7 Life Saving Hacks for Your Favorite Nail Polish

No more hassle to put a fancy color on your nails!

7 Life Saving Hacks for Your Favorite Nail Polish
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Tired of throwing away your favorite nail polishes cause they look bumpy after putting on nail; or cuticles just ruin the entire look, no matter how much gorgeous nail color you wear; or just have no time or patience to wait for the dry-out time? Then this article is certainly for you girl! Read on-

Suppose you got a wedding party to attend this evening. Make-up, hairdo, dress, ornaments ...all set! you are ready to go and in a complete party mood. Then suddenly you looked at your hand or feet. Eww.. They are looking horrible! And why? You did not even notice when your nail polish got chipped or the fancy glittery polish got so bumpy! Enough for ruining your party mood.

Trust me, you have no idea, how many times I faced such situations at the eleventh hour before attending a party and yes girls,I know right, how that feeling sucks!! So without further ado, today I am going to share 10 tips with you to save your nail polishes from total waste, so that you too, could have a neat and clean perfect look for your nails.

#1. The most common problem with the nail polishes are, their lid gets stuck very often.

Then what do you do? Try to open it with teeth? Or try to open it by banging the lid on your kitchen counter? Hey wait! Just soak your nail polish in the warm water for a couple of minutes and it will be ok. :)

#2. You love glittery looks for your nails, but hate the bumpy feeling? Yeah yeah, it drives me crazy as well. Just put on one or two coats of clear coat over it and you are done!

#3. Just don't have the patience (like me) to wait for your nail polish to dry out? After applying the polish, just use some nail polish spray. (over use might make your nail dry and ruin the natural moisture). You can also apply a quick dry top coat. It does wonder to your nail polish to dry quick

. #4 .Don't want to remove nail polish too soon from your nail? Try a sticky base coat and then apply your main color.

#5  Before applying your nail polish, put in in the fridge for 10-15 minutes. End result? You would get smooth polish.

#6.To get an eye-catching neon look, use white nail polish as the basecoat at first. That would extract the perfect bright shade.

#7. your favorite polish got thick because you did not use it for a while? don't use water or remover to make it thin. Use nail polish thinner instead. Voila!! You got a perfectly new nail polish!

#8. Your beautifully polished nails totally get mucked up because of cuticles? Don't worry. Just apply a thin layer of cutile oil to the sides of your nails and on the cutile. No more smudge! Keep smiling..:) Petroleum jelly can also be used in lieu of cuticle oil.

#9. You like nail arts, but just don't want to spend money on it? Buy adhesive tapes. Cut as per your choice; stripe or any other patterns. Paper hole reinforcers also can be used. How awesome is designing your nail on your own?

#10.After removing your nail polish, you can see a pinkish or yellowish shade on your nail. Mix baking soda with warm water and soak your fingers in it. After 5 minutes, gently rub it with soft brush and see! The stain is gone!

So my friends, that's it for today. Just try to follow these simple tricks next time you wear a nail polish and I hope it would save a big chunk of time of yours, from getting wasted in wearing nail polish. Will come up with more useful tips soon. Have a great day all!

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