10 Benefits of Phosphorus Homoeopathic Medicine for Your Eyes

Know the Benefits of Homoeopathic medicine Phosphorus for Eyes

10 Benefits of Phosphorus Homoeopathic Medicine for Your Eyes
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Homoeopathic medicine Phosphorus is very beneficial for eye health. It cures a lot of eye diseases. Among which comes incipient cataract, colour blindness and redness of eyes. It also benefits by treating chronic inflammation of eye. It also cures glaucoma, opacity of vitreous humour and dark circles around eye. Phosphorus major benefit is that it restricts malignant growth of eye tissue. Let's look at all the benefits that phosphorus homeopathic medicine provides for your eyes.

Benefits of Phosphorus for Eye Health

1) Treat color blindness-

Phosphorus is beneficial for eyes in sense that it treats color blindness. Color blindness is that in which person sees the object, but does not see its natural color. He just sees opposite. Sometimes this opposite color is red or green or black or blue or grey. It could be any of these colors mentioned. But it would never be actual color that object naturally has. 

2) Benefits by reducing eye strain during reading-

Phosphorus treats this problem too.

Sometimes patient complaints that they have difficulty in reading during morning and evening. Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus treats their this problem too.

3) Reduces burning, redness and congestion-

Phosphorus benefits by treating these 3 problems too. If you feel constant burning in eyes, this medicine treats that. You no more have to rub eyes to soothe that burning. If eyes are red due to inflammation or congestion of eyes, then it treats that too. 

4) Treats eye problems aggravated from warmth and eye work-

Phosphorus treats this problem of aggravation from warmth. Now, you no more have to apply cold compresses to eye to solve that warmth problem. This homeopathic medicine treats that. Now, you no more have to take leave for rest to soothe eyes. You just take this medicine and treat your problem of computer vision syndrome too.

5) Treats paralysis of optic nerve, eye muscles and 3rd pair of nerves-

Phosphorus treats these three types of paralysis. As a result, your eyelids no more fall, no more vision problem occurs.

6) Treats blindness caused due to electric shocks or strokes of lightning-

Sometimes people suffer this type of blindness due to electric shocks. Phosphorus treats that. But, condition is that treatment should start when this problem start. 

7) Benefits by curing glaucoma, inflammation and opacity of vitreous humour-

Phosphorus treats glaucoma. Some people have dim vision due to this. This homeopathic medicine treats that. Some people suffer from Bright’s disease. In this disease, they suffer from inflammation of retina. Phosphorus treats that inflammation. It also treats opacity of vitreous humour, which is cause of blindness.

8) Benefits by treating dropsical swelling of eyelids and dark circles around eye-

Phosphorus treats dropsical swelling of eyelids. What is that? It is that swelling in which eyelids are puffy, especially lower eyelids. This type of swelling is noticed more among old B.P. patients. It also treats dark circles around eyes caused due to sunlight, eye work and rubbing of eyes. Rubbing of eyes damage small blood vessels in eyelids. These damaged blood vessels are cause of dark circles around eyes. When, blood vessels are damaged that area does not get nourishment. It treats those damaged blood vessels too.

9) Benefits by restricting progress of malignancy-

Phosphorus is excellent remedy to treat malignancy. It not only treats, but also restricts growth of malignant disease in eye, if any has occurred.

10) Benefits by channelizing proper blood circulation to eyes-

During brain work, major blood supply goes towards brain. As a result, eyes does not get proper blood circulation. Due to which, eyes suffer a lot of problems. Phosphorus treats that by channelizing proper blood supply to eyes.

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