6 tamarind skin whitening home remedies : Tamarind skin lightening homemade facial masks

Can tamarind whiten your skin: Tamarind skin bleaching recipes

The name of tasty and tangy tamarind makes our mouth water. Does not it? It is an important part of our cuisines for making lip-smacking chutney, candy, jelly and much more. Do you know that tamarind is chock full of many skin beautifying qualities? Yes, tamarind has some amazing skin whitening qualities to lighten and even out your complexion . Read on to know the best tamarind homemade facial mask to make your skin whiter and more radiant.

Rich in  Vitamin C, A, Carotene and magnesium, tamarind or imli brightens your skin very effectively. Bursting with goodness of  tartaric, it lightens your complexion and all sorts of facial blemishes to make your skin fairer and spotless. Let us find out how we can rustle some skin whitening facial masks using tamarind in our beauty applications.

Skin bleaching tips using tamarind in your beauty applications

 1.Turmeric and tamarind/imli facial mask for skin whitening
 Boil 30 gms of tamarind in 100 ml of water and till tamarind pulp becomes soft. Then extract the pulp out of this. Then mix half spoon of turmeric to imli pulp and apply on your cleansed face and leave it on for 20 minutes.  Follow up with moisturiser to finish off the process.

Apply this mask thrice a week to remove tanning, dark spots and pigmentation marks from your face. Good beauty tip for Asian women with oily skin.

 2.Tamarind, honey and lemon juice skin bleaching mask

 Soak up tamarind and and  take out its pulp and mix this with spoon of lemon juice and one spoon of honey and apply this mixture all over your face and neck. Let this mask to stay on face for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cold water. On continuous use of this recipe, your skin becomes flawless, fairer and more beautiful. It is the best anti-tan and skin bleaching mask for women of all ages. You must remember one thing in mind, do not ever use tamarind after waxing or shaving your skin as it may irritate your skin.

  3.Tamarind skin-exfolaitng scrub for improving your skin tone

 Tamarind is chock- a block in AHA which is good for removing impurities and deep accumulated dirt on face. Mix 2 spoons of tamarind pulp with one spoon of sea salt. To this homemade facial mask, mix curd or milk cream to this mix. Go for low-fat curd if you have oily skin and milk cream is best for dry skin. Scrub this mixture in circular and upward motion to remove dead skin cells to reveal a fresh skin. Loaded with vitamin C, B and enzymes, tamarind can effectively slough off dead skin cells and speed up new cell renewal to bring out new and more glowing skin on the outside. Use this recipe twice a week.

4. Tamarind and sandalwood face mask for lightening your skin colour

  You can use tamarind in your beauty applications for lightening your skin tone. Soak up tamarind in water and extract tamarind juice and mix this juice with sandalwood powder on smear on your face evenly. Leave it on face for 30 minutes and wash off completely. This natural remedy is best suited for oily and acne-prone skin.

5. Tamarind pulp, semolina, gram flour, honey  fairness face pack for wrinkled and mature skin

 Mix  3 spoons of  tamarind pulp with one spoon of  semolina and 2 spoons of gram flour and 2 spoons of honey to make a skin lightening mask for mature skin. This mask will provide all the essential nutrients to your aged skin to resurrect the radiance of youth apart from whitening your skin naturally. Post application of this mask, apply almond oil to end the process.

6. Wash your face with tamarind water

 Washing your face with tamarind water improves your complexion dramatically. Tamarind pulp when used on skin turns your dull and lacklustre skin into glowing and clear complexion.  A very easy and hassle free beauty tip to improve your skin tone

 By now, you are well-acquainted with the best 6 skin bleaching tips using tamarind in your skin care rituals. So incorporate these beauty tips into your day-to -day beauty routine and get set to flaunt a fairer, flawless and spotless complexion everyday.

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