How to Use Amla for Hair Growth ?

8 Ways to Use Amla on Hair for Long Growth

How to Use Amla for Hair Growth ?
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You must have used amla hair oil for getting multitude of benefits it offers. Abundance of vitamin C in amla is a perfect solution for curing premature graying of hair. Also, amla oil is sure shot remedy for removing dry and itching flakes from scalp. It dissolves dirt from hair follicles and makes an ideal environment for growth of new hair. This article is presenting the top 8 ways to use amla for growth of new hair.

Amla which is known as Indian gooseberry is a magical herb which can give amazing shine and strength to your hair that is why this miracle herb has been very popular in hair care regimen in our grandmother's hair care regimen. Rich in fatty acids, amla boosts the health of hair by strengthening hair follicles. Vitamin C present in amla cures premature graying of hair also. Medicinal properties of amla make it an indispensable ingredient in our beauty care regimen.  Before getting down to the usage of amla in our hair care regimen, let us learn why amla is so good for growth of hair.

Why Amla is so Beneficial for Growth of New Hair?

Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and photo-nutrients present in amla increase the blood circulation on scalp, in turn, it gives proper nourishment and oxygen to each strand of hair.

It maintains the proper PH balance of scalp and oil production on hair. 

Anti-inflammatory properties of amla keep your scalp free from bacterias that cause hair thinning and baldness.

Deficiency of vitamin C leads to hair breakage and amla is rich in vitamin C which replenishes the need of vitamin C in  hair shafts. Vitamin C boosts collagen production which aids in formation of new hair cells by replacing dead cells of hair follicles.

Apart from vitamin C, amla is rich anti-oxidants too which fight damage causing free radicals which cause hair breakage.

It also has kaempherol, tannins, flavonoids and gallic acid which improve the texture of hair.

It enhances the hair growth due to its iron and carotene concentration.

Ways to Use Amla for Hair Growth

1. Apply Fresh Amla Juice on your Hair to Enhance Hair Growth and Control Hair Fall 

Take fresh pieces of 2-3 amla and grind them in a mixer grinder to make a fine paste.

Next squeeze the juice out of this paste. Apply this fresh amla juice on your hair using fingertips and then massage gently on your hair and scalp to boost blood circulation. Let this stay on your your hair for one hour and wash off with mild shampoo. Apply this hair tonic on your hair regularly to stimulate hair follicles and encourage hair growth.

2. Amla Hair Wash to Control Hair Fall 

It is very easy to make amla hair wash with fresh pieces of amla. Just boil few pieces of amla in water for ten minutes to extract the natural goodness of amla in this liquid. After 30 minutes, strain the liquid to get a amla hair wash. Apply this liquid on your perfectly cleansed hair and scalp. You can use dried amla in place of fresh amla too. All you got to do it to soak up few dried amla pieces in water overnight and wash your hair with this liquid to promote hair growth.

3. Amla Powder, Curd, Fenugreek Powder and One Tea Spoon of Curry Leaves Paste for Prevention of Hair Fall and Speed Up Growth of New Hair 

Mix together 2 spoons of amla powder, 1/2 cup of plain curd, one spoon of fenugreek seeds paste and one spoon of curry leaves paste. And apply this preparation on your damp hair and leave it on your hair for 45 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Amla is rich in anti-oxidants that can pacify pitta dosh. It enhances the supply of blood and oxygen to scalp, thereby, resulting in growth of new hair. Moreover, this hair mask deep nourishes the hair and conditions it gently to make to silky and healthy.

4. Make Hair Strengthening Oil with Coconut Oil and Dried Amla Pieces 

It is easy to make hair strengthening oil using amla pieces. Mix few pieces of amla in 250 ml of coconut oil and boil this on low flame for 30 minutes and then let it cool down. Strain this liquid and use this oil for hair fall treatment and growth of new hair.

5, Amla Juice and Lemon Juice Hair Mask for Growth of Hair 

Squeeze the juice out of amla and take this juice into bowl. Extract the juice out of one lemon and mix lemon juice with amla juice. Massage your hair with this amazing hair tonic for ten minutes. Leave it on your scalp for 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. This amazing home remedy will make your hair strands stronger and treat hait fall.

6. Amla Juice and Almond Oil Hair Tonic Hair Massage for Hair Growth 

Take out the juice from amla and mix amla juice with 3 spoons of almond oil. Massage this blend onto your perfectly cleansed hair and wrap hot towel around your head so that oil seeps well into your hair. Leave this on for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. This amazing natural remedy can be used thrice  a week to see maximum results.

7. Amla, Shikakai (acacia concinna) and Reetha (soap nut), Mustard Oil Hair Mask for Growth of New Hair 

Mix 2 spoon of amla powder with 2 spoons of shikakai powder, 2 spoons of reetha together and 4 spoons of mustard oil together. Apply this mixture on your hair using your fingertips and cover this with a shower cap so that hair mask does not drip. Wash off with lukewarm water to complete the process. Apply this hair mask twice a week to get rid of all your hair problems.

8. Eggs and Amla Powder and Hair Growth Treatment 

Mix 3 spoons of amla powder with 2 eggs together and mix both ingredients thoroughly. Apply this mixture on your hair coating your each strand. Leave it on your hair for 30 minutes and then wash off with mild shampoo. Use this home remedy twice a week.

By now you know how to use amla in your hair care regimen. Apart from using these aforementioned tips, take amla juice regularly to improve the condition of your hair and getting rid of all hair related woes.Take amla juice on empty stomach to reap maximum benefits from amla consumtion.

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