Causes of Strong Smelling Urine

Urine with a strong odor is indicative that an infection may be present. This article discusses the potential causes of strong smelling urine.

Urine with a strong odor is indicative that an infection may be present. This article discusses the potential causes of strong smelling urine.

Urine does not have a harsh odor. When there is a strong odor with urine it can be an indicator that a disease or infection is present. Keeping yourself hydrated regularly is important. One cannot tell if an infection is present by looking at the color of urine. Urine is usually light in color and doesn’t emit a foul smell.

Sometimes the foods or beverages you consume may trigger a slight change in color, that’s normal. A person that is taking prescribed medication may have dark colored urine with a strong smell which may be considered normal depending upon the type of pills or syrups consumed.

Again, some nutritional supplements or vitamin types may trigger a bout of strong smelling urine. A change in color of urine and a strong odor may also be due to consumption of allergic foods. Keep in mind it is normal to have odorous and yellow-colored urine early mornings, as urine after sleep is usually concentrated. The only way to determine the cause of strong smelling urine is by getting a routine urinalysis test done. Some of the potential causes of strong smelling urine are…

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Most persons that are not aware that they have diabetes may have urine with a strong odor. Individuals with alarmingly high blood-sugar levels may have dark colored urine that emits a strong smell. A strong urine smell with sweet undertones is an indicator of diabetes at an advanced stage. At an advanced stage of diabetes keytones and sugar are normally absent.

Urinary tract Infections

When there is an infection in the urinary tract, a person will have strong smelling urine. In most cases color of urine will be dark. Urinary infections are more common among women than men. Laboratory tests determine whether a person does indeed have a urinary tract infection. Tests reveal the presence of bacteria due to which a urinary tract infection may have occurred.

Private Part Infections

Women with private part infections may be under the impression it’s their urine that smells, which could be the case. But in several private part infection cases, foul smelling odor occurs near the private part area. Bacterial vaginosis is a common private part infection that occurs frequently among women. Symptoms of private part infections may vary in accordance with age of women, but some symptoms that occur commonly are, itching at the private part area, fishy odor, urge to urinate, and burning sensation near the private part area or while urinating.

Cardiovascular problems

Though cardiovascular problems are not directly linked with urinary tract infections, they may trigger changes in body functions which may cause a bout of foul smelling urine. Individuals with liver problems and high blood pressure may experience changes in urine color and odor, however this change be attributed with certain medications the person is taking for his/her cardiovascular health.

Foods you eat
Certain foods you eat maybe the cause of strong smelling urine. A sudden change or shift in diet can sometimes lead to change in color of urine and also emit a pungent order. How foods metabolize in your body has got a great deal to do with genetics. Presence of methyl mercaptan and dimethyl sulphide along with other organosulfur compounds that naturally occur in foods when combined together can be responsible for urine odor. Here’s a list of foods that are associated with urine odor.
• Asparagus
• Garlic
• Coffee
• Carbonated Drinks
• Acidic foods with alcohol
The medication you take for a certain ailment or disease may trigger a change in color of urine and also cause a peculiar pungent urine smell. When individuals take a combination of antibiotics for a medical problem, urine color is likely to be dark and emit a strong pungent scent.

Aside from causes mentioned above, other potential causes for strong smelling urine may also be due to an offshoot of the above, which includes
• Dehydration
• Phenylketonuria
• Vaginitis
• Hyperglycemia
• Urethritis
• Prostatitis
• Rectal Fistula
• Cystitis
• Maple Syrup Urine Disease

Do not panic if your urine has a strong smell or is dark in color. Approach your doctor. A doctor will determine the cause by asking you to get urine tests done. Once the cause is determined, your doctor will start treatment depending on the findings and cause.

The best way to keep urinary infections at bay is by keeping yourself hydrated. Drink plenty of water and natural fruit juices without straining natural fiber. Cranberry juice, blueberry juice, pomegranate juice, and jamun juice, are extremely healthy and are used to treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

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