10 Amazing Health Benefits of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a fleshy fruit with a unique taste and distinctive sweet smell. The jackfruit tree is cultivated in different parts of the world but the fruit has a large consumption ground in Asia. Aside from being delicious, the humble jackfruit is a nutritional powerhouse associated with a range of health benefits.

Jackfruit is a fleshy fruit with a unique taste and distinctive sweet smell. The jackfruit tree is cultivated in different parts of the world but the fruit has a large consumption ground in Asia. Aside from being delicious, the humble jackfruit is a nutritional powerhouse associated with a range of health benefits.

Jackfruit, also referred to as ‘Jack’ in some parts of the world has an unmistakable delicate crunch and unique taste. The ripe flesh of this fruit is sweet and leaves a delicate aromatic aftertaste. Ripe jackfruit bulbs are also used in recipes from South East Asia. A ripe medium sized jackfruit contains sweet several aromatic bulbs, yellow in color, each containing a large seed.

The seeds of this fruit taste delicious when boiled or roasted. Seeds are eaten with a sprinkle of herbs and spices. Jackfruit flesh has a rubbery texture and is an excellent source of dietary fiber. This fruit is a rich source of minerals and vitamins essential for good health. The healthy composition of nutrients in jackfruit is associated with a number of health benefits. Jackfruit trees grow in tropical climate or near-to-tropical climates. Jackfruits are found in abundance in tropical regions of Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Mauritius, Jamaica, Uganda, Tanzania and Brazil. Jackfruit is a good source of potassium. The fruit provides vitamin C which plays a vital role in protection of cells. The lines below discuss the various health benefits of jackfruit.

Health benefits of Jackfruit

1. Excellent for bone health

Jackfruit is rich in magnesium which plays a vital role in calcium absorption. This fruit has bone strengthening properties and also helps prevent osteoporosis, a bone related disorder that is common as you age. Jackfruit is known to slow down degeneration of bone and tissues surrounding it.

2. Plays a crucial role in preventing cancer

Though health benefits of jackfruit in regard with cancer are being studied, the fact remains that this fruit is a rich source of phytonutrients isoflavones, saponins and lignans which have anti-cancer properties and play a vital role in preventing harmful free radicals that cause cancer and other life threatening diseases. Phytonutrients present in this fruit prevent formation of cancer cells and also battle stomach ulcers effectively.

3. Beneficial for persons with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems

Persons with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems should include jackfruit in their diet. This fruit provides a healthy amount of potassium which plays a key role lowering high blood pressure and thereby minimizing risk of clogged arteries, a stroke, or heart-attack.

4. Home remedy for Asthma sufferers

Jackfruit is used as a home remedy for Asthma sufferers. Aside from consuming the ripe fruit, in many cultures, extract of jackfruit root is given to asthma sufferers for relief. Root of jackfruit is boiled and tenderized. Extract of this tenderized root is known to provide relief to persons suffering from asthma.

5. Provides improved immunity

Jackfruit has essential minerals and vitamins that help improve immunity. This fruit has powerful nutrients that play an important role in protection against bacterial and viral infections. Regular consumption of jackfruit strengthens immune system functions while boosting functions of white blood cells.

6. Helps in prevention of Anemia

Jackfruit contains iron which is known to play a vital role in prevention of Anemia. Intake of the fruit is also aids in healthy blood circulation.

7. Energy Booster

Like many other sweet fruits, jackfruit too is refreshing and energizing. Sugars, sucrose and fructose present in this fruit boost energy. Furthermore the absence of cholesterol and saturated fats makes it a popular health snack with all ages.

8. Excellent for Thyroid Metabolism
Jackfruit contains copper which is known to play an important role in thyroid metabolism, hormone production in particular. The composition of minerals in this fruit is essential for healthy thyroid metabolism

9. Excellent digestive fruit

In many cultures jackfruit is consumed because of its health benefits in regard with digestion. The fruit offers high quality fiber content which is essential for good bowel movement. Furthermore, fiber helps prevent constipation and protects against colon mucous membrane by keeping away carcinogenic chemicals that take refuge in the large intestine.

10. Essential for healthy eye functions

Jackfruit provides vitamin A which promotes healthy eye functions. A person that includes jackfruit is less likely to develop macular degeneration with age.

Nutritional Value of Jackfruit

Aside from being tasty, jackfruit is also a powerhouse when it comes to balanced nutrition. The mineral and vitamin composition found in jackfruit is healthy for body and mind. This fruit is a rich source of nutrients which include niacin, zinc, thiamin, potassium, sodium, calcium, iron, vitamin C and vitamin A amongst others. Because of its low calorie content jackfruit is popular with health conscious individuals. A serving of jackfruit (100g) contains just 95 calories. Flavonoid pigments xanthin, cryptoxanthin-B, carotene-B and lutein present play a key role in vision functions and antioxidant functions. Jackfruit seeds are rich in protein. The nutrition packed in jackfruit offers a wide range of health benefits.

Jackfruit Nutritional Value (Per 100g)

(Source- USDA Nutrient Database)

• Vitamin E- 0.34 mg
• Vitamin A- 110 IU
• Vitamin C- 13.7 mg
• Folates- 24 mcg
• Riboflavin- 0.055 mg
• Niacin- 0.920 mg
• Thiamin- 0.105 mg
• Pyridoxine- 0.329 mg

• Zinc- 0.42 mg
• Manganese- 0.197 mg
• Calcium- 34 mg
• Selenium- 0.6 mg
• Iron- 0.60 mg
• Phosphorous- 21 mg
• Magnesium- 37 mg

• Dietary fiber- 1.5 mg
• Energy- 95 kacl
• Total Fat- 0.64 g
• Carbohydrates- 23.5 g
• Total Fat- 0.64 g
• Cholesterol- 0 mg

• Lutein- zeaxanthin- 157 mcg
• Carotene- B – 61 mcg
• Crypto-xanthin-B- 5 mcg

• Sodium- 3 mg
• Potassium- 303 mg

Culinary uses of jackfruit
Jackfruit is used in a number of recipes from around the world. A number of sweet and sour vegetables that contain jackfruit are popular in Southeast Asia. Jams and marmalades made from jackfruit are popular in Europe. Slices of jackfruit bulbs are used in various vegetarian and non-vegetarian salads. Jackfruit seeds are a delicacy in Asia. The seeds are roasted or boiled and seasoned with herbs and spices, it’s a delicious protein snack. In some regions seeds of jackfruit are dried in the sun and stored for use during rainy days. Boiled seeds are also used in curry preparations. Thin slices of jackfruit bulbs can be served as a topping on desserts. Ice-creams, custards, puddings and smoothies with slices of jackfruit taste yummy. After a tiring day nothing can be more refreshing than a bowl of chilled jackfruit slices dipped in honey and peppered with fine grated coconut, you have to try it to experience the rejuvenating effect. In many Asian countries jackfruit chips are popular. Fresh jackfruit bulbs are dried and fried in oil. Jackfruit chips area crunchy and healthy snack that is eaten any time of day.


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