6 Simple Home Remedies For Acidity

Regulate Acidity With These Home Remedies

6 Simple Home Remedies For Acidity
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Acidity is a common occurrence of the body that can cause discomfort in the form of bloating and stomach cramps. Thankfully, there are many natural home remedies for acidity to take advantage of, many of which you may already have in your home.

Acidity or gastric problems affects billions of people around the world. Many notable problems pertaining acidity being abdominal bloating, chronic cough, irritation, uneasiness, heartburn, hoarseness or burning sensation in the throat.etc.

Do you suffer from acidity or gastric problems and fed up with consuming antacids? All things considered, there are natural home remedies for acidity you can use which works wonders. Acidity is caused because of aggravated pitta, ayurveda recommends various solutions for the condition. Not only are these home cures sans any adverse effects, they will also help to settle the inconvenience that accompanies hyper-acidity in a jiffy. So, to help you beat acidity, here are 6 home cures that really work.

1. Tulsi:

Biting on five to six tulsi leaves when you experience gastric problems is an incredible approach to beat the discomfort you feel due to acidity.



Biting cloves and keeping them inside mouth helps in relieving acidity. Biting cloves emits abundance salivation, which thus helps assimilation and beats the problems of gastric, has carminative properties and enhances peristalsis (muscle contraction that transfers food to different processing units of digestive system sustenance down the stomach). In the event that you're experiencing acid reflux, bite a clove and afterward keep it in the mouth. The gradually discharged juice will instantly bring down indigestion and give you some help. Cloves can likewise help calm a sore throat.

3. Pudina:

Pudina help slower the corrosive substance of the stomach and enhances absorption. It has a soothing effect which diminishes the agony. The moment you feel acid reflux, take some mint leaves, add them to a pot of hot water and drink this water after it cools.

4. Banana: They are a rich in potassium and help to keep the level of acid generation of your stomach under control. Certain parts in the fruits additionally help in increment mucous in your stomach, which shields it from the harmful impacts from excessive acid creation. Bananas are high in fiber content which accelerates digestion, prevents occurrence of acid again and again. Eat an overripe banana to beat acidity problems, as they have a tendency to contain more potassium which makes it the ideal cure.  

5. Cold Milk:

Milk has plenty of calcium that helps it impede the problem and absorb excessive acid production, in this way lessening the side effects of acidity. Also cold milk can prevent burning sensation that may arise from acidity. It is important that you consume cold milk and with no added substances like sugar. You could even blend it with a spoon of ghee to make the cure much more powerful.

6. Amla :

Amla is a kapa and pitta pacifier, separated from having high measures of vitamin C that aid in mending the harmed stomach covering and throat . Consume one teaspoon of amla powder twice every day to help keep acidity under control. So, when you have a feeling that you may experience the ill effects of acidity, discard antacid and attempt some powerful home cures rather, after all they've been around for a long time.

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