Natural Shingles Treatment and Relief with Lemon Balm

Natural Shingles Treatment and Relief with Lemon Balm

The shingles virus is a blistering burning painful rash that I would never wish upon my worst enemy. It all started with feeling fatigued, flu symptoms, and nerve pains all over my body. In other moments I would be perfectly fine and in others I would be crying in pain drained from energy. I was even having blackouts and dizzy spells with terrible migraine headaches I could not control. My boyfriend, herbalist and I were all wondering what was wrong with me, but no one had any clue. Eventually, we figure out what was wrong with me when I woke up one morning with the chickenpox virus all over my abdomen.

I must say, that rash was so itchy and painful, but it did clear up within a week. However, as soon as the virus started clearing up something rare happened and I ended up with the shingles the week after.

The reason why I ended up with the shingles immediately after the chickenpox virus was that my immune system was very weak due to my Grave's Disease. Before getting the nasty rashes, I was coming down with the cold and the flu every other week and could not get my immune system to respond to medications to help build it back up. Then once the chickenpox rash occurred my body did not have enough strength to knock all the illness out of me fast enough so I just got weaker. I even had extremely high fevers and literally was throwing up and blowing my nose all day long with the worst chills ever. Even with the homeopathic viral medication I was on I did not find any relief at all. Instead, we noticed my symptoms getting worse, which we think was my Grave's Disease telling my body it did not know how to respond to the virus or the medication. Eventually, my herbal friend made me a very strong herbal tea with elderberries and raw honey and had me drink it throughout the day. The tea seemed to help the rash and flu symptoms calm down, but not enough to prevent the shingles rash from spreading over my body.

Then the following week came and out of the blue it felt like someone had literally poured boiling water on my skin and the nerves in my hips hurt with extreme pain. I had no clue what was going on and neither did my boyfriend or herbal friend until shortly after when my skin started blistering and filling with blood and other fluids around my hip and abdomen. Once the rash was visible my herbal friend new immediately what had occurred, which was an extremely bad shingles rash.

Shortly after the shingles had developed, I was experiencing severe migraine headaches that caused lots of vomiting. My boyfriend and herbalist knew the only way to help me recover from this virus was to relieve the stress in my body and treat the shingles naturally with a strong herb. That herb ended up being lemon balm. Lemon balm acts as a natural sedative and has anti-viral properties that helps the body calm down while treating the shingles virus naturally.

Treating Shingles and Migraines with Lemon Balm

The way lemon balm was used in a variety of ways to treat my shingles and migraines naturally. The first way was be brewing up a strong batch of soothing lemon balm tea. The way the tea was made was by placing a cup of dried lemon balm tea leaves into a teatime ball, and placing the ball into a large pan of boiling water for about 10 minutes with the lid on to draw out the medicinal properties from the tea leaves. Once the tea was made it was poured into a cup and combined with a teaspoon of manuka honey, which also contains anti-viral properties as well. Then I sipped on the tea throughout the day to help calm my body and soothe the pain from my shingles rash naturally. I can say I did find the tea to be very calming to the body and it did help relieve a great deal of the pain caused by the shingles, and in fact actually did help heal the shingles within a week.

The other way I was using the lemon balm to treat the shingles was by making a lemon balm bath by taking a half cup of dried lemon balm leaves, a cup of baking soda and a fourth cup of oatmeal and blending them together in a food processor until I got a fine powder. Then, I filled the bathtub up with hot water that was comfortable enough for my sore skin, poured the homemade lemon balm bath soak directly into the bath and allowed it to dissolve. After, I got into the bath and soaked for a good hour and that helped clean and soothe the shingles rash beautifully.

Then after my bath, I applied a lemon balm ointment to the shingles rash to help protect the skin and soothe the rash a bit more. Now, my herbalist made my lemon balm ointment for me, but you can find lemon balm ointment at any local herbal shop if you decided you want to try it. I can say the ointment did help speed up the healing of the shingles rash wonderfully, but I still have a bit more healing left to go so I am still currently applying the ointment daily.

For me, these three treatments were the only things that help relieve and treat my shingles naturally, safely and effectively as well as my migraine headaches. However, I was also taking a combination of supplements along with the lemon balm as well such as echinacea, goldenseal, elderberry, vitamin E, l-lysine and chaga to help boost my immune system and speed recovery. I do feel these supplements as well combined with the lemon balm did help speed up the recovery from shingles.

The End of the Shingles

As of now, about one week later after having the case of shingles I am doing a lot better, but still drinking the lemon balm tea to help keep me calm, continue further healing and to prevent the shingles from ever coming back again. I hope those of you who are suffering from shingles and looking for a natural way to treat them safely and effectively can find some relief with this bit of information I have just given you. 

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