35 beauty tips for getting beautiful and healthy skin from head to toe: How to get beautiful and flawless face, acne free face, beautiful eyes, beautiful feet, soft hands, healthy hair

Glowing skin, silky hair, smooth lips almost every woman dies for it all .If you wish to look stunning at all times, here is a lowdown on how you can look ravishing everyday using ingredients available in every household.

Glowing skin, silky hair, smooth lips almost every woman dies for it all .If you wish to look stunning at all times, here is a lowdown on how you can look ravishing everyday using ingredients available in every household.

   Beauty tips for a glowing skin
 1. Apply red sandalwood powder mixed with rose water on your face .Leave this mix on for 20 minutes. Wash it off for getting glowing complexion.
 2. Massage coconut oil all over the body before taking shower. Coconut oil massage will ensure moisturized and hydrated skin.
 3. Soak up 5-6 currants in water .Mash them and apply with lemon juice on the face, leave this mix on for 15 minutes ,then wash off.

You will notice an incandescent glow on your face after using this beauty tip.
 4. Make sure you slather your face and neck with sun block with an SPF of 30 or above before stepping out in the sun . Excessive exposure to the sun can play havoc on your skin in form of premature wrinkles and skin darkening. The daily application of sunscreen with at least an SPF of 15 is mandatory even if you are indoors.
 5. Apply cucumber juice with raw milk to get fairer complexion naturally. This beauty tip will offer benefit to the dark complexioned people also.

 Beauty tips for bidding farewell to pimples/acne

  6. Apply red sandalwood powder with cucumber juice on the area where you have acne .Wash off after 30 minutes.
  7. You can use leaves of neem with turmeric to stave off acne and diminish the spots pimples leave behind.
  8. Wash off your face with rose water in which a pinch of camphor is added .This will keep acne at bay and keep skin oil-free.
9. Dab on besan (gram flour) with the cow milk and lemon on pimples.
10. Apply coconut milk with a pinch of saffron to combat pimples effectively.
11. If you have pimple prone skin, then steer clear of oily foods. Never let your hair infest with dandruff .Stay away from stress as much as possible.

Beauty tips for for crowning glory

12. To grant luster to your hair, use malt vinegar as a last rinse.
13. Massage your hair with 2 egg yolks and a teaspoon of olive oil. Leave this mix on for 15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water to get that soft hair you would like to touch again and again.
14. Soak up henna in an iron container overnight. To this, add coffee, eggs , amla.Whisk all ingredients thoroughly before applying on the hair. Application of this wonderful hair pack is a must every fortnight for sporting gorgeous hair.

Beauty tips for beautiful eyes

15. Always make it a point to wear sunglasses when you plan to head out in the sun. Take adequate sleep to avoid dark circles .
16. Splash very cold water into your eyes in the morning. This act prevents formation of wrinkles around eyes.
17. Slice a potato or cucumber in half; place this on the area below your eyes to fade away dark circles.
18. Coconut oil massage around eyes will also help in diminishing dark circles.
Beauty tips for banishing superfluous facial hair
19. Apply the mixture of turmeric ,curd and gram flour on your face .Let it dry. Rub it off very gently.

20. 20.Grind the dried leaves of turmeric . Apply with coconut oil and leave overnight. Wash off in the morning.

Beauty tips for getting a flawless complexion
21. Apply honey with tomato on the face to fade blemishes.
22. Mash banana and apply on your face. Wash off after 20 minutes.
23. Dab on coconut water on your scars to lighten them naturally. This beauty tip works wonder when you want to ease out the marks of chicken pox.
24. Apply aloevera gel on your blemishes to lighten them.

Beauty tips for beautiful lips
25. To prevent your lips from drying, apply milk powder mixed with water. Wash off after some time.
26. Apply the juice of raw amla for beautiful lips.
27. Apply beetroot juice on the lips thrice a day. Get set to see your naturally reddened lips. Try out this beauty tip right now!
28. To prevent your lips from drying, apply the mix of rose water and buttermilk to the lips.
Beauty tips for banishing ugly marks from the neck
29. If you notice the black lines on your neck, then rub rock salt with lemon juice on the affected area.
30. Pour fenugreek seeds in curd to scrub on your neck. Wash off after leaving this mix for a few minutes.

Beauty tips for flaunting soft hands
31. Slice the lemon in half. Mix with 2 spoons of sugar to scrub on your hands. Follow with moisturizer.
32.Milk cream with gram flour also can do wonder for your hands.

Beauty tips for getting kissable feet

33. Apply a mix of rosewater and glycerin on feet for getting those soft feet you will be tempted to touch time and again.
34. Apply olive oil on your cracked heels; leave it on overnight .You will be stunned to find your kissable feet after following this beauty tip regularly.
35. Soak up you feet in warm water for 15-20 minutes everyday. Make sure you do not forget to rub with pumice stone post the foot soak, to lift all the accumulated dirt particles off your feet .
By now, you are aware of many beauty tips that will make you look like a beauty queen at all times... from head to toe! Do your skin a favour by adhering to a regular beauty care regimen. Now is the time to putting these beauty tips to practice. Wait no more! And get set to face the mirror of beauty with a sense of pride and happiness.

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