The harmful side effects of green tea

The side effects of green tea you should be aware of

The harmful side effects of green tea
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In spite of being an amazingly healthy beverage, green tea has its own dark side. Let's explore them here.


Many of us are switching to green tea from traditional tea or coffee as our relaxation drink due to many obvious health benefits. For the health conscious types, green tea is a way of saying no to sedentary life style. But would you really believe if you are told green tea also has its share of side effects. Many of you would be simply shocked. While we cannot deny the amazing health benefits of green tea, like weight loss, reducing the risk of cancer and benefits against cardiovascular diseases, some of the side effects of green tea cannot be totally ignored. So let us have a look at what they are. 


Although green tea contain as half as the caffeine present in coffee, frequent consumption can lead to high caffeine intake.

Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation and matcha green tea should be avoided otherwise this may have harmful health hazards like insomnia, restlessness, stomach irritability, lack of appetite, and many more.

Low iron absorption and anemia

Green tea interferes with the process of absorption of non-heme iron by the body which is primarily found in our food like leafy greens, other vegetables, dairies and poultries. This can however be overcome to some extent by adding vitamin C like lemon juice to green tea which enhances iron absorption.

Increased palpitation and heart-beat

Irregular heartbeat is caused due to caffeine which stimulate the contraction of heart muscles.

Low levels of testosterone 

Green tea especially mint or spearmint tea lowers the testosterone levels. Therefore, higher and regular consumption may lead to infertility and poor libido in men.

Heartburn and acidity

The release of acids is the primary reason for heartburn and acidity. Therefore, green tea should be consumed in moderation to avoid heartburn.

Risk during pregnancy and lactation

Like traditional tea, green tea also increases the risk of miscarriage in a pregnant woman. It should be consumed in moderation, that is, not more than twice daily. However, the best would be to avoid it altogether throughout the term of pregnancy. Moreover, green tea should also be avoided during lactation period so that the caffeine does not pass on to the infant.

Harmful for liver

A type of polyphenols known as catechins found in green tea may be harmful for the liver. Although, green tea is known for its antioxidant properties, excessive consumption may cause severe liver damage in the long run. It prevent liver functions like metabolism, and cause liver diseases like hepatitis, jaundice and other liver problems.

The other side effects of excessive green tea consumption are headache, insomnia and other sleep disorders, diarrhea and convulsions.

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Hey, Amazing blog, very interesting and helpful. Green tea has always proven to be a very healthy and effective way not only for weight loss but for many other health-related benefits. Thank you Keep Writing!


Very interesting article. After all it is tea - a beverage - no matter under what fancy name it may be called. There are many diet products in the market which are actually hazardous to health. They are all a ruse to rake in profits at the cost of one's health. The best way to remain fit and slim is to exercise and to maintain a positive attitude. Eat healthfully and in moderation. Do not fall for all the "diet" products; they are all a hoax.


Interesting read, but to be honest I doubt the veracity of these findings you've mentioned here, Yes I got the message you trying to convey i.e anything excess is not good for health, I think the better title would've have been Drinking Excessive Green Tea is not good for us rather then casting aspersions on finest drink of the world apart from water which had proven scientifically. I agree with Sweta here it depends on brands we consume, The Green Tea imported from Japan, China and Darjeeling are the best and authentic in the world but they're touch costly. But any day compared to tea and coffee, Green Tea are far superior.


It depends on the quality of green tea used by any of us as many brands may have some kinds of chemicals or preservatives added. In general, green tea (Camelia sinensis) is a herb known to benefit due to its rich antioxidant content. It helps mainly to detoxify the body and therefore has its role in weight loss and other health conditions. Besides, consuming anything in moderation is the key else a medicine can become a poison if overdosed. I don't know if the health issues mentioned in the article have any scientific basis! Green tea is supposed to cleanse liver if taken in moderate quantities because of the presence of antioxidants and other beneficial phytochemicals. Companies promoting green tea use to mention its several benefits for healthy life (such as detox, weight loss). It would be better if we talk on the basis of scientific research. Green tea is like many other herbs present in nature such as tulsi, mint etc.Moreover, as mentioned in the article I also believe in taking anything at right time and right quantity for benefits, even though it is natural!


It was a shocking piece of information as I have only heard that green tea was good for weight loss and have never heard of any side effects. Thanks for this information it was indeed an enlighting article for me as I have been lots of green tea offered late and know will be reducing the intake.


The benefits of green tea are commendable and there is no room for doubt on that. It's just that intake should be moderate and certain health conditions should be taken into account like diabetes. Infact the benefits are far more than the side effects, but the later also needed to be addressed somewhere.


Shocking indeed. I know that, as you mentioned below, too much of anything is bad for you but I still found this surprising. Especially the effect it can have on your liver. I guess everything in moderation is the best advice, even healthy food and drink.


Even I was shocked when I bumped on this information few days back. Then I searched more and found some top health sites talking about this. we always look for its benefits. so the search results always show that only


Nowadays green tea is widely used for reducing obesity and also using as an antioxidant. Now I am shocked with your article and confirm that it is a silent killer also. thanks


The bottom line is excess of anything is not good. The benefits are more although. Moreover, some amazing things can be harmful in case of some medical conditions as well.