15 home remedies for lice treatment: Natural remedies to get rid of head-lice, how to treat and cure lice naturally

Head lice causes, treatment

15 home remedies for lice treatment: Natural remedies to get rid of head-lice, how to treat and cure lice naturally
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Head lice are very common complaints among children. Head lice are tiny parasites which survive in our hair and feed on the blood which they get from human' scalp. Infestation with lice is called 'pidiculosos' in medical term. Being wingless, lice can not jump from one to another head but head to head contact while playing, sleeping, cuddling togehter can lead to transfer of lice to another head .

 Although head lice do not cause any harm but if untreated for long time, this problem can aggravate to become very itchy and embarrassing situations.before getting down to lice treamtment, let us start with some details about lice infestations.

 How can one get lice

 Lice are very contagious. It can spread from one kid to whole family through sleeping in the same bed or sharing same pillow,comb or towel. So you must take immediate measure to curb lice as they are easily transmitted from one head to another's head and lice reproduce very quickly and their numbers manifold in no time and can leave whole family with lice infestation. Family of small children are prone to this wingless tiny creature on head.

How to find lice on hair

You can spot lice on hair when you head is minutely inspected. They are brownish, greyish or blackish in colour.  But the reliable way to find a live lice is to use a  fine toothed comb to pull away lice and nits.

But it is very tiring process and  you can not comb out all the nits and adult lice from your hair this way, therefore, you can not do away with the problem,  So it is a must to treat the problem immediately to make your scalp free of lice.

Lice treatment

 Although there are many lotions, shampoos are available to drive away lice completely but all are chemical laden and not  safe to use on children , pregnant women and lactating women. To add to the woes, these chemical formulation make your hair rough and dry. But home reemdies really help in head lice treatment and they are safe too. Let us find out how some home remedies can really help in removing and treating lice naturally.

Home remedies for lice


 It is easy to rely on home remedies to cure lice as they are hard on lice and very soft on hair scalp. Home Remedies are safe for children too. So this article has come up with some very effective home remedies that will help kill and remove lice permanently

1.Garlic works well in removing and preventing head lice
Garlic contains strong smell , therefore, it is very effective to suffocate lice. Here is how to go about this recipe.

 8-10 Garlic slices

3 spoons of  lemon juice

How to prepare garlic hair mask
 All you need to do it is to grind 8-10 garlic slices in a grinder with lemon juice and apply on hair  for 1 hour and then wash thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Comb out all the dead lice to complete the process.

 In addition to recipe, you can use garlic in another way too. Here is what you will need for this remedy.


 one Garlic pod

 4 spoons of lemon juice

 4 green tea bags

 3 spoons of shampoo

  2 spoons of conditioner

 Directions to use
 You can grind all the aforementioned ingredients together and coat your hair with this preparation. Then wash your hair with water. This home remedy will banish head lice effectively.

How often you should use these home remedies
Use this home remedy thrice a week to get maximum results.

 2. Baby oil
Another home remedy that you will need to kill lice is baby oil.  Here is how you can use baby oil to get rid of lice. For this You will need following ingredients.

 Baby oil
 laundry detergent

Direction to use

 Apply baby oil on your head till lice start falling off your head. Next ,Wash your head with detergent and vinegar solution. Afterwards, coat your head with vinegar before going to bed and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash off with cold water and then comb out with a fine-tooted comb to remove lice from your head.

How often should you use this mask

It is mandatory to use this recipe 4 times a week to get fast results.

3. Olive oil works to get you rid of lice infestation effectively

Olive oil  acts  as a lice repellent and you can use it on your hair to get rid of lice.


1/4 cup of Olive oil

 herbal shampoo

Massage olive oil on your head at night and keep this on your head for 2 hours and wear towel around head to drop off lice. Afterwards, wash off your head with shampoo containing tea tree oil.

 Another home remedy with olive oil
For lice treatment you can try another home remedy with olive oil. For, this you will need following ingredients.
Olive oil- half cup

one half cup of conditioner

3 spoons of liquid soap

Directions to use

 Mix olive oil with one half cup of conditioner and some liquid soap. Then coat your hair with solution for 30 minutes, rinse out your hair and comb out with a fine toothed comb to remove lice.

How often should you use these home remedies

Use this home remedy one in a week to get optimal results.

4. Salt

Salt can be another great home remedy to kill lice. You will need following ingredients to use this natural remedies.


Salt- half spoon

vinegar-4 spoons

Directions to use

Mix salt and vinegar together and apply this mixture all your your head and wash off after one hour. It may kill the lice just after one wash.

How often you use this recipe 
Use this recipe twice a week to see noticeable results.

5. Petroleum jelly

For this recipe you will these two ingredients


Petroleum jelly

Baby oil

directions to use

 Apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly over your hair and wrap a shower cap around your head and let it stay on your hair overnight. In the morning , remove the petroleum jelly with baby oil.

How often you should use this home remedy

You will need to use this natural remedies several nights to get rid of this problem.

6. Tea tree oil

 Tea tree oil has anti-fungal qualities that can stifle lice very effectively. Here is go about this recipe. You will need  following ingredients.


 one spoon of  tea tree oil

one ounce of shampoo

3 spoons of coconut oil

 Directions to use

 Mix togehter one spoon of tea tree oil, one ounce of shampoo and 3 spoons of coconut oil and slather your hair with his magical potion and leave this on for 1 hour and wash off after one hour. Afterwards, comb with a fine-toothed comb to take out dead lice from your head.

How often you should use this recipe

You should use this recipe twice a week to see positive results

7 Coconut oil

Coconut oil is mild and lubricating in nature so using this on your hair will let lice slip off your head while combing.


Coconut oil

Apple cider vinegar

Directions to use

Wash your hair with apple cider vinegar and let it dry well in natural air. Then massage coconut oil all over your head and let it stay on your hair overnight and in the morning wash off as usual.

.How often should you use this home remedy

Repeat this recipe daily continuously for 7 days.

Another home remedy with coconut oil


one spoon of camphor

1/4 cup spoons of coconut oil

 Directions to use

 Add  1 spoons of camphor powder to 1/4 cup of coconut oil and massage all over your head and leave it o overnight-and wash off afterwards with lukewarm water to suffocate lice.

8. Pepper
 Pepper is very effective for killing lice in just one application. I have used this recipe myself so can vouch for its efficacy.

You will need these ingredients



Directions to use

Grind black pepper with  water to fine paste and slather your hair with this potent mixture and leave this on your hair for one hour and wash off after one hour. This natural remedy can give your tingling sensation while the mask is on.

Caution-although this recipe is very effective in lice removal but it can give you severe burning sensation while mask in on. So not suitable for children.


How often you should use this homely recipe

Twice a week is good for fast results.

9. Vinegar

Vinegar is helpful in removing head-lice very effectively. Let us see how to go about this natural remedy.

Directions to use 

Dilute vinegar with equal amount of water and apply on each section of hair fully and leave it on your for 2 hours.

How often use this remedy

Use this on alternate days to do away lice effectively.

10. Sesame oil has anti-fungal qualities that kill lice effectively.
You can prepare a herbal oil mixture by mixing various hair oils. Let us see what you will need to prepare this.

Sesame oil

Neem oil

Tea tree oil

Eucalyptus oil

Rose essential oil

Lavender essential oil
 Directions to use

Mix together one forth cup of sesame seed oil, 1/8 cup of neem oil and one spoon of tea tree oil, one half spoon of eucalyptus oil and  one half spoons of rose essential oils and ten drops of lavender essential oil.  Firstly ,wash your hair with apple cider vinegar solutions and let it dry and apply this aforementioned hair oil on your hair and wash off with water after one hour.

How often should you use this home remedy

Use this home remedy twice a week to get rid of lice.


11. Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is rich in natural oils that has viscosity that can kill lice.

Directions to use

Apply mayonnaise all over your hair and leave it on for 3-4 hours and wash off with cold water and wash off thereafter.

Use this recipe twice a week to remove lice completely.

12. Onion juice
It is true that onion juice can work wonders in removing lice. You will need following ingredients for this recipe.


3 onions

Directions to use

Grate three onions and extract the juice out of them and smear this mixture all over your head and wash off after one hour. It works magically as insecticide as onion has  strong smell which can stifle lice.

 13. Neem oil

Neem oil mixed with camphor helps in kills lice. and you can even mix neem oil in your regular shampoo to kill lice.

Directions to use

You can just massage neem oil on your hair and leave it on your hair overnight and in the morning, wash your hair with mild shampoo. You can even add neem oil in your shampoo to wash your hair.

How often should you use this home remedy

Thrice a week is good for fast removal of lice.

14.Custard  apple leaves

Custard apple leaves and custard apple leaves are very beneficial aids in lice treatment.


custard apple leaves

Directions to use

Grind the leaves of custard apple and apply on hair to get rid of lice. In addition you can grind the seeds of custard apple with water and apply this mixture on your hair and scalp.

 15. Wash your hair in borax and alum powder

You will need following ingredients for this recipe

borex-20 grams

alum-20 gram

water-200 ml

Directions to use

Add 20 grams of borex and 20 gram of alum in 200 ml of water and wash your hair with water and no need to rinse off. This solution is so potent which can kill head lice just after 2-3 applications.


Conclusion- Home remedies are very effective and very gentle on hair. Incorporate these beauty tips into your hair care regimen and bid adieu to itching and embarrassing lice.

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