Top 13 Tips for Faster Hair Growth Naturally

Grow Your Hair Naturally Following These Home Based Tips

Top 13 Tips for Faster Hair Growth Naturally
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Grow your hair very quickly with the top 10 awesome tips naturally, the right way that works. Self-experimented ideas that work 100%. Stop wasting money and try these ideas once for your fast hair growth.

Top 13 Tips for Faster Hair Growth

1. Take a healthy diet that helps in hair growth. Beans, lean fish, green vegetables and chicken are good sources of nutrition. Hair is basically made up of protein, and so protein food is required. Vitamins and minerals are also needed.

2. Smoothly massage your scalp with your fingertips.

Scalp massage feels great and also helps in energize blood circulation. It assembles oils from the scalp that boosts the roots and keeps the hair watery. You can use coconut oil that is highly recommended.

3. Regularly, trim your hair by a good hair stylist. You have to visit the salon 4 to 5 times a year and have your hair trimmed.

4. Wash your hair with a mild shampoo but don’t wash too often. Some girls are convicted that by washing their hair daily can keep their hair beautiful and growing. While keeping your hair fresh and clean is good for hygiene but doing it incorrectly can cause harm.

5. Brush your hair daily but not more than six to 12 minutes. Excess brushing of hair can lead to hair fall.

6. The main reason for hair fall is high stress. Avoid taking the stress. It negatively affects the physical health and growth of hair.

7. Hair supplement is also useful. There is artificial hair growth supplement available in the market like Biotin can be used or you can consult a hair specialist to suggest you a good supplement.

8. Protect your hair from dust and pollution. You can use a durable scarf or hat that can cover your hair when you are in outdoor.

9. Make sure you need to drink at least seven glasses of water each and every day. Drinking water keeps you hydrated.

10. Give a hot oil massage once a day. Massage the hair smoothly with warm oil like Olive, Coconut oil, Jojoba, etc.

11. Stop wrapping your hair in a towel or any clothes. You have to forget the clothes or towel Wrap. After bath or hair wash almost every woman do the practice of wrapping their hair in a towel when the hair is wet.

12. Stay active and try to disinfect your hair. You need to buy Antimicrobial products to avoid disinfect hair. Microbial infection weakens the hair follicles and damages the hair.

13. Do not wash your hair with hot water or don’t take bath with hot water. Hot water makes your hair very dry and hard. It harms the root of the hair and the whole body. Use cool water as it is good for hair and also it is good for skin. Stop using hair color and it the most important for your hair. Almost every hair color product contains ammonia, an industrial bleaching agent that is the most harmful for hair. Use natural color like Henna. Avoid using soap to your hairs. Most of the people also use soap to their hair and they result in heavy hair fall.  

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