Save Your Teeth in Just 250 Bucks

Dental Treatments are not Expensive but Surely Neglect is.

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Dental care is easy and not expensive if you follow simple regular tips and make it a habit.

By spending just 250 rupees once in two months you can save about 2000 to 5000 rupees of dental treatment. The essential dental care kit requires toothpaste (will cost you about 50 rupees), toothbrush(50-60 rupees), mouth rinse and a mouthwash (50 rupees), floss (50 rupees) and a tongue scraper (40 rupees) .

Following should be noted while choosing and buying the above.

1. TOOTHPASTE : It should be fluoridated, which means it must contain fluoride in it. Content is mentioned  on the product itself. Do check it before buying. A paste form is recommended rather than a gel.

Powdered form is inappropriate as it causes attrition of the teeth earlier than usual. You can also choose according to your need, for example if you have sensitivities choose the paste formulated for sensitive teeth or if you want to avoid discoloration or yellowing of the teeth choose whitening pastes. Although their prolonged use is not advisable.

2. TOOTHBRUSH : The one with soft bristle is advised, you can opt for powered one too. It all depends on your comfort. Any size and shape of the brush will work till it fits into your mouth and reach all your teeth with ease.

TIP : Toothbrush must be changed after 3-4 months of use or early if it has worn out.

NOTE : If your brush wore out within 1-1.5 months of use then it means you are cleaning your teeth with much greater force than required. That will lead to attrition of the tooth surface eventually leading to sensitivity to hot and cold food items.

Ideally, the toothbrush must be kept in a glass of water for 15-20 minutes before use, having the head of the brush dipped in water. This will make the bristles soft and much easier for use later.

3. MOUTH RINSE AND MOUTHWASH : Mouth rinse is used before brushing and flossing. It freshens your breath and prevents accumulation of plaque. The one without alcohol is preferred.

Where as mouthwash is used after brushing and flossing. It retards or kills the growth of bacteria. One having an alcohol is preferred.

You can choose any one of the above or both according to your needs and comfort. How much to be used is mentioned on the product and should not be used more than twice a day. For any queries do consult your dentist once.

4. FLOSS : If done, it can prevent 30-40% chance of getting any dental diseases. The space present in the middle of  two adjacent teeth are most susceptible for having food lodgment and because it is difficult for the brush to clean that area and it being a non self-cleansing area, it becomes important for us to floss at the minimum of once in two days.

There are various types of floss available. If gaps present enclosing the teeth are large one can use thick floss, otherwise, thin floss is advised. There are flavored flosses too, but these are used by those who somehow miss the regular brush on travels. 

TIP : Make sure you brush specially after having something sweet or  use mouth rinse so that the pH of your mouth is neutralized and there are less chances for the microorganisms to develop overnight while you sleep.

Brush twice daily for five minutes and keep all the dental diseases away.Brushing before going to bed is more important than brushing in the morning after waking up.

5.TONGUE SCRAPER : It is as important as cleaning your teeth.It freshens your breath by eliminating the odor causing bacteria on the tongue, improves taste within the mouth, prevents yellow and white discoloration of the tongue which is nothing but  the growth of microorganisms. It is available in metal and plastic form.You can choose according to your comfort. 

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