin lightening scrub you can prepare at home. Try this recipe and you will feel the instant burst of smoothness and freshness right after the first application.

27. Take lemon juice and mix it with salt and sugar. Rub on your whole body. This homemade face scrub works very well to lift away the deep seated dirt and dead cells from the face and body.

28. Sugar and olive oil mixed together makes an excellent exfoliating scrub for your face and body. This scrubs works very well in imparting luster to your skin. Try this scrub on your rough hands and cracked heels too. It helps!

29. Rub tomato on your face by dipping it into brown sugar in a circular motion to exfoliate your Skin.

30. Dip one fig into lukewarm water and scrub on your face. Wash off first with warm water and then with cold water. This recipe exfoliates your skin gently and makes the skin irresistibly soft.

31. Mix tomato pulp and powdered fresh almonds to scrub the acne prone and oily skin.

32. Crush few walnuts and add yogurt to them. Massage your face with this mix gently and feel the softness in a jiffy.

33. Walnut powder, lemon and honey mixed together makes an excellent exfoliating face scrub for your skin.
34.   Mix orange peel powder with milk /curd to apply on your face and neck to exfoliate it gently. This natural homemade facial scrub makes your skin fair too.

35. Take mint leaves, sugar, half a spoon of honey and half a spoon of virgin olive oil. Make a mint tea and mix it with warm honey. Then add all ingredients to this mix. Massage your face and neck with this prepration in a circular motion for few minutes before washing off.

36. Grind Sunflower seeds with mineral water and massage your face with this mix to exfoliate your skin gently.

By now, you are aware of the best  36 homemade exfoliating facial scrubs. When you know about these recipes of natural face scrubs, do not wait! Go to your kitchen and rustle up an exfoliating scrub with ingredients available in your kitchen larder!

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