10 Symptoms of Vitamins Deficiency in the Body

Know these 10 Symptoms of Vitamins Deficiency in Body

10 Symptoms of Vitamins Deficiency in the Body
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Vitamins are very necessary for vital functioning of body. If you do not consume vitamin rich food; then you will suffer from their deficiency. Their deficiency cause symptoms in body. Some of which are hair loss, night blindness and dandruff. Other symptoms are mouth ulcers and bleeding gums. Like that there are around 10 symptoms that deficiency of these vitamins cause in body.

Vitamins don’t give energy on metabolism. But they play very important role in metabolism of energy giving foods. They play very important role in metabolism of protein foods. Every vitamin has its own role in different body functions. That is reason why their deficiency alter those functions.  Those altered functions give birth to symptoms.

Know these 10 symptoms that deficiency of vitamins cause in body-

1) Difficulty to see at night-

It is caused out of deficiency of vitamin A in body.

How it cause that? It cause that by decreasing formation of rhodopsin pigment.  Rhodopsin helps in night vision. It is located in retina of eyes. If decrease in rhodopsin is not controlled with vitamin A enriched diet; then it can progress to xerophthalmia. In xerophthalmia cornea damage occur that finish the vision. Vitamin A is found in red colored fruits and vegetables. For example- pomegranate, strawberry, carrots, tomato and beetroot.

2) Cause keratosis pillars on skin-

It is caused by deficiency of vitamin A and C. Keratosis pillars are red or white bumps that occur on skin. These bumps are found most often on cheeks, arms, thighs and buttocks. Children are victim of this problem. Keratin production that occurs in hair follicles gets increased out of deficiency of these vitamins. That increased keratin production causes those red or white bumps.

3) Cracks in corners of mouth-

They are caused out of deficiency of vitamins B1, B2, and B6 and mineral iron. Out of deficiency of these vitamins too much lack of nourishment occurs. That depletes softness of mouth corners and smoothens of internal mouth lining.

4) Chronic fatigue-

It is caused out of deficiency of vitamin B7. This vitamin play a vital role in converting food into energy. That energy runs the body. Lack of this vitamin decrease amount of energy converted out of food. Out of lack of energy person suffers from chronic fatigue, cramps and muscle pain. Deficiency of this vitamin occurs in-

  • Pregnant women.
  • Chronic smokers, who smoke too much.
  • Chronic alcoholics who drink too much.
  • In patients of Crohn’s disease.
  • People who consume raw egg white. There is particular protein named avidin found in raw egg white only. This protein binds with biotin and decrease it’s absorption. It is not found in cooked egg.

5) Brittle nails-

They are caused out of deficiency of vitamin D and vitamin B7. Vitamin D strengthen nails. Vitamin B7 play a role in their formation and also give shine to them. Lack of both of these vitamins make nails so brittle that they break easily. 

6) Bleeding from gums-

This symptom is caused out of deficiency of vitamin C. Vitamin C heals wounds and prevent cell damage. In deficiency of vitamin C brushing cause bleeding on gums.  That bleeding occurs because of cell damage done by brushing there. That spot of bleeding does not heal quickly because of deficiency of vitamin C. Those gums muscles that bleed need to be strengthened with vitamin C diet. When strengthened with vitamin C, those gum muscles won’t bleed. Vitamin C is found in citrus fruits like mosami, orange and lemon.

7) Tooth loss-

It occurs out of deficiency of vitamin C and D. Deficiency of vitamin C weaken grip of gum muscles holding the tooth. That is one reason of tooth loosening. Deficiency of vitamin D weaken tooth structure. It make them brittle that caries easily. Dental caries slowly leads to tooth loss.

8) Scaly patches on skin and dandruff in scalp-

Both of them are caused out of deficiency of vitamin B3, B2, B6 and mineral Zn. How their deficiency cause scaly patches and dandruff? It cause that by affecting sebaceous glands that control moisture of skin. Deficiency of above vitamins decrease secretions of oil from sebaceous glands that moisten skin. Lack of moisture cause itchy scaly patches on skin and dandruff on scalp. 

9) Cause decrease in hair growth and increase in hair fall-

Deficiency of vitamin B3, B7, and mineral iron and zinc cause them. Their deficiency decrease formation of new hair follicles. That leads to decrease in count of growth of new hairs. Deficiency of these vitamins also decreases health of hairs. That kind of hairs are weak that break easily and fall. Combination of less number of new hairs and increase in number of hair fall leads to baldness.

10) Cause anemia and weight loss-

Deficiency of B vitamins leads to decrease in formation of new red blood cells. Decrease in red blood cell count leads to anemia. Because of anemia weight loss occurs. Because of deficiency of red blood cell, there occurs decrease in oxygen in blood. That leads to vertigo, tiredness, weakness and palpitations.

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